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This presentation gives an overview of the Apache SkyWalking project. It explains Apache SkyWalking in terms of it's architecture, protocols, users and languages supported. Links for further information and connecting http://www.amazon.com/Michael-Frampton/e/B00NIQDOOM/ https://nz.linkedin.com/pub/mike-frampton/20/630/385 https://open-source-systems.blogspot.com/


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What Is Apache SkyWalking ● A performance monitoring tool for distributed systems ● An open source observability platform ● Apache 2.0 license ● Collect analyse aggregate and visualize data ● Provides auto instrument agents for services ● Maintain a clear view of your distributed systems ● For cloud native micro service and ● Container-based Docker K8s Mesos systems

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SkyWalking Architecture

slide 3:

SkyWalking Architecture ● The architecture has four parts ● 1 Probes – Collect data and reformat it – For SkyWalking requirements – Different probes support different sources

slide 4:

SkyWalking Architecture ● 2 Platform back end – Supports data aggregation analysis – Drives process flow from probes to the UI – Analysis includes ● SkyWalking natives traces and metrics 3rd party ● Including Istio and Envoy telemetry Zipkin trace format – Can customize aggregation and analysis – Using Observability Analysis Language for ● Native metrics ● Meter System for extension metrics

slide 5:

SkyWalking Architecture ● 3 Storage – Houses SkyWalking data – Through an open/pluggable interface – Choose an existing implementation such as ● ElasticSearch H2 ● MySQL cluster managed by Sharding-Sphere – Implement your own

slide 6:

SkyWalking Architecture ● 4 User Interface UI – Highly customizable – Web based interface – End users can ● Visualize data ● Manage data

slide 7:

SkyWalking Users

slide 8:

SkyWalking Probe Protocols ● Probe protocols how agents send/receive – Collected metrics data and traces – The formats of each entity ● Cross Process Propagation Headers Protocol and ● Cross Process Correlation Headers Protocol – Are in wire data format – Agent/SDK usually uses HTTP/MQ/HTTP2 headers – To carry the data with RPC request – Remote agent will receive this in a request handler – And bind the context with this specific request

slide 9:

SkyWalking Probe Protocols ● Trace Data Protocol – Is out of wire data – Agent/SDK uses this to send traces – And metrics to Skywalking – Or other compatible backend

slide 10:

SkyWalking Query Protocol ● The backend provides query capability ● To SkyWalking UI and others ● Query capabilities depends on analysis metrics ● These queries are based on GraphQL – A query language for the API – A server-side runtime for executing queries – By using a type system you define for your data – Isnt tied to any specific database – Or storage engine – Backed by your existing code and data

slide 11:

SkyWalking Language Agents ● Micro service meshes supported – Istio – Envoy ● Multiple language agents supported – Java – .Net Core – PHP – NodeJS – Golang – LUA agents

slide 12:

Available Books ● See “Big Data Made Easy” – Apress Jan 2015 ● See “Mastering Apache Spark” – Packt Oct 2015 ● See “Complete Guide to Open Source Big Data Stack – “Apress Jan 2018” ● Find the author on Amazon – www.amazon.com/Michael-Frampton/e/B00NIQDOOM/ ● Connect on LinkedIn – www.linkedin.com/in/mike-frampton-38563020

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Connect ● Feel free to connect on LinkedIn – www.linkedin.com/in/mike-frampton-38563020 ● See my open source blog at – open-source-systems.blogspot.com/ ● I am always interested in – New technology – Opportunities – Technology based issues – Big data integration

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