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Product Testing Service:

Product Testing Service

Product Testing Services :

Product Testing Services Basically, a software testing involves comprehensive process of testing a software to determine if it actually fulfills client ' s requirements or not before it is approved for the final production. Product testing companies follow an ordered process to analyze the viability of the software as a product. If they find any bugs or defects after extensive testing, appropriate improvements are made.

Software Testing Life Cycle and Testing Steps Involved:

Software Testing Life Cycle and Testing Steps Involved Reviewing client’s requirements Designing the overall process Software development Software testing and de-bugging Operation and maintenance

Reviewing Client’s Requirements:

Reviewing C lient’s R equirements Let’s begin with deeply analyzing client’s requirements. While outsourcing product testing services, a client outlines product’s requirements which could be either functional or nonfunctional. It should be thoroughly examined in order to identify the benefits that can be derived through product testing- such as detection of bugs and usability of the software. Obviously, it is critical to ensure the viability of software development. The ultimate goal of product testing is to check product consistency and unambiguousness so as to remain clear on client’s requirement.

Designing The Overall Process:

Designing T he O verall P rocess Once software analysis is done, the next phase involves designing of the test process. Here, created prototypes are analyzed and matched according to the customer’s expectations. Besides, software usability is checked and testing documentation is prepared including test cases, used cases, and plan as per client’s requirement. With this, it becomes easy to gain insights into the product and thus, activities could be clearly defined for the product during software development life cycle.

Software Development :

Software D evelopment While developing a software product, carrying out several software testing is vital. A module testing is done to check a separate system module or functionality while integration testing provide results for the several modules which collectively functions as a separate part of the application. The later stages of software development combines more modules and when it is done, you get more time for performing system tests. Basically, this stage focuses on checking overall system along with its components interaction. In simple words, different modules are analyzed and checked for its functionality within the system. Also, here performing GUI testing is considered important.

Software Testing and De-Bugging:

Software T esting and D e- B ugging This is very important step as here you necessarily have to perform product testing, no matters if you have done it in earlier phases or not. A product undergoes full functional and GUI testing, and if any defect is found, it is documented in a bug-tracking system. Once DE-bugging is done, regression tests and general quality assessment is carried out.

Operation and maintenance:

Operation and maintenance This is the last stage where a product is about to release in the market and still requires testing during its operation and maintenance phase. Since, your customers are more likely to work in different environments, chances are some new defects can be added which you failed to detect earlier. For such cases, a qualified QA could be the need of an hour.


Certainly, a software testing company will follow above mentioned process for testing your software product to help you plan software development process and the associated activities.


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