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The instructors at the Mitcham Driving School, Adelaide, train learner drivers from the CBT&A course contained in the learner’s log book. So if you are looking for CBT&A course in Adelaide then your search is over with Mitcham Driving School.


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Log Book Driving Instructor in Adelaide

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There are two ways a learner driver can attain their provisional licence; by passing the Vehicle OnRoad Test(VORT) or by completing the Competency Based Training and Assessment course  (CBT&A) , commonly referred to as the  log book  method. Both of these methods require the learner to perform the same skills and are assessed to the same standard. For this reason, the  instructors  at  Mitcham Driving School ,  Adelaide , train learner drivers from the CBT&A course contained in the learner’s  Driving Companion  (log book). The  CBT&A course  is described in the yellow section of the log book. This section contains the various tasks that the learner driver must demonstrate competency in and explains in detail the basic car control procedure, manoeuvres, road and traffic management skills. It is a comprehensive training package designed to ensure the learner driver is exposed to a wide range of driving situations and develops the skills to deal with them.

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Mitcham Driving Schoolinstructorsguide learner drivers through the process of developing these skills to the point where they are ready to demonstrate their competency in an assessment. At any time, the learner driver may decide to undertake a VORT and is not obliged to complete the  CBT&A course . VIEW PRICES  SCHEDULE LESSON  CBT&A Course in Adelaide There is an unfortunate perception in the community that the log book method is the quick, easy way to attain a Provisional licence; that it is just a matter of having the various tasks ‘ticked off’. Learning any new skill takes time, good instruction, guidance and a lot of good practice.   

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Experienced drivers can make driving seem simple and straightforward. However, it is one of the most challenging tasks most people will ever have to perform. A motor car is a very complex piece of machinery and it is often operated in a very complex and dynamic environment. Although vehicle manufacturers develop their products to be as simple to operate as possible, learning to drive can be a daunting experience for many learner drivers. The learner’s ability will be influenced by their emotional and cognitive attributes and by the standard of training and support they receive.   It can take some time to develop the necessary driving skills to progress onto assessments. Even with a good number of hours already logged, a learner driver taking up the CBT&A course will often need considerable training and practice to attain the assessment standard.This standard is explained for each of the CBT&A tasks and puts responsibility on the learner to demonstrate competency with the task being assessed. It is the responsibility of the Instructor to ensure the standard is competently demonstrated before signing off the task.


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