Must-have TV DVR converter box for 2015


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Must-have TV DVR converter box for 2015:

Must-have TV DVR converter box for 2015


A TV DVR Converter Box is sometimes referred to as Personal Video Recorder (PVR). This is an electronics device or application software that records video in a digital format to a memory stick, a disk drive, memory card, SSD or other local and networked mass storage devices.


This device was launched last 1999, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas USA. Although Microsoft demonstrates a Unit with DVR compatibility it was not release until late 1999 for full DVR features in Dish Networks DISH player receivers. Like any other electronic device now available in the market, DVR converter box is on the process of continuous innovation and as of today, listed below are the must buy DVR Converter Box for 2015.

Best DVR’S for 2015::

Best DVR’S for 2015: TiVo Roamio Pro = this is the upper end DVR model that allows us to record up to 6 programs simultaneously and offers 3TB storage space, that allows to record up to 450 high-def programs which is equal to 3000 hours of viewing enjoyment. The price for Romeo Pro ranges around $599.99 depending upon where we will make a purchase


Channel Master DVR+ = this is an ultra-slim device that can provide consumers with many features and functions. It lets users pause or rewind live TV up to one program while watching another or simultaneously record two programs. The DVR= comes with 16GB of internal flash memory to get users up and running out of the box, with the ability of live TV and store a limited number of recordings. With its extended functionality, it also offers a USB external hardware connection and provides an ultimate choice for a personal storage capacity.


Nuvyyo Tablo = this is a digital video recorder for tablets and rather than depending on cable subscriptions, the combination of the hardware and the software works with over the air broadcasts making it a good option for cord cutters. Because of its dual tuner functionality, we can watch live TV while recording another program on another channel or even record two live programs while watching something else on the DVR and its all from a single antenna. This brand is also planning to offer a four tuner model in the future.


Iview-3500STBII = This multi-function digital converter box consist of recording function, is QAM capable, has built –in HDMI output, has support USB port, and accepts various formats such as MPEG-2 MP at HL, MPEG-4SP, ASP etc. for its video decoder at a very affordable cost.


Technological devices do have a vision, to make consumers live easier and comfortable. Today, these gadget makers continue to upgrade their products considering their consumers needs and wants.




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