Should you integrate Push Messages in your Mobile App

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Should you integrate Push Messages in your Mobile App

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Despite spending most of their digital media time on mobile apps many users nowadays abandon mobile apps after one use. Hence your mobile app marketing strategy must focus on influencing users to download the app and persuading them come back to the app.

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You can easily persuade users to come back to the mobile app by keeping them engaged. You mobile app can keep users engaged by leveraging various communication methods and options. But push messages are more effective in conveying contextual and personalized information than emails or text messages.

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Unlike text messages and emails push messages or push notifications are sent through the underlying mobile operating system. As your app can detect the current location and understand behaviour of each user you can use push messages as a robust communication tool to provide the right information at the right time.

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Popular mobile platforms like iOS and Android allow users to users to access and manage push messages according to their personal choice. Hence you can easily improve the user experience delivered by both consumer-facing and enterprise mobile apps by integrating push messages.

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