Social Media For Business Beginners

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Social Media For Business Beginners :

Social Media For Business Beginners

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Social Media What is it and what can I do with it?

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• Social Media : online media, providing the facility for communication. • Allows for readers / viewers to comment. • Blogs – individual or group voice • Expression is not restricted to professionals.


Examples • Blogs: Wordpress , Blogger, Typepad , etc. • Forums • Facebook : photos, videos, notes, status updates, applications, pages, etc. • Twitter: status updates only. • Flickr : photographs. • YouTube: Video.

Blogs :


Using a Blog:

Using a Blog • A blog is a means to discuss issues important to you. • If used for business, it can be a way to inform customers of changes in the business, to discuss issues affecting the business, or particular problems you have faced recently.



Using Forums:

Using Forums • Find a suitable forum for you / your business. • Become an active and respected member of the forum – “go to” person for information and advice. • Build a reputation.



Using Facebook:

Using Facebook • Pages: free advertising and updates – an online presence for your business. - Notes, photos and videos – means to update people on what you are doing. - Groups – news and discussion • Paid for targeted advertising.

Twitter :


Using Twitter:

Using Twitter • Updates, links and conversations. • Build a reputation! • I’d like to see electricians, Plumbers, locksmiths, and builders on Twitter... • ... to provide a quick response when I need a service.

Using Flickr:

Using Flickr • Photo sharing: can put examples of work you have done – portfolio – • Use to advertise your capabilities. • Can also use photos for “how to” guides

Using YouTube:

Using YouTube • Video sharing: can put video of work you have done or video relevant to your profession. • Use to advertise your capabilities and knowledge of your sector. • Can also upload “how to” guides.

Using Social Media:

Using Social Media • Must have linked strategy. • Make a post on a blog, then publicize it on Twitter and cross-post it onto a forum or add it as a note on Facebook . • Use as many routes to linking with potential customers as possible. • Routes to market – reputation cheaper than advertising.