How Fee-Based Advisors Get Paid

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The general public often gets confused about what fee-based actually means, so this short video clarifies the description!


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How Fee-Based Advisors Get Paid : 

How Fee-Based Advisors Get Paid (It May Not Be How You Think!) mindy crary | save 9 financial planning |

What Do People Think It Means? : 

What Do People Think It Means?

What It Actually Means . . . : 

instead of a commission! What It Actually Means . . . Fee for Advice $ Investment Management (the majority of the time!)

This Can Be Confusing! : 

This Can Be Confusing! Advice Only Advice w/Investments NO Products

Conflict of Interest? : 

Conflict of Interest?

Analogy : 

Analogy ℞ prescription ♀ ♂

Depends On Individual : 

Depends On Individual ♂ ♀ ♀ ♀ ♀ ♂ ♂ ♂ ♂ ?

Learn the other ways. . . : 

How Financial Advisors Get Paid Advice and the different forms it takes Commissions and Loads How you get charged in different products How to make sure you’re not paying for something you don’t want or need! Learn the other ways. . .

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