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Peaches Rock demanded to be played in another project. This is what you get when you make demands of a goddess-queen.


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Youngdale Royal Queendom:

Youngdale Royal Queendom Week 2 Rock The Messy Messlot Serf


“Things have changed a bit, so here is the current rotation schedule. “Peaches Rock goes first among my subjects, because she has the lowest rank of all.” Family Founder Household Notes Simself Michelle Simself Royal 1 Queen's Household Rock Peaches Rock Serf 1 Messy Messlot Challenge Hunter Joshua Hunter Peasant 1 First Peasant Household The Meanderer Groop the Meanderer Peasant 2 Second Peasant Household Lermas Agata Lermas Peasant 3 Third Peasant Household Rauta Neptunium Rauta Merchant 1 First Merchant Household Stone Beat Stone Merchant 2 Second Merchant Household Copperfield Walter Copperfield Noble 1 First Noble Household Trace Shawn Trace Noble 2 Second Noble Household


Peaches: Messy Messlot Challenge, huh? She just HAD to do a challenge. What IS it with my player and challenges? Well, at least she promised me that if I complete this challenge, she'll promote me to Merchant, and reset me to the beginning of my lifespan. Well, I'll show HER! Never underestimate an apocalypse heiress. We can do anything we decide to do. And I have decided to win this challenge in ONE WEEK.


Peaches: So, I have to clean up all the mess, and replace everything replaceable with the most expensive items. I'll start by selling this satellite...


Peaches: … and replace it with a compost bin. Not strictly required, actually, but I want a real garden, eventually, and the sooner I stockpile compost, the better. Besides, I have so much compostable stuff right here.


Peaches: Washing dishes may not earn me a Cleaning skill point, but washing dishes in a broken sink, so the puddles keep flowing sure will. And oh, look. More compost!


Peaches: There aren't any roaches, yet, and I am determined that there will not be any, at all. Weeds can wait. I need to clean up the inside and make it livable. I even bought a trash can, so I can put messes in the trash, and then transfer the trash to the compost.


Peaches: How nice! A free computer. I wonder where I'll put it? There's no space for an office in this tiny house. I am allowed to expand, of course, but that is not required to win, and will take more money.


Peaches: Great. I'm a serf, less even than a peasant, and who are my first visitors? A disgraced peasant, a Socialite, and a Duchess. Columbine: I am not allowed to use that rank here. Please call me Columbine. Peaches: A polite Duch... Columbine. Won't you come in? My fun and social moods are low.


Peaches: Good point – the TV was not broken when I moved in. Bad point – this Socialite dude keeps turning the darned thing OFF, while I'm trying to watch Yummy channel, and get some cooking points. Michelle took away all of my skill points, including the cooking points.


Peaches: And there is no way in Boolprop I am going to eat any of the food that's already prepared around here. I'm sure it's poisonous.


Peaches: Thanks, Columbine, for being my first friend, and playing Red Hands with me. It's an apocalypse classic, you know. Columbine: I did not know. I have never experienced an apocalypse. Peaches: You know what? I'll bet you'd totally ace an apocalypse. Wait. Shhhh! Don't give “her” any ideas.


Peaches: Ugh. It's been a long day, but I finally repaired the kitchen sink. It only took me twelve tries! Either this thing is glitched, or else Michelle actually put me at negative skill points.


Peaches: This morning, I eat real food. Toaster pastries are only a tiny bit more satisfying than instant meals, but I can put the leftovers away for quick satisfaction, later, and actually gained a skill point from making them. I guess I got close to it, yesterday, before jerk-face turned the TV off for the last time, and I gave up.


Peaches: After a morning bath with a face full of spray, I'm ready to tackle the bathroom. I want to have it all repaired, at least, before bed.


Peaches: Oh! I'll take a break for a visitor! Fill my social and fun meters, please. Columbine: You know, you really do seem to be a go-getter. I foresee great things on your future. Peaches: Really? Do you have the gift of pre-cognition? Columbine: No. I just think that leaders should pretend they do. Self-fulfilling prophecies are a powerful leadership tool.


Peaches: OK, Columbine. I'd love to chat with you all day, but I promised myself to get the inside of the house cleaned up before bedtime. Columbine: In that case, I shall not linger. But I hope to see you this Thursday, at the Royal Administrative Offices. Everyone has to go there, and eat a piece of cheesecake, in celebration. Peaches: Oh, yeah. Michelle's orders, to celebrate the heiress being born. Well, good thing I won't be pregnant, then, isn't it?




Peaches: I give up. Maybe I'll have better luck tomorrow.


Peaches: HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO REPAIR THIS THING?! OK, it is clear that both the shower and the tub are glitched. I have been trying to fix these things for TWO WHOLE DAYS!


Peaches: Ugh. I need to spend the day fixing the unfixable plumbing, but nooooo! I have to go eat cheesecake. Well, maybe I can make the time worthwhile. I do have a lifetime want of having fifty dream dates, after all. Time to go out and meet some men.


Peaches: Well, hello attractive man! After I eat my obligatory cheesecake, maybe we can get to know each other better, and boost my mood and aspiration. Slob: Maybe.


Peaches: Or maybe I'll date you, instead. Hmmm, are you eligible for a merchant to marry? I'm not a merchant, yet, but I can't marry you until the Messy Messlot challenge is over, anyway, and then I'll be a merchant. Vis, is he eligible? Vesuvius: I have no idea. Ask the Queen.


Peaches: So, is Tyson Kosmokos an eligible spouse for a Merchant? “You know, I'm not sure. I'll actually have to cheat a bit to check, so I'll have to get back to you on that. Peaches: But, isn't he a jock? “No. He looks like one, but he doesn't have a job, so... I'm just not sure. For all I know, he's a new member of the Garden Club. Matthew needed to be replaced, after he married Agata.


Peaches: Unfortunately, even Tyson isn't as hot as Beat Stone, and he's not available to marry. I could date him, I suppose, but when I'm a Merchant founder, I will need a husband, won't I? “Why don't you try the wishing well? People have had good luck with it.” Peaches: OK, I'll do that. Thanks, Michelle.


Peaches: Remington London, pizza delivery man, is definitely eligible as a spouse for either a peasant or a merchant. And we're in love, with two bolts! Alright! Remington: Thanks for wishing me up, Peaches. Hardly anyone around here ever orders pizza, so this is actually my first appearance! Peaches: Well, let's make sure it isn't your last. Let's date!


Peaches: I want to dance with my date, but there is no one manning the DJ booth. Vis was running it, when it was Michelle's week, but now he's just wandering around, getting paid to do whatever.


Peaches: I guess we'll just have to slow dance to the rhythm of our hearts, instead.


Peaches: Oh, Remington! I've never even faced the possibility of marriage, before. How would you like to carry me across the threshhold of my merchant house, someday? Remington: Are you kidding? Me? A deliveryman who never wanders onto a community lot, unless I'm actually invited? To marry into a legacy? YEAH!


Peaches: I can see in your date panel that you are a Romance sim, so let's make this official now, while you're not rolling a fear of it. Remington: Oh, YES! YES! I can't wait to be playable! Peaches: Me, too, lover! I have got to win this challenge fast, so that I can be a merchant, rather than a serf. I'll do whatever it takes to finish quickly, and then we'll marry, as soon as possible.


Peaches: That was a dream date, and I feel great! But it's a pity there wasn't any music. Why don't I just man the DJ station for a while? It is a good way to earn some money.


Peaches: Whoops! Clearly, I need some practice.


Peaches: Oh, yeah! I'm getting better, and making more money! “Yes. I have the community skilling mod, because it makes no sense to me that you can do stuff that would earn you skill points, but they don't work, just because you're away from home. You're still putting in all the effort, after all.” Peaches: Well, in that case, I'm going to earn lots of skill points!


Peaches: Is Michelle watching? No? Good, because I am totally gonna borrow her podium to earn money, while I learn how to make bombastic speeches that don't actually have any point to them. “Yeah, take advantage of it while you can, Peaches.” Peaches: Huh? Oh, snap! … Wait. What do you mean, “While you can?”


Peaches: Fine. I won't use your podium to make bombastic speeches that have no point. “No, go ahead. I want you to succeed. Get your skills, get a job, make money and win the challenge. Then I'll keep my promise, and make you a merchant...” Peaches: Great! “...on MY terms, Lobster Lady.”


Peaches: OK, I'll skill up here, while I can. That “on my terms” thing makes me nervous. Anyway, if I can get my mechanical skill up a bit, maybe I can finally fix the shower.”


Peaches: Vis? Why are you in your underwear? Vis: I am so evil, I sleep in the Queen's bed, and she PAYS me to do it! Peaches: Oh, really? You know, that statement could be taken a certain way. Vis: I know! Double entendre is so evil!


Peaches: I know I need to get to know you well enough to pay taxes to your bank account on Monique's computer, but it's cool to have a best friend on the royal payroll. Just how much influence do you have with Michelle, anyway? Vis: I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you. Hahah! That's a joke. I wouldn't really kill you. Well, not without raising you afterward, anyway. I'm evil, not a criminal.


Peaches: This is the BEST way to earn body skill! I know what I want to do for a job. I want to be a Dancer! “Good choice. It's available to the peasant class and the merchant class, so you wouldn't have to change jobs, when you change class. And the career reward is … well, let's just say it will be appropriate.” Peaches: What? What do you mean? Will you stop with the cryptic hints, already?


Peaches: You know what? I don't even care. You be cryptic all you want. I am in The Zone, and don't give a hoot about mystery. “OK. You have fun, now.” Peaches: Don't care... I am zen. I am zen. There is nothing to fear, so long as I have my Music and Dance.


Peaches: Ooooh, hot warlock! I am feeling low, aspirationally speaking, and my fiance is nowhere to be seen. Well, what he doesn't know won't hurt him, right? How about a date? Corbin Schamess: I'd like that very much. We elder NPCs don't get as many dates as the younger ones.


Peaches: That was great. Now, though, I'm going to need lots of friends for my job. I can wish for friends at the wishing well. Come hang out with me!


Peaches: You guys should see my new house. It is HORRIBLE.


Peaches: Hey, Corbin. I love the swimming suit. Let's leave the hot tub behind and go on another date.


Peaches: Oh, Corbin! I love you so much! Gosh, but now I'm confused. Did I get engaged to Remington too soon? Corbin: Well, what do you say we go somewhere more private, and find out? Peaches: I like the way you think. We could go to my place. If you don't mind the mess.


Peaches: Corbin, thanks for the wonderful date. Hey, I have an idea! I'd be in more of a mood for woohoo, if I knew the house were in better shape. Would you, please, do me a favor and help me clean up the yard? Corbin: Why, certainly, my darling!


Peaches: Gee, it's great to have so many influence points to spend. With Corbin's help, I'll be able... OH FLERGLE! I just remembered the rule! Peasants aren't allowed to influence anyone, at all, and I'm not even a peasant! I'm a serf! STOP! Corbin, you have to stop gardening RIGHT NOW! Oh, I hope nobody saw anything. He only picked two weeds.


Peaches: Corbin, I love you, but you've got to go RIGHT NOW. Corbin: I understand, darling. “Don't tick off the Queen” is one of the primary rules here in Youngdale. Peaches: Yeah, and she's already ticked at me, I know. I don't dare make it worse. I may talk tough, but I've heard some of the stories. Joshua told me a few things my first day here... Yeah, you'd better go now. Love you!


Peaches: OK, the garden will wait. It's Thursday afternoon, and I still haven't managed to fix this darned plumbing!


Peaches: Forget it. I earned money as a DJ, and giving speeches, and I'm just going to replace the plumbing right now. The rules say I have to replace everything with the most expensive stuff, so that limits my selection, a bit. Whatever costs the most, I guess. As for floor and wall coverings, I'll go with anything over $10, each, because they aren't sorted by price.


Peaches: FINALLY. The kitchen is the last thing to be cleaned, but it's done, at last. The inside of the house isn't pretty, but it's livable, with nothing broken or dirty in it.


Peaches: And just in time, too. I have my first shift at my job. The Queen forgot to put in a jobs board at the RAO, but the Monique's Computers allowed me to choose a job in any career, too. Just like she said, I'm a Dancer.


Peaches: I'm a very lucky dancer! I got a great chance card, and came home early with a promotion!


Peaches: And it's perfect timing, too, because now I can head off to the next shift. I don't have all the skills or friends for another promotion, but I'll go in platinum mood, so at least I can guarantee filling up the performance meter.


Peaches: OK, it's Thursday night, and I have a good job, and money coming in, but the yard is still a mess. I'm calling for help. I can't use influence, but I can hire the gardener.


Peaches: Wow, I finally get to sleep in a really good bed. This should help things move along, right? I'll wake up bright and early, and fully refreshed. Good thing, too, because it's Thursday night, and I only have three full days left.


Peaches: Oh, my sweet Remington! Thank you for the statue! I assure you, I'll put it to good use.


Peaches: Bedroom – done. It may not look perfect, but I'm not an interior decorator. I'm just trying to follow the “everything must be the most expensive” rule. I did, however, add a dresser and mirror, even though they weren't strictly required. I added the mirror, so I can gain Charisma skill that I need for my job. I added the dresser because I remember the dresser drama from my apocalypse life, and I just want this house to have a real dresser. That is all.


Peaches: The kitchen is coming along nicely, too. Fridge, stove, counters and sink are all top-of-the-line, now. Also, with all this good stuff, I put in a burglar alarm, just in case.


Peaches: So, you see, if I were in charge of Youngdale, things would definitely be run differently. I'd get rid of the class system, entirely, and taxes would go the way of … that weird bird. Umm, anyway. I guess I need more practice.


Peaches: I was going to stay inside and work on my Charisma, while the gardener cleaned up the yard, but the gardener is just taking too long, and this dog is making things worse. STOP RUINING THE FLOWER BEDS!


Peaches: I don't have enough friends for a promotion, so I guess I can take time away from skilling, too. I have to get this yard cleaned up!


Peaches: Even working together with the gardener, we couldn't finish the job before I had to go to work, and the gardener had to leave. But, at least I can perk myself up with this energizer. I WILL finish the yard tonight.


Peaches: YES! It's Friday night... Wait, it's early wee hours Saturday morning, and I finially finished the yard. Nature Leader: You have shown your dedication to nature. Please accept this invitation to Peerless Park. Peaches: A private park? Sounds great! I'll be right there.


Peaches: I need friends and money. Fishing fits the bill, nicely. I can make friends and sell the fish. HEY! There's that attractive slob! Slob: My name is John, actually. Peaches: HEY! There's that attractive John! And Remington and Corbin are nowhere around...


Peaches: Aspiration – boosted.


Peaches: It's the last day of fall, and I can skill here. Why not take advantage of it?


Peaches: Why not? Because my mood keeps falling, that's why. Say what you will about Michelle, she does know how to set up a royal community lot where you can lift all your moods. She even has a place for us to sleep. You know, between dates.


Peaches: Tyson, I doubt I'll ever be able to marry you, but I sure do like dating you. Tyson: Me, too, baby. You can call on me to boost your aspiration score any time.


Peaches: I need to get a few more body skill points, so thanks for teaching me Tai Chi, Tyson. You are just so great! Tyson: No problem, baby.


Peaches: But Tai Chi doesn't give me everything I need. I need the skills, yes, but I also need MONEY. Monique's computers can help me with both. I am going to learn the rest of my needed skills by writing articles.


Peaches: Body, Charisma and Creativity are maxed. I have all the skills I need to top my career, and have earned a few thousand simoleons, to boot. And thankfully, I kept rolling wants for those skill points, so my aspiration is high, too!


Peaches: Now, I just need more friends to get that next promotion. Maddie: Oh, Peaches, get out of the hot tub, please. I have something I want to say to you.


Maddie: I think you're really cool, and I have a friend. I think the two of you would really hit it off. Would you like me to set you up on a blind date, right here and now? Peaches: Well, I'm still platinum from before, but I do need another friend. Might as well make him a lover, right? Besides, I want 50 dream dates, and so I need to add to the count. Maddie: Alright. Here he is. Meet Niel.


Peaches: It's Saturday morning, early, and I am so close, I can feel it. I have everything I need to top my career. That will just take time. Now, I just need to go around town, and do odd jobs to earn the money to finish fixing this place up. I am DETERMINED to win this challenge before my week is over. Michelle is going to have to promote me, then. I know she is angry, and has something or other planned for me, but I also know that she'll keep her promise to me. I WILL be a merchant.


Peaches: Well, Jill, I came to the RAO to earn some money, and maybe build up some more skills. But to tell you the truth, I just really keep wanting to drop it all and go on another date. I just can't get enough of love. Jill: That's a lifetime want for you. Those wants just keep rolling on up, and it's hard to stay happy if you don't fulfill them. Peaches: Yeah. Looks like I'm getting another lover.


Peaches: As long as I can keep hopping back to Vincent, for a date to boost my aspiration, I can stay on Monique's Computer, writing articles, and making the money I need to win the challenge. “Are you sure you wouldn't rather just play through another week? This is kind of boring, you know.” Peaches: Nope. I've been challenged. I will win.


Peaches: She's right, of course. It is boring, but it's earning the money. And more importantly, it's earning the talent badges I'll need to run my businesses, as a merchant. I can't wait to open Youngdale's first Servo Shop. This place will be overrun with Servos, and I will make a fortune. Still, I need another date to boost my aspiration, and Vincent has gone home. Time to hit the Wishing Well.


Peaches: Well, it's another lover, but for some reason, I can't ask him on a date. Maybe I'll have to invite him to my place, instead.


Peaches: It's the middle of the night at my place, and no one wants to come over right now. Well, except for this Tinkering dude, but he just dropped off a membership card, and left. I have been hoping to max out my Tinkering hobby. Maybe I'll take him up on the offer. A big want like that is as good as a date, almost.


Peaches: Am I glad I came! Robi is hawt! So, it's tinkering and dating, right here. In a while, I'll go back to the RAO. At the very least, I have to cash out my bank account, so I can build my house. I am so close, I can almost taste it! But winning the challenge won't make me platinum. I NEED another date.


Robi: No, thank you. I really don't find you attractive, at all. Jessica: Hehehe! I don't know which is better – watching the soap opera on TV or the soap opera right here. Peaches: Shut up. I'm going back to the RAO. There's nothing but bad chemistry here.


Peaches: Well, at least I was able to make a new friend and get into the Tinkering Zone. I'm platinum again. But I'm still going back to RAO, to get my money from my account, get the last few skill points, and maybe get another date or two.


Peaches: Surely, this is enough money to finish the challenge. And I earned every bit of it.


Peaches: One more date, to get me in platinum.


Peaches: You know, Nery, I heard that if you have your first woohoo, your lifetime happiness just zooms right up. Help me out with that, please? Nery: With pleasure! Peaches: Yaay! Platinum and Lifetime Happiness points to spend!


Peaches: It's time. First, I replace every single object in the house with the most expensive item of that same type and size. So, a loveseat, rather than a three-seat couch. A single bed, rather than a double. The only exception to the same-size rule is that I changed to a huge television set, instead of an expensive one-tile set. The landscaping has been left repaired, in that all dead flowers have been composted and replaced.


Now for the build mode: I don't really like the layout of this house, so instead of just “upgrading” the walls, floors, doors and windows, I'm going to also expand it a bit, to make it more livable and convenient. There's still plenty of room for more stuff and personalization, for whoever takes it after me.


Peaches: And enough money left over to pay this week's taxes of $4,500.


Peaches: I WIN! Ha! “You forgot to upgrade the stone flooring at the entry and the patio.”


Peaches: One more day at work, and I got promoted to Level 9. I earned $6075, today, including the bonus. I'll just upgrade that stone flooring, and put in a fishing pond, and a driveway, and add another desk, so that I can place Mr. Humble's computer.


Peaches: Pay another $400 in taxes, and...


Peaches: I WIN! For real, this time! “You do! Huzzah! Now, I'll make you a merchant. Just let me move you to your new home.”


Peaches: Wait... Is this... THE HAMLET?! Are you KIDDING ME?! “Nope. Not kidding. Oh, and by the way... “YOINK!”


Peaches: My skills! My money! It's all gone! You took everything! “Not quite everything. I didn't take whatever talent badges you've earned. I didn't take your aspiration points, or your career reward. I didn't take your fish, or dating flowers, or your hobby plaques. I even left you your compost. Basically, I only took your cash, and the things you held in inventory that could be bought in Buy Mode.”


“And that is what I'm going to do to you, every single Monday of your life. You'll go to the RAO to pay taxes every Sunday, and then come midnight and Monday, I will YOINK all your cash, and every single object on your home lot AND in your inventory that can be bought in Buy Mode. I'll leave all crafted objects, found objects, fish, produce, rewards, and such, but if it can be bought from the catalogue, it will be gone.” Peaches: Oooooh, I feel faint...


“Oh, and don't think you can save yourself with the bank account, or by sticking all your home furnishings on a business lot, and then transferring them back. Once you put stuff on a business lot, it stays there. You can sell it, or upgrade it, while you're there, but you can't take it home with you. And a bank account is strictly off limits. “This will be your family's lot for as long as you live. Once you are dead, your heirs can continue normally.”


“Oh, and one more thing: “NO LOBSTER!”

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