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If you are planning to appear in Cisco 200-301 exam then you definitely would be finding a reliable study material for your preparation. Although this exam is not an easy task but with the help of Cisco 200-301 dumps PDF is not much difficult. You just need to have faith and start your preparation by downloading this study stuff from Dumps Factory .


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Sample Question:1 Which unified access point mode continues to serve wireless clients after losing connectivity to the Cisco Wireless LAN Controller? A. sniffer B. mesh C. flexconnect D. local Answer: B


Sample Question:2 How does SW2 interact with other switches in this VTP domain? A. It processes VTP updates from any VTP clients on the network on its access ports. B. It receives updates from all VTP servers and forwards all locally configured VLANs out all trunk ports C. It forwards only the VTP advertisements that it receives on its trunk ports. D. It transmits and processes VTP updates from any VTP Clients on the network on its trunk ports Answer: C


Sample Question:3 Which type of address is the public IP address of a NAT device? A. outside global B. outsdwde local C. inside global D. insride local E. outside public F. inside public Answer: C


Sample Question:4 How do TCP and UDP differ in the way that they establish a connection between two endpoints? A. TCP uses synchronization packets, and UDP uses acknowledgment packets. B. UDP uses SYN, SYN ACK and FIN bits in the frame header while TCP uses SYN, SYN ACK and ACK bits C. UDP provides reliable message transfer and TCP is a connectionless protocol D. TCP uses the three-way handshake and UDP does not guarantee message delivery Answer: D


Sample Question:5 What is the primary effect of the spanning-tree portfast command? A. it enables BPDU messages B. It minimizes spanning-tree convergence time C. It immediately puts the port into the forwarding state when the switch is reloaded D. It immediately enables the port in the listening state Answer: A


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