Best Gadgets of International CES 2015


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Take a look at the Best Gadgets showcased during the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2015, the biggest consumer electronics trade show held each year in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA


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Introduction Consumer Electronics Show (CES), is an internationally eminent electronics & technology global commerce show. It’s annually held in January at Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. Consumer Electronics Association-sponsored manifest hosts previews of merchandise & new product annunciation. CES rose to fame after a rival manifest, COMDEX, was recalled.


CES : 2015 Image Courtesy: http :// 2015 International CES took place from Tuesday, January 6 to Friday, January 9, 2015 in Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. 2015 CES was supposedly the largest in its antiquity, with 3,600 exhibitors & 170,000 experts as viewers.


Image Courtesy: http :// From wrist-worn Nixie drone to the AirDog were the highlights under this bracket for extreme sports. Drones Television producers displayed technology that goes "beyond 4K," the ultra-high definition technique that is cultivating. Samsung displayed a 103-inch bendable display. Advanced TVs Many associations displayed the new "un-Segway" individual convey machines, with one, two & three wheels, for greener alternatives for short-distance shuttle. Alternative Transport Image Courtesy: http :// Highlights from the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show


Highlights from the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show Wearables  Big establishments announced applications to track activity, oxygen levels & motions providing professional training advice to enthusiast athlete. Various smartwatches & medical wearables to measure BMI and to capture brain signals were also show cased. Intel Button  Intel displayed a button-sized module called "Curie” to connect two billion devices aiming to outline its affirmation to the "Internet of Things." Lifelike Robot Leader of robotics displays, Toshiba's humanoid robot Chihira Aico was so human-like to fool show goers with facial & hand expressions. Image Courtesy: http ://


Virtual reality New , immersive devices like Oculus Rift prototype headset Crescent Bay featured in 3D audio category. Connected H ome Offerings to make home more connected with smart light bulbs & door locks, smartphone-controlled security systems & doorbells were major attractions in this category. Selfie stick Least expensive was a big hit, with selfie trend with monopods that offered a broader outlook. Image Courtesy: http :// Image Courtesy: http :// Highlights from the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show


Top Technology Innovations at CES 2015 Auto Driving Cars At CES 2015, Mercedes released its driveless car, F 015 Luxury in Motion featuring multiple displays & controls through touch, gesture & eye tracking. Volkswagen & Audi also displayed their driveless cars. 3D Food Printer XYZ printing showcased 3D food printer, first machine to 3D print the supplied image with option to customize according to bestowed input capsules. Image Courtesy: http ://


Image Courtesy: http :// Smart Kitchen: Kitchens of the Future Whirlpool’s new concept kitchen with futuristic like at 2020 was displayed at CES 2015. Entire kitchen surfaces turned into touchscreens & offered smooth integration with owner via video conferencing, text or social networking. Virtual Make-Up Mirror Panasonic unveiled the wonder at CES 2015, with features to scan person’s face sitting & suggesting various makeup options & how the person will look like without putting real makeup on the face. Future Chipsets Intel displayed three fresh chipsets with wearable SoC & CPU packs in 35% more transistors & 37% more compact. It claims to provide 50% faster video conversion & 1.5 hours more battery. NVIDIA also launched its Tegra X1 chipset. Top Technology Innovations at CES 2015