Youngdale Week 2 - The Meanderer

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Youngdale Royal Queendom:

Youngdale Royal Queendom Week 2 The Meanderer


“It's been a while, because of other projects, real life, and a poor immune system. Anyway, I'm back in the saddle, for Youngdale, and eager to see what my subjects are up to this time around.” Family Founder Household Notes Simself Michelle Simself Royal 1 Queen's Household Hunter Joshua Hunter Peasant 1 First Peasant Household The Meanderer Groop the Meanderer Peasant 2 Second Peasant Household Lermas Agata Lermas Peasant 3 Third Peasant Household Rauta Neptunium Rauta Merchant 1 First Merchant Household Stone Beat Stone Merchant 2 Second Merchant Household Rock Peaches Rock Merchant 3 Third Merchant Household Copperfield Walter Copperfield Noble 1 First Noble Household Trace Shawn Trace Noble 2 Second Noble Household


Groop: Groop is confused. It's been a long time since Groop had face time, and remembering is not what Groop does best.


Marie: Never mind. Plans change, anyway. Let's just finish with the garden, and then we can get married, and get started with babies. Groop: Woohoo? Now THAT is something Groop likes to do best!


Groop: Groop has never done this before. Am I doing it right? Marie: You're doing just fine, dear. Now, let's make this official and get busy. I don't want to bother with a party. Groop: Good, because we are all out of cheese dip platters.


Groop: Groop likes woohoo in the closet. Let's do it again and again! Marie: Sure. But I'm definitely pregnant now, so it's just for fun. Groop: Fun is good.


Marie: Now, you work on your logic skill, for work, and I'll make cheese dip platters for the store. Groop: OK. We need to make money so we can expend the house for little Grooplings. Marie: You mean “expand.” Groop: I mean “make bigger.”


Marie: And now to make my dreams come true! I want to earn $100,000, and this business is going to do it. You can handle restocking, and making sure we have good stuff to sell. Maybe dig for some treasure. Groop: What about Groop's lifetime happiness? Marie: You want to become the Hand of Poseidon, which is not available to peasants. We'll just do your wants as we go.


Marie: It's hard to build my sales badge when I have to keep running to the toilet to vomit. Groop: It's hard to build my gardening when I have to keep unclogging the toilet. Plumbing is not what Groop does best.


Marie: And selling rocks and bones and cheese dip trays is gong to take forever to make our fortune and my lifetime happiness. Groop: Perhaps we could go on an adventure! Groop has found adventuring to be profitable. Marie: If you mean digging for buried treasure, sure. You go right ahead and do that. I'm closing up and putting my feet up.


Groop: This is a great place to dig for treasure. I have found two for my wife to sell. “You know, you're doing this the hard way, Groop.” Groop: Your Majesty? What are you doing at snack shop? “I like snacks. But if your wife wants to make money, she can make it faster at the RAO. Tell her to come on over.”


Marie: Excellent! I can write articles and boost my skills, at the same time as I earn a fortune. “You and everybody else.”


Groop: Not Groop. Groop will paint pictures and sell masterpieces for 6000 aspiration points each.


Marie: And when I need an aspiration boost, we can have a quick date. This place is great! And look, Groop! You can even gain some skills in charisma, or in logic, by playing chess. No reading or fancy speech-making required. You'll be ready to advance in your career soon enough.


Marie: And I will be permanently platinum, and ready to take on the full responsibility of our store.


Marie: Of course, we only have three treasure chests, and some piddly rocks and bones to sell, along with the cheese dip platters. You know, Groop, once we build up the business a bit, I think we might just cash in the rewards, and take a break from it. I don't need it for happiness, and you can be happy just selling a painting or two every day.


Groop: Groop like getting platinum every morning with a painting. Marie: And we can have more time to putter in the garden, and enjoy each other.


Marie: Even better, I can make my own snapdragon bouquets, when I'm not busy making sales.


Marie: You need this cheese dip platter! Give me a star, and I can cash in that $50,000 reward, and close this shop up for good. Or for the rest of the week, at least. I'm too pregnant to worry about sales and stocking.


Marie: That's it. Level 5 is good enough for me. We have plenty of money, and it's time to start building that nursery.


Groop: Groop is promoted to waiter! Marie: Did you get the chocolate-making machine? Groop: Not yet. Maybe tomorrow night. Marie: Maybe. After that, you won't need that job, anymore. Hey, while you're platinum, why not see about shifting your lifetime want to something you can actually achieve?


Groop: Groop wants 50 first dates. Marie: Don't even think about it. Try again.


Groop: Groop wants to become The Law. Marie: Not possible for a peasant, and you can't even read. Try again.


Groop: Groop wants to become head of Youngdale Intelligence. Marie: … Groop: Marie? Why you rolling on floor, laughing? Marie: Keep trying, Groop.


Groop: Media Magnate? Marie: Nope.


Groop: Groop wants to raise 20 puppies or kittens. Marie: Great Plumbob! Save us! No.


Groop: How about head of Youngdale Intelligence? Marie: Noooo.


Groop: Groop likes Pleasure and wants to become a Celebrity Chef. Marie: Thank Boolprop! YES! Groop: Groop will change family store to family restaurant, serving nothing but cheese dip platters!


Groop: Now store front is gone, but shelves for cheese dip platters are moved to the restaurant.


Groop: Upstairs is the nursery and bedrooms and lots of room for a growing family, including a shared bathroom. Marie: This is very nice. And now we're cash poor again.


Groop: But Groop's house is as big as Joshua's old house, and even bigger than his new house! Groop is happy. Marie: Yeah. And when we go to the RAO for cheesecake on Thursday, we're going to have to make more money, just to pay our taxes. Again. Well, I guess it will be better in the future, when our building depreciates, and we'll come to some sort of stable balance.


Marie: According to tradition, I must go into labor in the bathroom.


Marie: Welcome, Sergio! Awww, you're so cute, I may not bother having another one. Neither your father nor I are family sims, after all.


Marie: Now to put the baby in the crib with some snapdragons, and head off to the RAO for the required cheesecake. Then, we can come back, and open our restaurant. Unfortunately, cheese dip platters are not available to put on the menu, but we can continue to sell them from the shelves, and sell cheese crackers, grilled cheese sandwiches, mac and cheese and cheesecake at the restaurant tables. That should be enough cheese to satisfy my husband.


Marie: I'm glad I'm not pregnant while I'm eating the cheesecake. Although, you never know what restaurant customers we might get, eating the cheesecake. Hahaha. We might lead to a population boom. Groop: That could be good for Youngdale. Should we have another baby?


Marie: Well, I have no objection to trying, especially if it will help keep your aspiration high.


Marie: No lullabye, but plenty of points. It's all good.


Groop: Dancing is not what Groop does best. Marie: And the winner of the dance contest is Queen Michelle!


Marie: I'm just going to take advantage of the opportunity to earn a bit more money, and a few skill points.


Groop: Groop will pretend he is playing snow sports. Can we get one of these for the house? Marie: Sure, after we earn some more money. Let's go home and open the restaurant. We're both feeling happy and fine, so it's a good time for it. Groop: Yes. Let us sell cheese to all our neighbors.


Marie: So far, everyone just wants the cheese platters, anyway. Something gives me the feeling that this is not going to be our primary source of income. However, it will be an excellent training opportunity for our heirs, because they can practice hosting, and gain sales talent easily, without even interacting with the customers, at all.


Groop: Groop got promoted again! Only four promotions to go and Groop will be a famous celebrity chef, and happy forever. Marie: Great! Maybe then someone will want to actually eat at our restaurant, instead of only buying the cheese platters. But you know, it's just as well, because I can't really run a restaurant and food store all by myself. You'll have to help out, too.


Groop: Sergio can help at the restaurant when he's old enough. After he learns how to make cheese dip platters, he can be the chef for the restaurant. Maybe we should have a few more children, so we can have plenty of waiters, as well as someone running the cash register. Grooplings are good!


Marie: More help for the restaurant, coming up in a few days. Dum, de dum, dum, de daaaaaa!


Marie: I think I'll go ahead and go for twins, after all. With enough snapdragons, it should be a breeze. Anyway, having them close together will make it easier to staff the restaurant.


Groop: Groop's children can help him in the garden, too. We will have the freshest cheese dip in all of Youngdale! Vegetarian cheese is sparkly!


Groop: Thanks for coming home with me, Phil, but since Groop got a promotion, he can go back to work for the night shift, and maybe get another promotion tonight. Say hello to Marie, instead.


Groop: Groop is now Executive Chef, level 8! I may manage to become a famous celebrity chef before the week is out!


Marie: A magic lamp! Yes! Now, should we wish for money, and let the children fend for their own lifetime happiness, or should we let each of them wish for peace of mind, as soon as they become children? Groop: Money is not hard to get. Let the children have the wishes. If they are happy, it will be even easier to get rich.


Groop: Groop is now known as a restauranteur! Now maybe sims will come to our restaurant and eat cheese. But there is an evening shift to attend tonight, and possibly become a famous celebrity chef. Wish me luck, wife! Marie: Good luck, husband! Wish me luck getting into the garden club.


Marie: Hooray! Now I can plant at a discount, too. And with your well and my well, our children will find friends, lovers and money easily.


Marie: Happy birthday, Sergio! Don't you look dapper! And soon, you'll be a big brother, with at least one younger sibling to play with and help run the restaurant. For now, it's time for some toddler training.


Groop: Groop is a famous celebrity chef! Cooking is what Groop does best! Marie: Congratulations! And just in time to help with Sergio, too. If you take some vacation time to help with the little ones now, they'll be in excellent shape by the time they start school, and we'll still be raking in the money from your pay. And now maybe you can hang your pictures on the wall, instead of selling them for aspiration points.


Marie: Our son is so smart! He learned to walk and talk and sing a nursery rhyme. He hasn't quite learned how to use the potty, but that's not surprising with all the snapdragons around.


Marie: And now it's time to pay our taxes. With a net worth of $425,546, including my bank account, we owe $21,300. I'd better start a bank account for Sergio, as well, so he can start earning money for his own future, in case he doesn't inherit this house. Things are going well for us. I just hope that next week will go as smoothly, with more little ones underfoot.


“And that's it for this week at the Meanderer's household. “Happy Simming!”


Author's Note: Thanks to compound interest, Vesuvius White has $2,750,400 in his bank account, despite the fact that only $427,600 have actually been deposited as taxes paid. I can afford two separate universities, now: a modern one, and a medieval one.

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