5 things kids with food allergies want you

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5 things kids with food allergies want you to know…:

5 things kids with food allergies want you to know…

I Feel Alone:

I Feel Alone Even though 1 out of 13 American children has a food allergy, I often feel alone I get left out at school, birthday parties, sleep- overs , and celebrations after soccer games.

I’m scared I could die:

I’m scared I could die I know that food allergies are life-threatening It’s scary when I can’t breath, feel itchy all over, and my face swells up. Bullies at school scare me too

It’s hard to say no to grownups:

It’s hard to say no to grownups I know I need to say no to food grownups offer me that may not be safe. But, I’ve also been taught to always listen to grownups It’s hard for me to tell you when you’re doing something that is dangerous for me; I’m embarrassed and shy

Food Allergies Are Unpredicatable:

Food Allergies Are Unpredicatable I could get sick from eating, touching, or just breathing in an allergen I know that other people can develop food allergies any time, even to a food they’ve eaten their whole life

You CAN Help Me!:

You CAN Help Me! Don’t take food allergies lightly, they are life-threatening! Please wash your hands after you eat Please keep foods out of the classroom, we like rewards like stickers and pens that aren’t food too 

Thank you:

Thank you For helping to keep me safe and Helping me to live as normally as possible!

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