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Youngdale Royal Queendom:

Youngdale Royal Queendom Week 2 Simself


“Well, it's the beginning of Week 2, and I feel strange, Alfie. I guess this is what comes of autonomously visiting other people's community lots. It was that Bivouac that did it. I just wouldn't stop doing Tai Chi, or get off the treadmill. Stupid snapdragons, keeping my mood up, so I'd exercise all day long.” … “Don't worry. I won't get rid of your snapdragons.”


“It's a good thing I'm a powerfu witch!”


“There! Now I feel and look like myself, again. Nice and fat!”


Clovis: Rawwrr! There's my Queen! And she's looking gooood! “Thanks, Clovis. I know we need to try for another baby, soon, and I had planned to wait until Alfie had his toddler birthday, but I'm feeling frisky now. Want to give it a whirl, and see if it takes?” Clovis: You have to ask? Always, my love.


“I heard a lullabye! That means that we don't have to 'try,' anymore. We can just have fun.” Clovis: Maybe if we do it again, right away, we'll have twins. I made a good father of twins, you know. “That you did! Let's do it!”


“Don't worry, Clovis. I remember my promise to take you back to Twikkii Island. We didn't spend nearly enough time exploring. And I convinced the Twikkii Island High Council to build a campground, for my peasants to enjoy. We can't sleep there, but we can check it out.” Clovis: Hooray! It's getting chilly here, and I want to have some more fun in the sun before the winter sets in.


“Alright, what's going on here?” Brittany: Apparently, you mis-clicked. Brittany and Clovis are close in alphabetical order, after all. “But, this was supposed to be a second honeymoon. Nerts!”


“Well, I suppose we could have a girls' weekend, at least. You've been working hard around the palace, and deserve a bit of a break, after all. And we're here. No use wasting a vacation.”


“So, let's introduce you to the witch doctor. I'll bet he's broken all his appliances again. Seriously, the guy is like kryptonite to electronics and plumbing.”


“But on the plus side, you get a nice voodoo doll out of it.”


“So, here's the campground they built. Wow, what a big greenhouse! The restaurant and clubhouse are right inside it. I understand there are rooms on the top floor, if you want to relax, but all the tents are out back, on the beach.”


“This is nice. You can fish or even garden, and listen to music and play games. There's really a lot to do, here. And no need to worry about being struck by lightning or get heat stroke, no matter the weather.”


“It does rather look as though it had been designed for the mountains, though, doesn't it? Hmmm, maybe they could franchise this place. Have one at every country?”


“Urp! I almost forgot I was pregnant.”




“Ugh. This is why I should have waited until the end of the vacation to try for a baby. I don't want to spend the whole week with morning sickness!”


“That's it. We're leaving. I hope you had fun, while it lasted, Brittany.” Brittany: I did, thank you, Your Majesty. I won a game of Mah Jong, visited a secret lot, got a voodoo doll. As far as I am concerned, the trip was perfect. “Good enough, then.”


“Tell you what, Brittany. For being such a good sport, I'll let you use the genie lamp that Melissa gave us on our honeymoon. Not all the wishes, mind you. You get one, so choose wisely.”


Brittany: Another unfulfillable lifetime want – irrelevant. “Wow. Another perma-plat sim. I think this neighborhood has more perma-platters than not.” Brittany: That will not last, Your Majesty, as the next generation comes in and starts to bloat the population. “That's true. Kids bring their own drama, don't they?”


“Speaking of drama, I need to practice for the next time I make a major announcement. What do you think of this face? Does it engender trust? Will it make the peasants like me?”


“Seriously. THIS FACE.”


Brittany: While my understanding of simlish nature is limited, I believe that the peasants will like you and trust you based more upon the actual words of your pronouncement than upon the expression you use when making it. Clovis: Yeah. That face should only go with a happy announcement, anyway. Do you have one planned? “I do, as a matter of fact!”


“Recently, one of the peasants expressed a desire to petition me to allow her child to become a merchant, if that child did well at college. I have taken the matter under consideration, and have decided that it is possible, if certain criteria are met. First, the peasant student must graduate university with highest honors. Second, the student must join the Secret Society. Third, the student must become 'Big Sim on Campus,” And finally, the student must become engaged to a merchant-class NPC or merchant family spare, before graduation.”


Clovis: Yeah, that'll do it. Brittany: This should prove most pleasing to the peasants. Of course, their children will still have to work hard to earn $7000 in scholarships, in order to attend university, in the first place. Clovis: But they'll be more motivated, now, I'm sure. “We might run out of merchant-class NPCs, if they're really motivated.”


“Well, let's go to court, and make it official, then. Come along, Clovis. Brittany will look after Alfie for us.”


“And that's my new rule. See? Sometimes I do cheerful, positive rules, so remember: If you please the Queen, she'll please you.” … “Usually. Sometimes. Perhaps. If it suits me.”


“Now that I've made my grand announcement, I have some more personal business. Vis, I see that you have somehow earned a gold sales badge, as well as a gold fishing badge. I know how you got the fishing badge, but the sales badge is a mystery. Anyway, I want the business perks of having a successful venue, so I'm promoting you to manager, so you can help me earn them. Your job is to glad-hand the customers, and play pinball, and now and then tidy up a bit.”


Vis: I can't believe the Queen is paying me to goof off and make friends! Most EVIL JOB EVAR!


Vis: It doesn't matter if I win or lose. If I keep you happy, and make more friends, I get paid bags of money!


Vis: Another friend! This is great! In fact, I've been all over town, socializing this whole time, and I now have enough best friends to be happy forever! How evil can you get?


“Well, looks like this is a good time for the two of us to focus on writing articles and making money. I want each of our children to start life with money in the bank, you know. And I want those influence perks to pass on to them, as well.”


Vis: Hehehe. I'm totally goofing off, now. Not playing pinball, and not glad-handing the customers. “Nice show, there, Vis! The customers are loving your music. It's really good. You have a real talent for music.” Vis: I'm so evil, even when I'm shirking, I'm helping.


Peaches: Michelle. “Why, Peaches Rock! Welcome to Youngdale. See? I told you I would play you again, somewhere.” Peaches: Nice place you have here, “Your Majesty.” “Thank you.” Peaches: As opposed to MY PLACE!


Peaches: What the flaming flergle, Michelle? I help end an apocalypse, and you bring me to THIS? I should have sunshine and rainbows, not stormy weather! Michelle: Well, that's what you get for making demands on a goddess. Anyway, I needed a good sim with 10 neat points for my “ Messy Messlot ” challenge. You're 10/3/10/8/4. Perfect!


Peaches: You took away all my skills, and my perma-plat status! “At least you get to keep your university degree.” Peaches: You made me broke, in a dump, and it's smaller than ANY peasant home here. What does that make me? A serf? “Well...” “That SUCKS! and BLOWS! and STINKS! Literally. That dump is full of stinky messes and roaches.”


Clovis: Even I think that's kind of unfair, Michelle. I mean, she was at the tail-end of an apocalypse, and had it way easier than I ever did. But still, she's an apocalypse heiress, and deserves better. “You're right. But I really did want someone to do that challenge for me. And she did demand to be played...”


“I can't let my sims have nothing but sunshine and rainbows all the time, Clovis. There must be a challenge!” Peaches: But I deserve better than THIS! “Well, if you win the Messy Messlot challenge, I'll let you start your adult stage over again, and you can move into a bigger lot, then. In fact, I'll promote you to Merchant. But you have to do the challenge on your own, and no cheating.”


Peaches: Great. Just great. That's just wonderful. Thank you so much, Your ever-divine, omni-whatzit Majesty.


Peaches: I think I'll go use the Royal kitchen to make a big old batch of Lobster Thermidore. Several batches of Lobster Thermidore! So many lobsters! “Umm, OK. Everyone has free use of the kitchen. Knock yourself out.”


Clovis: Michelle, something about the way she said that makes me really uneasy. “Oh, she just needs to blow off some steam. Cooking can be very therapeutic, you know. I'm sure everything will be just fine.”


Peaches: Two ovens! Excellent!


Peaches: Lobster thermidore baking in both ovens: Check!


Clovis: Do you smell something? “I do. And I hear something. The smoke alarm is going off! EVERYBODY OUT!”


Clovis: Well, we got all the people out. Now what? Can you put the fire out with your magic? “I would, but I don't have any reagents with me.” Clovis: Why not? Where are they? “Well, I keep a stash at home, of course, and another in a secret compartment in the stage, under the thrones.”


Clovis: Well, how about you pop in and get them, then? “I can't! By the time we got everyone out of the building, the fire had spread to the throne room! The stage is on fire! And all my reagents, with it!” Clovis: Well, thank boolprop we had the smoke alarms. The fire department has arrived. They can put out the fire.


Firefighter #1: Umm. Our training did NOT prepare us for something this big. Firefighter #2: We're going to need a significantly bigger hose. Firefighter #3: Where's an evil witch, when you need one? A thunderstorm would be perfect right now. Firefighter #4: Whoooooaaaaahhhhh.


Clovis: I have not smelled this bad, since the apocalypse. Where's a sponge bath when I need it? “The sinks are all on fire, Clovis! I didn't even know that porcelain and pipes could burn.”


“Well, the fire is finally out. Bravo to my brave fire fighters! You're all getting a raise!” Clovis: That was some serious carnage. I don't know whether to cheer for the show, or be disgusted at the results.


“That is going to take a really, REALLY long time to clean up.” Clovis: Not to mention fixing all the structural damage, so it's safe to occupy again.


Firefighter #1: Well, Your Majesty, we did manage to save a few of your furnishings, and some of the landscaping, as well. “Yeah, there's a bit left. You did the best you could, under the circumstances. Who knew dinner could be so dangerous?”


Clovis: Now what? “Strip it. Absolutely everything that can go in your inventory, stuff it in there. Until we get it back up and running, I'm going to have to hold court and run the kingdom from some temporary offices, elsewhere. We'll bring whatever we can salvage from here.” Clovis: What about Peaches? “Oh, I had all night to make plans for her. After she finishes her challenge, the real fun will begin. Much yoinking will be involved.”


Clovis: Well, I took everything but the solar panels on the roof. It's not safe to climb up there to get them. “As long as the wiring is still functional and connected to the grid, they can stay and produce electricity for Youngdale. Here or at the new court, it doesn't really matter. Let's go home.” Clovis: Right. I'm exhausted. “And we have a lot of work to do, still.”


“I sunk so much into the Royal Court. Oh, sure, I could cheat my way back to magnificence, again, but frankly, I'm pregnant, and I have too much morning sickness, and too little time or ready money, to do very much. I have the land set aside for the Royal Administrative Offices, and that will just have to do, for now. Nothing really fancy this time. I'll have a proper office, to conduct business, a throne room, where I can hold court and make proclamations, a small ball room, and some basic amenities, such as a bathroom and buffet.


“Well, here it is: the Royal Adminstrative Office. It's small, only 3x3, but cute. And although Joshua Hunter is only allowed to come here once a week to pay his taxes, I still kept my promise to put in a hot tub, there in the bottom right. Plus, the wishing well survived the fire, and it's somewhat crowded, but usable, in the bottom left. Two hammocks give sims a chance to nap or woohoo, if they're up for that.”


“The main floor houses my office, where I can do my administrative work, and anyone who needs one can use the Monique's computers, to pay taxes or write articles. Right now, Clovis and I are writing articles to make up some of the money we lost. Front left – the skilling room. Front right – the buffet (no kitchen fires!) and dining area. Rear right – the bathroom, with toilets and showers. Also, tucked away near the entrance is a little private bedroom for my husband and me.”


“If you go up the grand staircase and turn left, you'll enter the new throne room. Amazingly, most of my disciplinary objects survived the fire, and are against the left wall. My thrones are on the stage, and the podium for other announcements is in front of the window, for aesthetic reasons.”


“If you go up the grand staircase and turn right, you'll enter the new ballroom. It has a dance floor and DJ booth, of course, plus two ballet bars, two games, and a microphone. Maybe someday I'll add a karaoke machine – sims do seem to like that a lot. But for now, the microphone will have to do. “I did put snapdragons around, and a few quills survived the fire, so people can keep their moods up pretty well.”


Peaches: You know, it's not fair how Michelle gets to do all this magic, and we have to suffer the consequences! Mr. Big: I'd call her “the Queen,” or “Her Majesty,” and generally speak with more respect, if I were you. Her punishments can be pretty harsh. Peaches: Hah. I finished an apocalypse. I'm not afraid of her. Besides, she was always just “Michelle,” back home.


“Oh, yeah. It's a new place, but I like to have my Tax Collector on the spot. He's charging me an arm and a leg, these days, because he's built up skills and badges, in his visits around town, so I really have to make sure that at least one of us is writing articles, while we're here. I sure wish I could charge a ticket price. Oh, well. I'll manage.”


Peaches: I hardly got to dance at all, back home. In fact, we had to go on vacation to do it.


Peaches: Yeah! This is so much fun! Can you believe I won the Tsang Footwork Award!


“You know, I really like these new offices. It's smaller, so it's a lot less laggy, and I hardly have to repair or clean anything. The robot takes care of the dishes, and there are no plants or sprinklers to deal with. The garden sprinklers were constantly breaking down at the old court. Meanwhile, my people are happier here, as well. I've already earned a 'Best of the Best' award! Now, if only there were a way to upgrade the toilets and showers to make them self-cleaning or unbreakable.”


“I love these buffets from Paladin's Place, the same place I got the cleaning robot. You can set them up to automatically refill with your choice of breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert. I could set them to charge for each serving, but I have it set to free, here, since it's the Royal Court, pro tem. And yes, that is cheesecake in the corner. Heheheh.”


“With Vesuvius assigned to be the DJ, and Gary assigned to tend bar, the Royal Administrative Offices are fully functional, even when Clovis and I aren't here. It's worth it to have a bit of a payroll, if it makes my subjects happy.”


Peaches: Wow! I don't think I've ever met an actual Servo before! Mooney: Really? Hahaha! Beep! That is amazing! Peaches: Why? You're not that common, you know. Mooney: But, there are already two of us, and it has only been a week since Youngdale was founded. Soon there will be many more, I am sure. Beep!


Peaches: Gotta get my body skill back! You can't take this skill from me!


“Wow! Look at that! This place sure is a success. We only need one more star to reach Level 10!”


“BWAAAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA! Irony, thy name is Peaches Rock!” Author's Note: This is totally real, folks! I could make this stuff up, but I truly did not have to. I love this game!


“My subjects, I want to thank you for helping me make the Royal Administrative Offices such a success. It is, in fact, more successful than the Royal Court ever was. Although I do promise that someday, my family will restore the Royal Court to its former glory, I am glad to know that my rule could be so successful in the RAO." Author's Note: For some reason, the game actually stopped counting the Royal Court as a business, while it was Level 1. I sold it, and bought it back, to reset it, and then it only lost stars. So weird.


“Furthermore, I have wonderful news for you. In the time we've run the RAO up to Level 10, Vesuvius White – who has been here the whole time, running the DJ booth – has actually earned over $200,000 interest in his bank account. “For that reason, I am slashing the tax rates. From now on, everyone will pay 5%, rounded up to the nearest hundred, regardless of rank.”


“Now, I've been dealing with morning sickness for quite long enough, and I intend to go home, and progress with my pregnancy, in peace. I hope to present you with my heiress in just a few days. May we Youngdalians continue to move forward in peace and tranquility.”


“No reason for this. I just love the photo.”


Brittany: Should we not have had a cake for the young prince? “Awww, shoot! I made a note of it, and everything! Well, let's see his character. “Alfred Simself – Sagittarius – 0/7/9/8/1. Oh, look, Clovis! He's only two points off from your personality. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, huh? And Alfred the Great was a great warrior, and totally badass. How very appropriate.”


Brittany: Very good, Your Highness. Your bladder is almost, but not quite empty. You just have time to learn potty training, before we do anything else.


Clovis: You know, I've been holding onto a want for a long time, now, considering if I really ought to become a warlock. After the fire, I'm certain I should. That way, both of us can make reagents, and both of us can cast spells to put it out. It's true, I don't want to be all sparkly, like you. It's too girly for the likes of me. But I do want to be able to cast a few basic spells, at least.


Clovis: I love the feeling, but absolutely hate the look.


Clovis: Muuuuch better. Now, as long as I only stay “nice,” then no one will know I'm a warlock. Stealth magic! That's totally badass.


“Let's get you properly dressed, young prince. And then, I'll teach you all your toddler skills. I have the perfect place all set up for teaching.”


“That's right, Alfie! You've learned the most important word in our language!”


“Ummm, Brittany, are you sure that's the most appropriate conversation to be having with a toddler? You don't want to give him nightmares.”


“And the innappropriateness continues. Seriously, with all the kinky woohoo jokes involving handcuffs I've seen in various sims stories, this conversation just seems so wildly WRONG, that I can't even find my 'How To Even For Dummies' book, to even with it.”


“Still, thanks for coming, Melissa. I'm not saying you WILL marry my son. However, you're a Mystic, and fair game for a spare of any rank. You may marry him, someday, if the chemistry is good, so you might as well become friends now. But the final choice will be completely up to him. Arranged marriages are for my subjects, not my children.”


“At last! It's time!”


“Cue 'The Lion King' theme song. We have our Crown Princess! I give you Bhago, named after the Sikh warrior-saint, Mai Bhago, also known as Mai Bhag Kaur. Her story is really interesting, and can be found at Rejected Princesses . There's also a cool animated video about her here , which literally made me cry. Awww. Seriously, though, she's a good role model, a religious icon who fought to save her people and her faith, and a total badass, which will please Clovis, greatly.” Author's Note: All princesses will be named after Rejected Princesses.


“And her twin brother, Prince Henry, named specifically after England's Henry V (second king of the House of Lancaster), because I absolutely love that play by Shakespeare, and Tom Hiddleston was amazing in that part. “Henry V is famous for winning against all odds when he fought the French army at Agincourt. He then married the French princess, and became heir to the French throne, as well. Unfortunately, he died before he could inherit.”


“Hear ye! Hear ye! It is my great pleasure to announce the births of His Highness, Prince Henry, and finally, Her Royal Highness, the Crown Princess, Bhago, on this day, Thursday of the Second Week of Youngdale. “I proclaim this day to be a National Day of Celebration, in honor of the birth of my Royal Heiress.”


“I honor of Crown Princess Bhago, I command all founders and their spouses to come to the Royal Administrative Offices on Thursday of this week, and partake of a celebratory piece of cheesecake. “May She live well, and rule gloriously after me.”


“Alright, Alfie. You just keep on skilling, like a good little prince, and I'll paint your portrait. You'll be sharing your room with your little brother, and your sister gets her own room, as heiress. But don't worry. It won't get too crowded, because three children are enough for me. “Tonight, you'll grow into a big boy, and have an actual bed, and little Henry will use your old crib. And when he and Bhago have grown into toddlers, you can play together at the table!”


“Oh, my sweet little princess! I love you so much. I love all my children, but they do not have the responsibilities that you have, and neither will they have your power. When you grow into a teen, you'll become a witch, like me, and when you become an adult, I will abdicate, that you may enjoy the full simself-goddess powers. I will give my immortality to you, and grow old and die, alongside my dear husband. Use the power well, and be a good leader to our people.”


“You and your siblings will spend so much of your lives in the spotlight. I want you to have nice, simple, quiet childhoods. Therefore, there will be no birthday parties, until you become teens, and your real responsibilities begin. Enjoy the peace while you can, for I have a feeling that life will become surprisingly complicated, when you grow up.”


“While I have no intention of becoming thin again, I do enjoy my new exercise regimen. I call them 'Baby-ups.' They're like push-ups, in reverse, and with a baby. “Henry loves them, too! Well, Henry, you're allowed to be as fit and active as you like. In Youngdale, we all get to choose whatever body shape and fitness level we like best. I just happen to be comfortable and happy when I'm fat. You do you. The only rule is – no body shaming, of yourself or others.”


Author's Note: I really mean this. One paramount law in Youngdale is body positivity. In real life, I dieted for thirty years, and never got thin enough to be “socially acceptable.” For the last 10 years of my dieting life, I wanted to kill myself. Fortunately, I did not, and when I stopped dieting, and embraced body positivity, I embraced life, as well! Body shaming is NOT allowed in any world where I am Queen. Turn-ons and turn-offs are allowed, but not body shaming.


“Speaking of bodies, I think it's time for Alfred to embrace his big-boy body.” Alfred: I know ALL moosic! I so happy! “Exactly. Your aspiration is so high, and I want it to stay this high forever. Time to grow up, and then you get your birthday present.” Alfred: Pwesent!


“There now, Alfie, don't you look handsome.” Alfred: Do I hafta wear this gray suit? “Sorry, dear. You're a prince, and must dress as such. But you're allowed to play dress-up at home after school, if you'd like. Now, for your birthday present, you get your very own genie lamp. I've been saving them up, and there's one for each of you.”


“You get three wishes, Alfie. You can do them now, or save them for later, however you wish. I do recommend, though, that you at least wish for Peace of Mind right away. That way, you can maintain the perfect platinum happiness you are enjoying right now, for the rest of your life.” Alfred: All right! That's the best birthday present, ever! “Yeah, it will be kind of hard to top, won't it?”


“And now you can explore the house, and spend the rest of the day doing whatever you want.” Alfred: Ummm, I'm not so sure I like bowling. “You could try to hold the ball like this, dear. Or, if you prefer, there are lots of fun things to do outside. We have axe throwing, dance bars, log rolling, basketball...” Alfred: Basketball? Sounds great!


Alfred: Yaaay! Sports are my favorite! “Yes, and it's a great way to earn body skill and get fit.” Alfred: I'm fit right now! Yaaay! “Also stinky, and it's starting to snow. Why don't we move inside, now?”


Alfred: Sports are my favorite, but chess is fun, too, and I like learning skills. “Yeah, you keep rolling wants to learn stuff. Are you a little Knowledge sim in the making?” Alfred: I have no idea.


“The twins had a quiet birthday, and are growing up nicely. I'm afraid, though, we have cloning issues. Bhago has the same personality as Alfred, 0/7/9/8/1, and Henry has the exact personality of his father, 0/7/10/8/0. The Badass is strong in all of them. I might encourage niceness, but frankly, I'm torn. The Badass family completed an entire apocalypse, after all. They are strong, and who knows what may be required in the coming years? Leaders must be fair, of course, but not pushovers.”


Alfred: I'm glad we've grown up enough to play together. I hope we can all be best friends! “I hope so, too! As leaders of the community, you should set the example for familial harmony and functionality. Also, if troubles arise, I want to know that you'll have each others' backs.” Author's Note: And so the weekend went – kids skilling and socializing and having fun. It was lovely and sweet. The End.

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