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About Us At Michigan Creative, we work with businesses, large and small, to transform their marketing efforts into Marketing Machines that work efficiently and continuously to attract new business and promote their companies. Learn more about the services by clicking the links below: Marketing Web Video Design

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Hello friends! I am back to discuss mobile web design tricks to know before starting your website! I cannot stress the importance of designing your website! It will be the first thing customer’s notice and we all know, a first impression is a lasting one! I’ve been researching as of late and have come up with a few important tips, which I recommend following early on; in the process of creating web design. The last few tips I am going to share are coming in bullet form, but will be straightforward Other Important factors that can help your mobile website go a long way: Keep content short and to the point Make it easy to find your contact information as well as phone number Consider Video, but use it wisely you only have a few moments to capture the attention of your audience. Michigan Creative would agree with this last tip A LOT It’s more likely that people are willing to watch a 2 minute video on their mobile device, over pulling out the computer. I can definitely attest to this fact myself! I hope this helps anyone who is starting their mobile websites gain further insight before they venture onwards!

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Tips For Graphic Design Do you think you have what it takes to create awesome designs and graphics ? You would be surprised at the amount that you could do with just knowing a few tips and tricks. Spending some time on creating attractive graphic design will help your business appear more professional and aesthetically pleasing to your audience. All it takes is the understanding of a few simple concepts, a little creativity and you will be on your way. Imitate Designs and Be Creative A good way to start learning graphic design is to practice by trying to recreate other designs that you see. This will allow you to practice design techniques and freshen up your skills. Simplicity One of the most important things you can do when it comes to creating graphics is to be simple. Being able to grab somebody’s attention quickly is key. You have to make your visitor’s want to stay on your page right when they load in, and having simplistic text and graphics on your website is the perfect way to do that.

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Consistent Elements When creating design elements for your brand, make sure you keep everything consistent. You don’t want to have different fonts and colors on every page. Try to develop brand standards such as a typeface and default colors. This will make everything on your site flow together and also save you a lot of work when other designs are needed. Fonts/Typefaces Using different fonts or typefaces can make a big impact on your graphics. Usually, you will want to stick to one or two typefaces for your graphics but make sure that they mix well together. You want enough contrast to make it interesting, but adding too much will make it cluttered and distracting. Colors When deciding on colors for your graphics and fonts, you want them to fit well with each other. Images There are a few easy techniques that you can use when it comes to making images in your designs looks better.

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If one thing is true about video production , it’s that there is always room for improvement. There will never be a lack of new techniques, equipment, or trends in this field. While it’s great to keep up with all of these new things, there are a few basic standards for creating a better video that will never change, and will always be able to help you continue to improve your video production skills. Good Audio Lighting Multiple Angles Multiple Takes Plan! Check out some examples of these tips in action on our video services page, or fill out the form below if Michigan Creative can help you create a better video!

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