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Field Work in Social Work


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Field Work in Social Work Education :

Field Work in Social Work Education

Field :

Field Field Situation Which offers an avenue for a student interaction with client/ client systems Where he is practicing social work methods Under guidance For the achievement of learning goals of professional social work

What is field work:

What is field work Gaining experience by utilizing knowledge and developing skills to deal with problems of human beings. Any kind of practical experience in a social organization or agency. Guided interactive process

History :

History In 1936 – TISS After neighborhood work , the fight for equality – inspiration - idealism – new profession – started schools . Western influence – neighborhood work was affected – different laws – need for special courses – initiative by christian missionaries – with practical experience – later new schools – less importance to field – routinsed & sterotyped academics


Objectives To develop professional skills through practical learning To provide concurrent opportunity for the integration of classroom learning in field and vice versa To objectively develop professional attitudes To develop professional values

Field Instruction Purposes:

Field Instruction Purposes Opportunities for students Engagement with clients, agency staff, the community. Gaining knowledge of professional roles and relationships. Being exposed to ethical issues and learning how to struggle with these in a practice setting with supervision.

Components :

Components The social welfare agency The trainee student The faculty supervisor The agency supervisor


Curriculum I) Orientation training in social welfare agencies Introduction of fields Agency visits Community Visits II) Concurrent training in social welfare agencies Introduction Work Assignment III) Exploration and assessment IV) Evaluation of work or training

Areas of Concern :

Areas of Concern School Specific Agency Specific Student Specific

Supervision: The Commitment:

Supervision: The Commitment Design a pattern of instruction that is consistent and includes a minimum amount of contact time = usually one hour/week---usually more in the beginning of the placement. Supervision should have a direct relationship to the student’s learning contract. Identify and establish professional boundaries early. Teach the difference between a social and a professional relationship.

Recording of field work :

Recording of field work Case work diary Group work dairy Weekly report Field work presentation Evaluation fieldwork performance

Field work practice in developmental context..:

Field work practice in developmental context.. Human Resource Development Environment development

Measures to perk up:

Measures to perk up Theory based practice Integrated approach Guided supervision Reporting & Timely evaluation Guidelines for field work Supervisory visits

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