2-3 European Footholds in South and Southeast Asia

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1 Write a paragraph describing who these people are, and what is going on in this painting.

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3 Afonso de Albuquerque-

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4 Mughal Empire-

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5 In 1510, the Portuguese took the island of _____, making it their major military base (Ellis and Esler 95). In 1511, the Portuguese took the city of ________, massacring the city’s Muslims (Ellis and Esler 95).

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6 How did European and Asian art show the differing perspectives of Asians and Europeans meeting one another for the first time?

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7 Dutch East India Company- In 1641, the Dutch captured Malacca from the _________ (Ellis and Esler 97).

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8 The Dutch soon controlled all trade in Southeast Asia (Ellis and Esler 97). Their power declined, however, when ______ and ______ took over (Ellis and Esler 97).

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9 The cannon balls came like rain. And the noise of the cannon was as the noise of thunder in the heavens and the flashes of fire of their guns were like flashes of lightning in the sky: and the noise of their matchlocks [guns] was like that of groundnuts [peanuts] popping in the frying pan ( Qtd . in Ellis and Esler 95). What can you learn about the difference between European and Asian weaponry from the above account?

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