Apple TV vs Google Chromecast

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APPLE TV V/S GOOGLE CHROMECAST Image Courtesy : https ://

Introduction Apple TV:

A digital media player developed and sold by Apple Inc. Image courtesy : http :// Introduction Apple TV

Features of Apple TV:

No integrated controls Control externally by infrared capability or by Remote app., such as the iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, using Wi-Fi Apple TV works with latest HDMI ports only. Transcode the video files to an Apple TV-friendly format Stream non-iTunes content without using jailbreaking Features of Apple TV

Functions of Apple TV:

Image courtesy: file:///C:/ Users/grr/Desktop/Wi-Fi-Sync.jpg Image courtesy: Apple TV gives HDTV view Watch photos, play music and watch video on High Definition Apple TV can sync photos, music and videos from a computer running iTunes Instead of downloading a movie from iTunes, rip your DVD collection for streaming to your Apple TV AirPlay Mirroring is used to put whatever you're watching on the big screen . Functions of Apple TV


Image courtesy: Image courtesy: Google has developed Chromecast which is a digital media player P lays audio/video content on a high-definition display by streaming it via Wi-Fi from the Internet or a local network Introduction Google Chromecast


FEATURES OF GOOGLE CHROMECAST Image courtesy: 2 Google Chromecast is a device which plugs into the HDMI port of a high-definition television 1 Power to G oogle C hromecast is supplied by connecting the device to a USB port


Which One is Better? Google Chromecast has built-in HDMI plug Google C hromecast weighs around 34gm Google Chromecast has a USB like standard shape Google Chromecast has HDMI interface designed in it Apple TV requires its own HDMI cable and Apple TV is situated under or around your TV Apple TV weighs around 272gm Apple TV is a small, mysterious black box Apple TV has a standard HDMI cable which plugs in the television APPLE TV V/S GOOGLE CHROMECAST


Which one is going to capture the market, depends upon user needs and personal liking. Image Courtesy: CONCLUSION Both devices have unique functionalities and their Pros and Cons.