Youngdale Royal Queendom Challenge First Royal Proclamation

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Youngdale Royal Queendom:

Youngdale Royal Queendom First Royal Proclamation


“Hear ye! Hear ye! Queen Michelle Simself announces her first Royal Proclamation!” With the Royal Wedding on the way, it is important for all the founders to know the rules regarding their own weddings, as well as the laws regarding their careers, businesses, living conditions, and sundry other rules.

New Class - Mystic:

New Class - Mystic Mystics are those born to Mystic NPCs (see next slide) or other Mystic sims, whether or not their parents are married. Mystics live a life apart, devoted to learning, research, experimentation, magic, and religion. Mystics must be Knowledge aspiration, and graduate college. Mystics must become an occult sim no later than one week after their adult birthdays. Witches, vampires, zombies, werewolves, or plantsims Becoming an occult sim does not change a sim from another class into a Mystic. Anyone can be occult. All adult Mystics must live at Mystic Manor. If there is no room to move in a new Mystic, the eldest Mystic must face the CowPlant, until there is enough room again.

NPCs by Class:

NPCs by Class Royal – Rank 1 Vacation Locals, Cheerleaders, Mascots Noble – Rank 2 Mr. Big, Diva, Socialites, Tourists, College Students Merchant – Rank 3 Jocks, Techs, Hobby Leaders, Community Service Sims (DJs, Baristas, Store Clerks, etc.), Police Peasant – Rank 4 Gearheads, Bohemians, Household Service Sims (Maids, Gardeners, etc.), Burglars, Slobs, Garden Club Members Mystic - Unranked College Professors, High Witches, Grand Vampires, Matchmakers

Determining Heirship:

Determining Heirship There will be no more than 8 Heirs at a time. 1 Royal, 2 Noble, 2 Merchant, 2 Peasant, 1 Mystic Royals: Matriarchal Primogeniture (first-born girl inherits) Every other family: Each family founder will declare the rules of inheritance as it will apply to that family, before the first baby is born. All future generations must adhere to those rules. Mystics – The eldest surviving Mystic is always “Heir.” Spares forming their own households will not have “Heirs,” but will choose future “Heads of Households” according to their original family rules. In the case of two spares marrying each other, they may choose between the rule sets.

Marriage Laws:

Marriage Laws Must choose spouse of same rank or one lower. Mystics are unranked, and can marry any class, but not heirs. Spouses of Mystics join Mystic household and lose their rank, unless they choose to live separately from the beginning. Proposing sim sets the class. Example: A noble may propose to a merchant, but a merchant may not propose to a noble. Sims of any gender may propose. Exception – Only the Queen may propose her own marriage. An heir's spouse will take the heir's surname. NPCs will take family surname. All others may choose. Forbidden Love has severe consequences.

Forbidden Love:

Forbidden Love Marrying an inappropriate spouse comes at a cost: The new couple become peasants! If an Heir/ess marries a forbidden love, they give up Heirship. If there is no appropriate “spare” to take up the Heirship, the entire family (all households with that same surname) becomes peasant class. In the case of a Head of Household marrying a Forbidden Love, only that household is affected. Spare households may come and go without affecting the entire family, but the main family household must protect its Heirship.

Unidentified NPCs:

Unidentified NPCs If in doubt as to the NPC's class, consult with the Queen. If the Queen cannot identify the NPC's class, she still may, at her discretion, declare a marriage to be valid. Any doubtful marriage that is performed without the Queen's approval will be considered “Forbidden Love,” even if it is later discovered that the spouse was of an appropriate rank, after all.

Illegitimate/Adopted Children:

Illegitimate/Adopted Children Illegitimate children will take the class of the parent who bore them. Exception: Children of mystics are ALWAYS mystics. Alien babies are considered illegitimate. Illegitimate children may NOT be heirs for the Royal family. However, all other families have the right to choose whether or not illegitimate children are allowed to inherit. Adopted children are considered legitimate for all purposes, even if adopted by a single parent.

Careers By Class Royal:

Careers By Class Royal Queen, King and Crown Princess will run the Royal Court, and hold no other jobs. Anyone in the household may help at court. Royals may sell any crafted, found, or harvested objects they have either directly or in buy mode, use money making objects, write novels or articles, or perform for tips. Royal Careers: Artist Law Military Politics Heads of a Royal Household (founded by Royal spares) may not take jobs in Artist, as they have responsibilities to help run the queendom.

Careers By Class Noble:

Careers By Class Noble Artist Intelligence Law Law Enforcement Medical Military Natural Science Oceanography Politics

Careers By Class Merchant:

Careers By Class Merchant Adventure Architecture Athletic Business Criminal Culinary Dance Education Entertainment Gamer Journalism Law Enforcement Medical Military Science Show Business Slacker

Careers By Class Peasant:

Careers By Class Peasant Adventure Architecture Athletic Business Criminal Culinary Dance Entertainment Gamer Military Music Show Business Slacker

Careers By Class Mystic:

Careers By Class Mystic Adventure Criminal Education Intelligence Journalism Medical Military Music Natural Science Oceanography Paranormal Science


University A University will be founded when $1,000,000 taxes have been paid to the tax collector. University Attendance Royals and Mystics MUST attend. Nobles MAY attend. Merchants may attend, if they have $3000 or more in scholarships. Peasants may attend, if they have $7000 or more in scholarships. If $1,000,000 has not been earned in time for the first Royal or Mystic to attend, the Queen must make up the difference from her personal funds. Downtown time stasis and crafting marathon may be required.

University Living:

University Living Royals Royal Greek House (RGH) Royal Holding House until they are formally admitted to RGH Nobles Private residence or Greek House Merchants Private residence or Dorm Peasants Dorm Mystics Any housing except Royal


Taxes Taxes to be paid before midnight on Sunday, every week. Taxes based on household net worth (viewable in neighborhood screen), PLUS family bank accounts (including live-in servants). Paid to the bank account of Vesuvius White, the Royal Tax Collector There is a banking computer at the Royal Court, if household does not have one of their own. Royals (except Queen) and Nobles: 20% Merchants and Mystics: 10% Peasants: 5% Queen's household and University students do not pay taxes.

Businesses By Class:

Businesses By Class Queen has Royal Court, set for free admission , and everyone is welcome. There are money-making objects and a job-posting board at the Royal Court. Royals and Nobles One venue lot per household, paid admission. May bar unwanted customers. Merchants Any form of business, unlimited number. Only merchants can have a regular retail outlet selling catalog items or a community lot restaurant. Peasants Home-based restaurant and/or retail store, selling home-made objects, caught fish, grown produce, cooked food, or found treasure. No venues. Mystics Mystic Manor household may have one community lot business of any type. Teen and YA mystics may have any business their original family rank allows, but must sell it before they move into Mystic Manor.

Miscellaneous Money:

Miscellaneous Money Any buried treasure, reward objects, vacation collectibles, crafted items, or the like may be sold directly from inventory or crafting bench, without restriction. Once removed from inventory, they may not be sold in a business, unless by a Merchant or in a Peasant's home-based retail business. Anything may be sold in buy mode, at any time, if you don't mind the depreciation. Anyone may write, perform for tips, work as barista or cafeteria worker, hustle pool, train other sims, tutor, or use other non-job ways of making money, at any time.

Vacations By Class:

Vacations By Class Royals Royal Vacation Home or $$$$ (or better) hotel Nobles Noble Vacation Home or $$$ (or better) hotel Merchants and Mystics Campground or any level hotel Peasants Campground or $$ hotel Only Royals and Nobles can pull the political strings to own foreign property.


Servants Anyone may hire a NPC servant. Peasants may take jobs as live-in servants at any higher-ranked household. Live-in servants enjoy all the benefits of that household (such as vacationing at a nice hotel), but they may not hold a job or open a business, and are still limited in marriage, according to their peasant class. Live-in servants are paid weekly, via bank deposit. Bonuses are OK. Live-in servants take their bank account with them, when (if) they move out. Servos and other robots may be created or purchased by anyone. Limit, one Servo per household. Exception – Servos may form their own household, and “raise” their own Servo family without limits as to number. That household takes its rank from the household of the founding Servo.

Life Extension:

Life Extension After the Royal Wedding, Elixir of Life may be consumed, as follows: Mystics may use as much as they want. Royals may use 3 drinks each. Nobles may use 2 drinks each. Merchants may use 1 drink each. Peasants may not use any Elixir of Life. CowPlant Milk Anyone with access to a CowPlant may milk it. Only Mystics may use Potion of Youth.


Influence Royals, Nobles and Mystics may use Influence on any other sims. Merchants may Influence family members, and current customers at their business, only. Peasants may not use Influence at all.


Aspirations Aspirations must be rolled randomly at teen birthday. Exception – Mystics are ALWAYS Knowledge. Sims may choose a new aspiration at Junior Year of University, or use the ReNuYu Senso Orb, as often as desired. If your sim fails the ReNuYu Senso Orb, and becomes a Grilled Cheese Sim, they may NEVER change their aspiration again, even at Junior Year. Grilled Cheese secondary aspiration, turn-ons/off, and lifetime happiness perks may change any time.

Career and Aspiration Rewards:

Career and Aspiration Rewards Career rewards are unlimited. No one may use the Counterfeit Money machine, but money trees are OK. Anyone who uses the SimVac on a Royal will be severely punished! Everyone else, however, is fair game. The Queen may SimVac anyone, at any time, including other Royals.

Final Rule: The Queen's Word Is Law:

Final Rule: The Queen's Word Is Law The queen may “cheat” as much as she likes. The Queen has the right to add, remove, or change any law, as she sees fit. The Queen has the right to punish lawbreakers in any way she deems amusing, including, but not limited to charging fines, the use of the Voodoo Doll, Cow Plant, Sim Modder, Sim Blender, ReNuYu SensoOrb, Tombstone of Life and Death, Death Creator, magic, potions, plastic surgery, ugly clothes, cheesecake, arranged marriage, or setting household challenges. Don't tick off the Queen.