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Youngdale Royal Queendom:

Youngdale Royal Queendom Week 2 Hunter


“So, I had to shuffle the play order a bit. Yes, Peaches Rock will get another week, as she is now a merchant, and the order calls for her. But for now, we finally get back to Joshua and Jasmine Hunter, and their medieval life!” Family Founder Household Notes Simself Michelle Simself Royal 1 Queen's Household Hunter Joshua Hunter Peasant 1 First Peasant Household The Meanderer Groop the Meanderer Peasant 2 Second Peasant Household Lermas Agata Lermas Peasant 3 Third Peasant Household Rauta Neptunium Rauta Merchant 1 First Merchant Household Stone Beat Stone Merchant 2 Second Merchant Household Rock Peaches Rock Merchant 3 Third Merchant Household Copperfield Walter Copperfield Noble 1 First Noble Household Trace Shawn Trace Noble 2 Second Noble Household


Joshua: Well, it looks like we'd better get to work making stuff to sell. You know I love sewing, so I'm going to sell a few fish that I already have in inventory, buy some cloth and thread, and start learning how to sew. We can sell potholders, until I can make something better.


Jasmine: Great. And I'll sell a few fish, and start planting the farm. All by myself. You do realize, Joshua, that you could sew any time, but farming actually requires a SCHEDULE. Seasons matter! Joshua: Oh! Right! OK, I'll help with the planting.


Jasmine: We have to buy all our fertilizer, until we compost our own. We have to buy all our seeds. Everything's full price, because we're not garden club members. I'm sure glad we at least had plenty of fish in our inventories, so we could have something to sell for cash, up front. Joshua: I just wish we could have taken time to sell them in the store, for a nice profit.


Joshua: Well, it took all day, and we both need an aspiration boost. How about a date? Jasmine: Sure, but no woohoo. I'm not ready for a baby, yet, and we can't use birth control, now. Joshua: No kidding. I want us to be a bit more settled in. At least let me top my career, and get perma-plat. Jasmine: I wish I could get perma-plat. Just date me a lot, OK?


Jasmine: Thanks for the aspiration and mood boosting, Joshua. Now, I feel up to fishing all night. Joshua: And we have guests. Guests who have NOT bought a ticket, and we are not charging. But we can sell fish to them, in the morning, once we've rebuilt our stock.


Jasmine: I have an idea to get us rich again. Richer, even than ever before – I am going to sell these golden trout for $9999 each! Joshua: If you can get anyone to buy them for that much.


Jasmine: Well, I'll just practice on these mounted fish. When I get that golden badge, I'll sell the golden trout.


Joshua: And I'll keep fishing for stock. When the winter freezes the stream, and the plants go dormant, I can spend all my time sewing then. You're right, Jasmine. Seasons matter, especially for an agricultural peasant.


Jasmine: OK, let me just figure this out. That's $137 simoleons, out of $200. Carry the four... Columbine: What four? There's no four. Jasmine: Sorry. I'm doing it with my finger in the air, and I can't read my own writing. Columbine: Just use scrap paper! Jasmine: Medieval peasants couldn't afford scrap paper.


Jasmine: Too bad this cash box the Queen provided didn't come with a slate top and a bit of chalk. Columbine: Maybe you should just insist on exact change, only. Jasmine: What a good idea! Columbine: So, can you change this hundred simoleon bill? Then I can give you exact change. Jasmine: Ummmm...


Critic: Despite the lack of math skills, I'm giving you a good review. In fact, I'm giving you The Best of the Best! Mainly because I just love the atmosphere here. I haven't seen anything else like it. Have a star! Joshua: Thank you, Mr. Critic! That means a lot! Jasmine: Too bad you already took the cash perks at the last business, Joshua. We'll have to go for sales this time around.


Jasmine: I'm glad I can still do some couch-playing to keep up my aspiration. Dating is great, too, but who has the time?


Joshua: With a garden this big, I sure don't. We'll just have time to water all the plants before work. Weeding will just have to wait till after.


Joshua: I'm glad we have the same work shift, so we can carpool together. Jasmine: I'm glad we remembered to carpool together, since the Queen fixed it so the carpool never shows up for us. Joshua: Yeah, we don't get the reminders. We have to keep on top of things. Jasmine: The life of a peasant is all personal responsibility.


Joshua: Personal responisibility ROCKS! Or at least, I do. I may have had to start my life over as a peasant, but thank boolprop I kept my skills, my friend count, and my job level, because today, I became a professional party guest, and reached my lifetime want. I will be platinum, forever!


Jasmine: I, too, became a professional party guest! It's not my lifetime want, though. I want to have 50 first dates, which is definitely not going to happen. But I got a nice aspiration boost, at least, and I brought home a friend, as well. Joshua: That's great, Jasmine! Now, let's tend the garden, before all the plants die. Say goodbye to your friend. Jasmine: Maybe I should say goodbye to my job, as well. We both could. We have quite enough to keep us busy at home.


Joshua: We don't have our next shift until Friday night. Let's see how the farming goes, and decide later. It might be good to keep that income stream. Jasmine: What for? We aren't allowed to buy anything, and the store should provide enough for taxes and bills, especially if we can catch golden trout, and sell them at $9999 each. Joshua: Yeah, let's wait and see.


Jasmine: Hey, John. Thanks for stopping by. I'm sorry I can't chat, but I have a LOT of weeding to do, plus fishing after that. I doubt we'll even open the store, until we get some more stock. John: No problem. I'll see you at work on Friday, anyway. Unless you're on maternity leave by then. Hey, wouldn't it be cool if you timed your kids so you never had to work again? Jasmine: Oh, that would be awesome!


Jasmine: We need to start getting up early, and doing our gardening by daylight. Joshua: Or dating our way through the night. That works, too. Jasmine: Sure! But no woohoo until Thursday evening. If I get pregnant every Thursday, I'll never have to work again. I'll get paid for maternity leave. With the farm and the store, we should have enough money even if you quit your job. No worrying about the carpool, then.


Joshua: Let's kill two birds with one stone. We'll date our way through the night, but after I call the garden club. We don't have to win a wishing well tonight, but winning the chance to save money on seeds is worthwhile. Jasmine: And by the time we can call them again, we should be able to talk to the plants, and make them thrive. We can get a wishing well in the spring.


Jasmine: I have another idea, Joshua! We both got excellent bonuses with our last promotion. It should be enough for a vacation to Three Lakes. Imagine, a week at the campground, with nothing to do but fish and garden! We could build up a nice stock for our store, without wasting any time here. The garden at the campground is small, but it might just be enough for us to get our golden badges one season sooner. Imagine if we make our plants thrive this season!


Joshua: Let's do both. We'll earn the cheap seeds tonight, then we'll go camping, and we can make our plants thrive in time for harvest. Maybe it will be time for another inspection, by then. I don't know if they'll give us a wishing well, but it would at least mean that either one of us can plant the seeds for cheap. Jasmine: And we'll have enough fish to pack them in crates, and sell for lots more money! That will surely make up for the transportation costs! Let's do it!


Jasmine: I'll take the first turn. Let's see if this magic scroll phone really works.


Tiffany: Whew! This horse stinks of horse. But it's still really nice to look at, so I'll give good marks for it.


Jasmine: While they're checking out the farm, we can improve our moods, and my aspiration. There. Are you feeling more comfortable now, darling? Joshua: Yep! Feeling fine!


Joshua: It's amazing! The Queen set us up with so much garden decoration that even with our plants just barely healthy, we won a wishing well! And we got a prize of $1500, too. Imagine what we'd get with thriving plants, ready for harvest. Jasmine: We can definitely afford travel costs now. Huzzah!


Jasmine: You know, Joshua, this place is a campground, and within the rules, but it's also fairly modern. Do you think the Queen will punish us for coming here? Joshua: Are you kidding? Gosh, I hope she doesn't. We'll tell her we took a sailing ship here, instead of a plane. And we'll avoid anything electronic or modern. That ought to be enough to satisfy her.


Joshua: Look, Jasmine! Axe throwing. Want to give it a try? Jasmine: That is in very poor taste, Joshua. No. Never. Don't ask again. Joshua: Ummm, right. Sorry about that. I didn't think. Jasmine: I'm just going to plant some pole beans, and then go fishing. Let's build up our stock for the store and to feed us through the winter.


Joshua: OK, I'll just dig for stuff, instead. I know we can't sell the things for a mark-up in the store, but we can sell from inventory. Besides, Beat found a map, and got himself a Bigfoot! Jasmine: You want to bring home a Bigfoot? Joshua: Yeah! There's so much gardening to do, having another adult to help us out would be a good thing. And I'm sure he'd be comfortable at our place. Why not?


Jasmine: Sounds good to me. Our garden is just so huge, and it will be weeks until we have children big enough to help out. Let me get these seeds started, and I'll help you dig. Wow, there's just so much for us to ignore at this campground. Too bad there's not a special medieval campground, so we wouldn't have to worry.


Jasmine: Hey! I found a map! Whoops. Wrong place. It's for Twikkii Island. Joshua: Keep digging. Jasmine: Do you think if we asked the Queen, she could convince the Twikkii or Takemizu leaders to set up medieval campgrounds for us? Wouldn't it be great to visit all three?


Jasmine: Greetings, Your Majesty! Yes, I just wanted to thank you for setting up our garden so nicely. We won a wishing well, because of it! It's a lot of hard work, of course. Soo, I was thinking, you know there's a campground at Three Lakes. How about setting up some simple, not-so-modern places in Takemizu or Twikkii that we could visit? I know it would take some time to convince the local leaders, but don't you think it would be a good thing? You'll consider it? Thank you so much! Yes, the magic scroll phone works just fine, Your Majesty.


Joshua: You know, Glen Bigfoot, if you like fishing here, you'll love fishing at our place. We have lovely straw beds, and a stove, and even our own outhouses, with latrines and baths! Glen: That sounds really nice. Joshua: Well, you're welcome to come live with us, if you'd like We have plenty of room, and a big garden, too! Glen: I'd love to, Joshua! Thanks!


Glen: Before we go home, let me show you my favorite spot here in Three Lakes: It's a community garden! And some of the produce is all ready for harvest. Joshua: Glen, I adore you. Not romantically, of course. My heart belongs to Jasmine. Plus, I'm not into furry love. Glen: I'm not into fur-less love, so that's fine. Let's pick some produce.


Glen: Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to pack up my things. I'll meet you at the docks, when it's time to leave. Joshua: Fine. We'll just fish and garden for the next several days, and when our pole beans come in, we'll head back to The Hamlet. Jasmine: We have so much stock for the store, now! This trip has more than paid for itself.


Jasmine: Dating our way through, until we could harvest our pole beans, has really helped. Or at least, it would, if we could spend any of those aspiration points. Joshua: Yeah, but we were able to spend so much more time fishing, since we never had to spend any time sleeping. Jasmine: True. And I stayed platinum most of the time, too. It's been a great vacation, and profitable, as well.


Glen: Wow! That was fantastic! I've never been on a sailing ship before. And now I get to live in this HUGE house! I'm so excited! But what really gets me excited is the thought of having a real job. I want to become a Criminal Mastermind. It's fitting for someone who is as much into Knowledge as I am. Joshua: Good luck. I hope the job shows up in the paper soon, because you can't check a computer or jobs board. I suppose I ought to tell you about the restrictions here in The Hamlet.


Glen: Hmph! Yes, you SHOULD have told me about those before you invited me to live with you. Ah, well, too late now. And my dream job isn't listed. I'll just take this post in Athletic, instead. Joshua: I thought you'd stay home, and help with the farm. Glen: If I wanted to stay home, I would have stayed HOME. I want to get out, and explore the world.


Glen: Anyway, I'll work in Athletic until something comes up in Criminal. Maybe I can bring home a punching bag. Punching bags are apparently unrestricted, and excellent toys for kids to play with. You are going to have kids, aren't you? I do love kids. Jasmine: We're planning to have a new baby every Sunday night. Will that make you happy? Glen: Oh, yes! That will be wonderful!


Jasmine: Now that we're back, I'd better give you all the fish and produce I collected on the vacation. That way, you can choose how much to stock for the store, and how much to stock in our larder. Glen: I'll give you mine, as well. See? I do intend to help out on the farm. Just not all day, every day. But don't worry. I'll definitely do my part.


Jasmine: There is no pet shop in The Hamlet, and I haven't even seen a stray cat, yet. Her Majesty recommended we have a cat or two, to hunt vermin, so I'm going to adopt one from the shelter.


Jasmine: Now we have the garden well in hand, there's more time to work on creating things to sell this winter. I'm going to make lots of pretty plates. Joshua: And I'm going back to my potholders. Glen: I'll just take care of the watering, then. Maybe I'll paint something later, if my job allows the time.


Officer: I've brought your kitten. He's a cute little thing. What do you want to name him? Jasmine: Well, since his job is hunting, how about Nimrod, after the famous hunter in the Bible? Officer: Sure. I'll update the records at the vet's office. Enjoy your new pet!


Jasmine: Awww, you are so cute! Maybe I'll adopt a little female to be friends with you, and we can breed lots of cute little kittens. Glen: Oh, please no. I hate cats and they hate me. You know you can always adopt another one, when this one gets too old. Jasmine: But the Queen specifically set up our house to allow us to breed cats. Two pet beds and a pet house. Glen: Please no. One is enough to handle any roaches.


Joshua: I got my bronze sewing badge. Now I can make curtains. Jasmine: And I just made my last plate, now that I have a bronze pottery badge. Joshua: We should probably go help Glen with the garden, then. There are so many plants, and they all need talking to. Jasmine: I'm right behind you, Joshua.


Jasmine: Training a kitten is not too hard, especially if I don't have to run off to work, and leave him unattended for hours on end. There are definitely advantages to being a stay-at-home sim. And since we're not allowed to buy anything new, it is vital that we train all our pets not to scratch up the furniture, or otherwise destroy our home.


Jasmine: Speaking of being a stay-at-home sim, if I want that maternity leave, I'd better get pregnant today. But since today is the day we are all invited to go to the Royal Administrative Offices for a piece of cheesecake, I say we do that BEFORE trying for a baby. I do not want twins. We're simply not set up for them. Besides, I want to talk to the Queen about something.


Jasmine: Congratulations on the birth of the Crown Princess, Your Majesty! Also, if you don't mind, I have a few questions for you. “Thank you. We're very proud of her. Go ahead with your questions.” Jasmine: Well, first off, you said that we could not buy anything new for our home. What about earned rewards? Such as a career reward, or the wishing well?


“Earned rewards are fine, so long as they fit in with the medieval theme. A wishing well suits it quite well.” Jasmine: Whew! Thank you, Your Majesty. I didn't think about it until after the fact. I would have sold it, immediately, if you told me to, though, of course. I don't want to break any more rules! “Good. I don't want to have to punish you again. I'm not really in the mood for more carnage, just now.”


Jasmine: I'm glad of that! OK, second question. Since we can only visit lots in The Hamlet, except to pay taxes and on special invitations, such as this one, how about putting up a library or town hall, or some such in The Hamlet for us peasants to use? I'd love for my children to be able to learn lifetime happiness and fire safety. Particularly the latter, since we have three open fires at our house, and our bookcase doesn't allow for it. “I'll think about it. It does make sense to have something.”


Jasmine: Thank you, Your Majesty. Lastly, I'd like to introduce you to Glen Bigfoot, who joined us when we sailed over to Three Lakes and stayed at the campground there. He's part of our household now. Does that make him a peasant, or is he merchant class, like the Stone's Bigfoot companion? “I'm going to say that the same rules apply to Bigfeet as to Servos. Whatever class of the household who brings them home is the class for that Bigfoot. So, Glen is a peasant, yes.”


Jasmine: Thank you, Your Majesty. Oh! One more thing. Are we allowed to take advantage of modern amenities, while we are visiting the RAO? I mean, I know we can, when we're here autonomously, but when it's actually our week... “Oh, sure. It's a celebration today! Enjoy yourselves! Oh, wait, you mean on the weekly visit to pay taxes? I'll say you can do what you want here, but only for up to six hours. That's a good compromise, I think. Today, though, knock yourselves out.”


Joshua: Now I can really learn how to sew! Jasmine: And I can learn how to sell what we make, catch, or grow! Who knows how long it will be before we have another such opportunity. Our children may not have it, at all. So, let's do the best we can, while the Queen is in such a good mood. Joshua: No kidding. When I've got my gold sewing badge, I'll go back for sales, stocking and cash register, too.


Glen: Oh, Your Majesty, you are so attractive! I'm asexual, and I'm still heart-farting for you. Jill Fleig: Everyone in Youngdale loves the Queen. Or if they don't, they don't say anything about it. Glen: Yeah, but for me, it's totally real. If she had fur, I'd … Ummm, I'm not sure what I'd do. We Bigfeet don't really know much about the birds and the bees. We randomly generate.


Glen: Andrew! How ya doin' cousin? Andrew: I'm fine. I'm glad to see you here. It's nice to have another Bigfoot in town. “I'm going to have trouble telling you apart, but I'm also glad to see more Bigfeet in Youngdale. In fact, if either of you wants to start your own Bigfoot household, and just keep going to Three Lakes for more of your kind, that would be fine with me.”


Joshua: I was hoping to have some time in the hot tub, but it's always full. Jasmine: Don't worry. Glen has to come out and have his cheesecake sooner or later. You can take his spot then. In the meantime, you can enjoy dancing upstairs, if you'd like. Joshua: MUSIC! I miss it so much! Thanks for reminding me, Jasmine.


Joshua: Oh, yeah! I like sewing a lot, but Music and Dance is my One True Hobby! I love it so much!


Glen: Dancing is fine, but so is Tai Chi!


Glen: I am so fit! Now to reward myself with some games, because Gaming is my One True Hobby.


Jasmine: My One True Hobby is Cuisine, and I am going to learn how to make every dish there is, thanks to Her Majesty's chocolate machine.


Glen: Now that we've all maxed our true hobbies, I'll just work as the DJ for a while, to make a bit more money. Joshua: I am going to dance and earn some body points. Not that I need them, but this is the best form of exercise in the world. Jasmine: Me, too. It's so much fun! And we can't ever do this at home.


Jasmine: That was the best day, ever! Well, at least since we were killed. I really loved the day we built our old house. Ah, well. We earned the badges we need to make our home store a success, earned a few skill points, just for fun, maxed our hobbies, and had a blast! Glen: And I used the special computers to get my dream job.


Glen: But before I took my dream job in the Criminal career, I picked up a couple of approved careers, for the career rewards. Adventure and Athletic are both allowed for peasants, and their career rewards are allowed for The Hamlet. Now it will be easier to take care of the farm, and I can teach the children to be fit as a fiddle! Joshua: I wish I could have a fiddle. It fits! They had lutes and mandolins that people played with bows. It would be so nice. But we're not allowed to buy it. No music for me, at least not at home.


Joshua: Now that it's Thursday afternoon, let's sit in the back of the wagon, and make beautiful music together. Jasmine: If, by that, you mean a lullabye, I agree. It's time we started our family.


Joshua: And now, we can all work in the garden, and get the whole farm to thrive, so we can earn another wishing well and seed discount from the Garden Club. Jasmine: You know, this isn't the life I wanted when I married you, but I have to admit, it can be rather pleasant. I do adore being out in nature. I am in The Zone.


Joshua: Another day on the farm. Jasmine's morning sickness is causing discomfort, but other than that, it's a fine day. And tonight, Glen and I both have work, so we need to get all the farming done while the sun shines.


Jasmine: Well, I'm big and waddly, but at least I get to wear trousers again. Hooray for modern maternity wear.


Joshua: It's the last day of fall. How about giving me a garden club membership and seed discount, please? Tiffany: Alright. Looks like you've been hard at work. I'm sure you'll pass. Joshua: I hope so. I'll make even more profit next year, with that seed discount. I'm actually eager for winter, so I can focus on crafting and sales.


Joshua: It's Sunday morning, and we have half the garden harvested, but the rest of the plants aren't quite ready, even though it is winter. We planted the eggplants and peppers too late. Jasmine: Yes, but we did get another wishing well, which we can pass along to one of our spare children, when they leave for their own homes. Nothing much to do now, but fish and wait for the baby to be born.


Jasmine: Nimrod grew up, taking us by surprise. Now he's a full-grown cat, we can try for the real training. First thing's first, getting him to focus on the scratching post, and not the furnishings we can't replace.


Joshua: Your Majesty, it's Sunday night, and we've lived as medieval peasants a whole week. Are you sure we can't buy anything new? Not even a violin? Just one? “I am sure. You'll be able to enjoy music when you come to the RAO to pay your taxes. And if someone builds a community lot in The Hamlet, with music there, you can enjoy that, as well.” Joshua: Sigh. Yes, your Majesty.


Joshua: But I only have to pay taxes on my cash and lot value, right? I don't have to pay taxes on all the fish and produce in my inventory? “Correct.” Joshua: Whew! I'm glad I decided to hold off on selling them until the freeze set in. I'm saving a lot of money this week. “You'll pay for them next week. But you'll also have a profit.”


Joshua: OK, so my total net value is $97,330, with the value of my lot and bank account. Selling stuff we dug up, and getting paid to be slackers really has helped us a lot. Plus Glen's earnings. We're really doing well. We have enough money to buy lots of violins! Or our own musical venue. “You're a peasant because you didn't even try to court me, and you broke the rules the very first week. Suck it up.”


Joshua: OK, so $97,330 at 5 percent, rounded up to the nearest hundred is $4,900 in taxes. And I suppose I'd better make it official and point out that heirship will be determined by patriarchal primogeniture, with the exception that females may inherit if no male heirs are available. “That works, according to my research. Peasant heiresses were rare, but they happened. Very well.”


Joshua: Ummmm, problem. Vesuvius White isn't showing up here. In fact, neither are you. “Oh, flergle! It won't let you transfer to us, if we're on the lot, and we're always here at RAO, when people visit. Well, you'll just have to write a check to Vis when you get home. I did put a checkbook in your attic, just in case something like this happened. That will simply have to do for Hamlet residents, until I come up with a better solution.”


Joshua: And now, although I'm eager to meet my child, I do want to enjoy some music and hot-tubbing while I have the chance. “You can stay here for six hours, total. Then you have to go home.” Joshua: Yes, your Majesty. I appreciate the weekly visit, at least.


Jasmine: Oooooh! It's time!


Jasmine: Welcome, Jemima! If we don't have any sons, you'll be the heiress. But since I intend to get pregnant at least twice more, odds are against it. So don't hold your breath. Joshua: Well, at least we can train her up well, to be a good worker, and maybe even go to college. She'll do alright for herself that way. Jasmine: That's true. And maybe she'll marry a merchant.


Jasmine: Here you go, Jemima. Enjoy your cradle. It's probably the most comfortable bed in the house. “And with that, readers, it's the end of the week for the Hunter family, and time to move on to our next peasant family, in the modern part of town. Happy Simming!”

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