The Difference Between A Money Coach

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The Difference Between A Money Coach & Financial Planner : 

The Difference Between A Money Coach & Financial Planner Determining What Kind of Money Help You Need

Obvious Differences : 

Obvious Differences Money Coach Financial Planner Coaching Certification Lots of different certification entities No standardization No registration to any supervisory entity Depend on industry ethics Must Be Registered with a supervisory entity depending on what all they are offering Usually government

Who It’s For : 

Who It’s For Money Coach Financial Planner Anyone who feels like they aren’t satisfied with their current relationship with money, such as . . . Anyone with a financial question

Who Needs Money Coaching : 

You are tired of this lack of clarity about your money. You feel like you’re in a constant battle with money. You’ve spent your adult life trying to obey the financial gurus.  You are your own worst critic. You are unhappy and want to change your money modus operandi, but can’t seem to get it done. Who Needs Money Coaching

Topics Covered : 

Topics Covered Money Coach Financial Planner Personal beliefs, obstacles and problems with money in your life, recurring or otherwise Money is connected to everything, so might discuss relationships, career, etc. Personal Financial Situation Retirement Investing Cash Flow Debt Risk Exposure Goal Planning

Analysis Based On . . . : 

Analysis Based On . . . Money Coach Financial Planner What You Say What You Believe How You Behave History With Money Where You Want To Go Account Balances Investment Allocation Financial Goals Types of Accounts Personal Budget Cash Flow Debt Statements

Overall Goals . . . : 

Overall Goals . . . Money Coach Financial Planner Freedom from fear and obsession Connection to your internal guidance system Confidence in your money philosophy Forgiveness for past and current money mistakes Peace and calm regardless of the balance in your checking account Financial Clarity around your direction based on financial facts Implementation of action items Organization of accounts and budgets and investments Peace of Mind

Client’s Homework. . . : 

Client’s Homework. . . Money Coach Financial Planner Spending and mindset journal Email updates Weekly homework using different tools to build awareness Usually Up Front Data Gathering Implement Advice When Finished

Level of Commitment . . . : 

Level of Commitment . . . Money Coach Financial Planner 3 Months Minimum Can take longer as you work on auxiliary issues Weekly or semi-monthly calls Daily emails Depends on Scope Usually 1-4 meetings over 2 months

Limitations . . . : 

Limitations . . . Money Coach Financial Planner Doesn’t address actual practical money situation. Won’t tell you: where to save how to pay off debt how to allocate investments how much you need for college planning Doesn’t cover strategic mindset issues like how to: make more money ask for raise create wealth mindset create debt free mindset Strictly Nuts & Bolts

You Know You’re Done . . . : 

You Know You’re Done . . . Money Coach Financial Planner You’re happy regardless of the current balance of your checking account You feel organized and clear about your current situation and the next steps you need to take

Which Do You Need? : 

Practice planning easier to diagnose for yourself than money coaching because it’s tangible I always offer 30 minute phone consult to help you decide and understand your issues Some people just need me to point them in a direction—not everyone has to hire me! Which Do You Need?

Thank You! : 

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