One Reason Why You Should Do A Roth

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All of the details of different investment products can be overwhelming, so here's just one little bite-size reason to do a Roth.


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One Reason Why . . . : 

One Reason Why . . . You Need A Roth IRA mindy crary | save 9 financial planning |

What IS a Roth IRA? : 

What IS a Roth IRA? Tax deferral means never paying annual taxes on money in Roth (growth)

Are You Eligible? : 

Are You Eligible?

Why Should You Contribute? : 

Why Should You Contribute? There are several reasons . . . The one people seem to care most about is . . . Prior to 59 1/2

Therefore . . . : 

Therefore . . . In emergencies, easier to access than

Plenty of other reasons . . . : 

Plenty of other reasons . . . Discuss them in my upcoming webinar “Bite-size” - discuss the essentials in UNDER one hour so you don’t get too bored! Roth Reasons How it fits in with other investments Other advantages How to get started

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