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Rebecca Born, LISW Executive Director, Connections: A Safe Place [email protected] This program is for informational and educational purposes only. It is not meant to replace the counsel or treatment of a licensed therapist. Beyond Recovery to Restoration

Take Care of you!:

Take Care of you! 2013 Rebecca Born, 2/5/2014 Use Grounding techniques Place feet solidly on ground Look away from screen focus on something in room. Use Mindfulness techniques Step back and “observe” your thoughts/reactions.

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Restoration Let each become all he was created capable of being. Thomas Carlyle Sculpture by Dean Kermit Allison

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2013 Rebecca Born Let’s Define Hope 2/5/2014 A feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen. It can overlap into wishful thinking, but it is different.

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2013 Rebecca Born, Let’s Take a Poll 2/5/2014 Is hope helpful or hurtful?

Hope as Hurtful:

Hope as Hurtful 2013 Rebecca Born, 2/5/2014 “Hope is what you do to set yourself up.” “Hope is rhetoric in a fortune cookie .”

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2013 Rebecca Born, Hope as Helpful 2/5/2014 “Hope is the source of energy that I spend during perseverance.” “It’s the knot at the end of my rope there to sit on and wait till I am restored once again enough to climb up.”

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2013 Rebecca Born, Hope Deferred 2/5/2014 Promises too long in coming Disappointment The impact of hope deferred

Managing Hope:

Managing Hope Rebecca Born, 2014 - 2/5/2014 Examine “what” are you hoping in? Combine it with action. Process any disappointment. Re-evaluate your expectations. Learn from the experience. Choose to trust again, or choose cynicism and hardness.