Youngdale Royal Queendom Chapter 1 - Royal Wedding

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Youngdale Royal Queendom:

Youngdale Royal Queendom Chapter 1 Royal Wedding

A Royal Kingdom Challenge:

A Royal Kingdom Challenge Unscored, just for fun.


“First, some basic housekeeping. Here is the current status of all the households in Youngdale: I'll be playing them in that order. Spare households will go into rotation at the end, but in their regular family order. For example, a Rauta spare will play before a Trace spare, regardless of the date of founding the spare household.” Family Founder Household Notes Simself Michelle Simself Royal 1 Queen's Household Hunter Joshua Hunter Peasant 1 First Peasant Household The Meanderer Groop the Meanderer Peasant 2 Second Peasant Household Rauta Neptunium Rauta Merchant 1 First Merchant Household Stone Beat Stone Merchant 2 Second Merchant Household Copperfield Walter Copperfield Noble 1 First Noble Household Trace Shawn Trace Noble 2 Second Noble Household XXX XXX Mystic Manor Mystic Household – Not yet founded White Vesuvius White Tax Collector Hired at Royal Court, but not played. Just use to track taxes for University.


“And now, welcome to the Youngdale Royal Court! It took quite a while to build it, but I'm rather proud of it. We have a bit of time before the wedding begins, so let me give you a brief tour.” Note: This contains some CC, mostly Michelle from ModtheSims' recolors, but also some other items, and I can't remember everything, so I will not be packaging this lot.


“On the left half of the front yard, we have a piscatorial garden. That is a fishing pond, a fish tank, and a koi fish pond.”


“The right half of the front yard contains a tropical tree garden, with a restful hammock, some comfortable seating, and a wishing well. It's a nice place to take a date. Or find a date.”


“The back yard contains a swimming pool, as well as two hot tubs, as I promised Joshua during the bachelor challenge. Since every citizen is welcome at court, regardless of age, I have included a playground, as well. Eventually, the next generation can accompany their parents to court, and have a fun time, while the grown-ups conduct business.”


“Speaking of business, the ground floor contains an office area, where I can do the administrative sort of work that comes with running a queendom. Since I know that banking computers are probably too costly for the peasants, I am opening this office to everyone to use, in order to pay their weekly taxes. And since I love pets, I have placed some pet-friendly items here, as well. It's a nice open area, so I can add stuff later, if I want.”


“The other side of the ground floor contains a restroom, a reading area, a TV-viewing area, and a concert area, where sims can sit and watch their friends perform on various instruments. I love music, and we'll be having regular 'open mic' sessions.”


“Let's jump now to the top floor. The third floor is more of an attic, and is mostly a party room, although there is a restroom here, as well. I want to be able to enjoy dance competitions, as well as tropical pinball, poker, mah-jong, and other assorted fun stuff.”


“The second floor is mostly just a hallway, although there is a restroom over the kitchen, another instrument, a camera, and some flooring to hold the chandeliers in the Royal Court Room.”


“The first floor is where the main action is. The people come up the grand staircase into the green foyer, where I have placed a special object to give a grand reward for those citizens with whom I am particularly pleased: Potion of Youth. In fact, I gave it to one of my matchmakers, Melissa Leong, whose help was invaluable in preparing the bachelor challenge. She lost her matchmaker outfit, but she's still just as Mystic as ever.”


“To the left of the foyer is the dining hall. There is a good kitchen, with a small balcony for grilling ribs and the like. Two buffet tables give a variety of food, in addition to anything my Servo may choose to cook in the kitchen. There's a juice bar, of course, and today, there is wedding cake and toasting nectar waiting. “Oops! It looks like the Diva and Mr. Big couldn't wait to dig into that yummy buffet.”


“And finally we come to the most important room of all: The Royal Court. Here is where I will sit on my throne, with my King Consort beside me, hear petitions, and make proclamations. In the far corners I have stored some of the tools of judgment, with which I will administer justice in my kingdom. As you can see, I also have a wedding arch ready to go. It will be stored behind the curtain, once the wedding is complete, and we'll use it for all future royal weddings.”


“And now, as the sun goes down, I make ready to welcome my final guests.”


“It's time to gather for the wedding. Brittany, my Servo, stands as my Maid of Honor, while Vesuvius White, my Tax Collector, stands as Clovis' Best Man.” … “OK, they sit, but whatever.”


“The guests include all my former bachelors, of course, in pride of place in the front row. The entire vampire coven is here, although the witches only sent one representative from each end of the spectrum. Mr. Big and the Diva are here, along with representatives from the police, garden club, and social class sims. And in the green and purple outfit is Melissa Leong, my youthified matchmaker, who seems to have given up making matches for others, and now wants one of her own. Well, as a Mystic class NPC, she could marry anyone but an heir. She'll have to wait a generation, I'm afraid.”


“Do you, Clovis Badass, take me, Michelle Simself, to be your lawfully wedded wife, and give yourself to be my King Consort, forsaking all others, on pain of severe sarcasm, voodoo, magic, assorted boolpropiness, and possibly death?” Clovis: I do!


“Do I, Michelle Simself, take you, Clovis Badass, as my King Consort, and give myself to be your lawfully wedded wife? I do.” Clovis: Uh, what about the forsaking all others bit? “These are the official vows for queenly weddings, as published in the Youngdale Book of Law. Don't try to edit it now.” Clovis: Right. I probably would have done it that way, myself, for a kingly wedding. You really know how to take charge.


“I hereby pronounce us Queen and King Consort.”


“I may kiss the groom.”


“Citizens of Youngdale, I present your Queen and King! Although King Clovis does not have the power to make new laws, within the laws that are already written, you shall obey his commands, as if they were my own.” Clovis: And on that note, I command that we commence with the wedding feast.


“As I have previously proclaimed, all citizens of Youngdale are always welcome at the Royal Court. It pleases me that although the slob did not attend the actual wedding ceremony, he is now the first to toast my nuptials. Clearly, the peasants adore me.”


“Don't worry, Clovis. I won't shove the cake into your face. I'll very neatly feed you with a fork.” Clovis: OW! My eye! “Whoops! Sorry! Maybe I should have shoved it, after all. I'm not good at being neat.”


“Come on, lover! Let's snarfle this cake!” Note: It's amazing that we actually sat down at the same table, judging from all the other weddings I've seen in other posted stories. Also, I love the cleaning robot! I think I got it from Paladin's Place.


“So, Clovis, apart from making out, what do you want to do now that we're married?” Clovis: After spending my entire adult and elder life in the snow, I would really like to take a honeymoon to a tropical island. “Sure thing, lover! I'll buy us a vacation home at Twikkii Island, right away.”


“But first, we dance!” Vesuvius: Your majesty, your subjects would like to toast to you and your husband. All of them. Every single one wants to do their own toast to you. “This is going to take forever.” Vesuvius: I know. It's so evil!


Joshua: What happened to the cake and toasting nectar? “We ate the cake, and I got rid of the toasting nectar after the umpteenth toast. You know we've been toasting for a solid five hours?” Demi: Should I break up this party? If it weren't for the queen, I'd have broken it up long ago. It's four in the morning, after all.


“Nope! We are gonna dance until dawn.” Talin: Eww. Royal PDA.


“I see Diva and Mr. Big are going for the Tsang Footwork Award. Too bad there's no university, yet.”


“The hula is so much fun! I love the graceful motions and gentle rhythm. I love it almost as much as belly-dancing, but I don't have a mod for that.” Beat: I prefer pool. Anyone want to play with me? Demi/Talin: Maybe Shawn will play with you. Hey! JINX! Shawn: No, thanks. I'll keep dancing.


Vampires: Aaaah! The sun! I must flee! “Synchronized fleeing – gotta love it. It's like an occult alarm clock. However, that means we've been partying all night long. It's time to get going on that honeymoon. I've waited a long time for this.”


“Alright, everyone! Party's over! Clovis and I have an airplane to catch. Twikkii Island, here we come.” Shawn: Someday, my family will own a home on Twikkii Island. Joshua: Someday, maybe my family will be able to camp there. Is there a campground at Twikkii? “Not right now. Maybe I'll convince the town leaders to build one, for the visiting peasants to enjoy. There's at least one two-simoleon hotel, though, I'm sure, so go for it, if you can afford it.”


Clovis: It takes so long for everyone to leave. I can't wait to do the hula on the beach, and see the waves, and feel the tropical breeze, and drink out of a coconut with one of those tiny umbrellas. Come on, people, MOVE IT! The door is that way!


“OK, Clovis. I bought the best house on Twikkii Island for us, and furnished it up, too. Also, I sent in some builders to work on our home, while we're out. The men's dorm will be turned into two bedrooms for our children. Also, I'm adding in some solar panels and wind mills, to generate electricity for Youngdale. Right now, I'm pretty much the only one who can afford them, after all.”


“We have a great beach lot, including a bar and some party objects. Some of them are really special, and come straight from Wanmami Island.”


“Upstairs, I have the master bedroom and both baths done, as well as a little room for me to work on my witchcraft. I'm leaving the second bedroom alone, until we have children to fill it.”


“And downstairs, I do believe we have everything we need to live well and enjoy our vacation.”


“And now that our home, Royal Court, and vacation home are all handled, it's time to cash in.” Clovis: Cash in? What do you mean? “Oh, you know how all the bachelors got a specific amount of starting money to found their families? Well, so do I. I get to build all I want, but then, I have to set my bank account to $100,000.”


Clovis: Would that be $100,000 cash, or $100,000 in your savings account? “Ummm... Both! Yeah! That's fair. I am the Goddess/Simself/Queen, after all.”


Clovis: It is so weird, looking at this, and thinking that now I'm actually married to the goddess I used to worship. You know, sweetie, you look nothing like your statue. “Oh, that's not true. My body is about the same. It's just the face and hairstyle that are different. But, you know, artistic license, and all that. Plus, after holding that squatting position for so long, I was really grimacing by the time the artist got around to carving my face. My back ached SO much.”


“I love you so much, Clovis, that I want you to have a fulfillable lifetime want. Why don't you use this ReNuYu SensoOrb, and change your aspiration away from Fortune, and that want to have five top-level businesses? It would have been great, if you'd become a merchant, but as King Consort, you can't even own one.”


Clovis: Now I'm a family sim, just like you, and I want to celebrate our golden anniversary, in style! “Well, it will take some time, but it's totally doable. Good choice, dear. Especially because I only want a few children.”


“And now for that special something we've been waiting for. WOOOHOOOOOO!”




“Woooohoooooo!” Clovis: I'm getting tired, my love. Maybe we should call it a night? “Alright. It's enough for now, I suppose. Tomorrow we can fulfill a few other wants, and then do the tourist stuff.”


Clovis: I want to learn Lifetime Happiness, and max my creativity! “I want to max my creativity, too! This is fun, in its own way.”


“Of course, this is even more fun, especially now that I've filled the room with Journalism rewards. I LOVE being queen! I can have as many of these things as I want. And I put a bunch of my statues outside, as well as a couple of Tropical Pinballs, and it's great! I love all the career rewards.”


“Yay! I maxed my Music and Dance enthusiasm!” Clovis: I'm cheering for you, darling! Woot! Woot!


“Clovis, babe, you gotta max your own enthusiasm. Being in The Zone is amazing!” Clovis: I'm right behind you, babe!


Clovis: Wow, you were right! This really IS amazing! Plus, getting those aspiration points is always a plus. I like being platinum. “Well, since you're King Consort, and I'm allowed to cheat as much as I want, I'll just use a cheat to trigger your lifetime want.” Clovis: GREAT! Now I want to graduate three children from college.” “Oh, our children are required to graduate. Don't worry about that.”


“In the meantime, let's dig for treasure, and see if we can't find a map or two. I want to explore the island, at least once before we leave.” Clovis: Ooooh! Shiny! “Found a treasure, huh? Oh! I got the map to the Mysterious Hut! Yes!”


“Well, hello Witch Doctor. Would you like me to clean up your house, in exchange for a voodoo doll?” Witch Doctor: Yes, please. I have absolutely no mechanical points.


“Neither do I, but that's not a problem for a mighty witch like me! Appello Servantus !”


“Come and dance with me, Clovis, while my mystical servant does all the work.” Clovis: Wow, this witchcraft thing is great. Hey, do you think I could learn it, too, or is it just a simself thing? “I suppose you might, sometime. It's not really limited. But do you really want to be all sparkly and glowing like me?” Clovis: Hmmm, I'm not sure about that. I'll think about it.


Witch Doctor: Thank you so much for all your hard work. “Thank you so much for the voodoo doll. Now would you please do one small favor for me? Teach us how to hang loose?”


Witch Doctor: Certainly. So, you bend your knees, lean back a bit, hold your hands like this, and waggle like that. Clovis: That looks... both fun and ridiculous. “Go for it, babe. I'm sure you'll make it look very manly.”


Clovis: OH, yeah! I'm so manly, I can do it on one leg! “Very nice, dear. Why don't you practice just a little bit more, so you don't impale me with your horns, OK?”


Clovis: Now THIS is a manly hang-loose. Instead of leaning back, I lean forward. IN YOUR FACE! “That's my man! Now you can teach me!”


“Well, I'd say this honeymoon has been just about perfect. There's only one thing left. Time to make a baby!” Clovis: I've been holding onto that want since I became a Family sim! Let's do this!


Melissa: I may be young and want a match of my own, now, but I'm still enough of a match-maker to know when someone has really been diligent in their hobbies. Have a present!”


Melissa: I hope you use it well, once you get back home. The genie doesn't like working on Twikkii Island. Enjoy the rest of your honeymoon, your Majesties! “Hey, thanks, Melissa! You're always so helpful. Enjoy the rest of your youth.”


Clovis: Now I'll be the best warrior in Youngdale, with my maxed body skill! “Great. You know what? I'm glad you're all happy and racking up the aspiration points and all that, but I have morning sickness now, and I think it's about time to go home.” Clovis: But... It's so warm here! “We'll come back. I promise.”


Clovis: Aaaah. It's good to be home again, and to be able to really enjoy myself with the axes, once more. “Yes, and you can keep it up for a long time, since I added the statues out there. There are snapdragons, statues and quills scattered around most of the house, and the children's rooms are completed.”


“The purple room is for the Crown Princess, of course, although she may wind up sharing it with a sister, if she has one.”


“The green room will be for any princes we have, unless we only have two daughters, in which case the second one will have this room. I do want to keep the next generation small, though. I enjoy babies in moderation, and I want my children to have plenty of their own space.”


“Each of the bedrooms has its own adjoining bath, with plenty of room for potty chairs, as needed. I'm keeping the entire children's suite fairly neutral for now. When the kids are grown up a bit, they can decorate to their own tastes.”


“Now that I'm pregnant, I'll be doing the administrative work of running the queendom from home. I expect both my husband and my servo to assist me with this. After all, I'm not entirely sure we'll raise a full million in taxes by the time my first child is ready to go off to college, and I may have to fund the rest from my private treasury.”


“So, we'll take it in turns using both the computers.”


“I took away some of the chess boards from the party room, and added a flower-station, so Brittany can make us a bunch of snapdragons to enjoy. And, of course, there are my lovely statues.”


“Although we have no need of the skills for careers, it behooves us to set a good example of scholarship in our community. So, after we have done our administrative work for the day, let's spend some time in the library.” Clovis: I love this Bookcase of Education. I wish I'd had it when I was struggling to become a Space Pirate.


“Whoop! Well, at least I don't need to worry about vomiting, any more. You keep studying, dear. I feel like nesting a little. I'm going to place some more snapdragons and statues and get the house ready for the baby.”


Clovis: Oh, yeah. I'm the best with the body AND with the axe. My mechanical skills are unbeatable, and I'm sure I'll never miss at the throwing range, now.


“In that case, dear, come and help me. I need to post up my official seal, and the Youngdale flag. I'll do the seal, and you can do the flag.” Clovis: Sure! This is fun! And it's good to have some more decoration around here. “Yes, and we need to have these up at the court, as well. We should make several copies.”


“They do look rather nice in the party room, though, don't they?”


Brittany: Even with all the statues and snapdragons, a pregnant sim needs comfort. I'm going to stock the fridge with lots of Grandma's Comfort Soup, so that the Queen and King, and all the little princesses and princes will always feel good, and never be sick.


“I don't NEED to cook, but learning how to make that soup sounds like a good idea. OOOH! I just popped again. Well, I'll get back to studying cooking, while you work on editing my next proclamation.” Brittany: Yes, Your Majesty. Ah. I think I found a typo to correct, and if I may, perhaps you might want to give this particular clause a bit more consideration?


Clovis: And furthermore, I declare that education is not merely for the nobility of this land! Those who have proven their dedication to scholarship amongst the merchant and peasant classes will also be allowed to attend university. “Practicing your oratory skills, Clovis? Good idea. You never know when I may call on you to address the masses.”


“Oooh! Everyone, stop your work and come help me right now! I'm going into labor!”


“Ooooh, isn't he cute? Clovis, meet your son, Alfred. I'm naming him after the famous English king of old, Alfred the Great. Although he'll never rule Youngdale, I'm sure he'll be a powerful influence in the community.” Brittany: Congratulations, Your Majesty! Clovis: Awww, I was hoping for a girl, right off. Still, a fine, strapping son is always good.


Clovis: In fact, it looks like my son has my coloring. Maybe he'll follow in my footsteps, and become a great warrior. “Well, Military is a career option for him. Now, we should put him in the nursery, and go to the Royal Court, to make the announcement. Youngdale has a prince, but not an heir.” Clovis: Well, we'll just have to go back to Twikkii Island, and try again, huh?


“Yes, Clovis, but give me a day or two, to recover from the pregnancy! We'll go back next week.” Clovis: I know my wife is right, but she's so hot! I can't wait to try for a little princess. “Down, boy. We'll try again in a few days! Now, put on your formal wear, and we'll go to court.”


Clovis: Queen Michelle Simself has given me the great honor to announce the birth of our first child, Prince Alfred Simself. We are pleased and proud to welcome the first royal child to Youngdale, and although he is not the heir for whom we hoped, we are sure that he will be a shining light to all of our great nation, and to the world. Long live Prince Alfred!


Rose: Congratulations on your son, Your Majesty. Do you think he will inherit your magical powers? “Perhaps. Time will tell if he has the aptitude for it. We won't know for sure until he's a teen, at least.” Shawn: Well, I just hope he likes little black-haired girls. You know I hope that my daughter marries him, someday.


“Really, Shawn? And here I was predicting that you would want your son to marry my daughter, and become the Crown Prince Consort.” Shawn: That, too. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to take care of a few motives. “Oh! Thanks! That reminded me to put some more quills and statues around. You'll feel better in a jiffy.”


Shawn: Well, Rose, I'm not sure if you're the proper class for me to marry, but it is nice to make friends with you. I'll probably need friends for my career, anyway. Rose: I'm a Techie, so that makes me Merchant class. You could marry me, if you want. Sandy: Does anyone want to play mah-jong?


Vesuvius: This is so evil! I can't believe the Queen is paying me to just hang out. I'm taking all her money, and just playing games. Shawn: You mean she hasn't assigned you to a job? Vesuvius: Nope. She just lets me wander around and do my own thing. At $15 per hour! Can you believe it? I'm having a ball, and making all sorts of friends, too.


“Whooo! Clovis, this portrait of me is a masterpiece! Now, I know the plan was to paint pictures to sell, so we could cover our operating expenses, but this one has to go on the wall in the court room. In fact, I'm going to paint one of you, to go beside it.” Clovis: An excellent idea. The Queen and King can watch over proceedings, even when we are not there. Although, perhaps we can do another portrait with a different background, later.


“Yes, the court room looks much better with these paintings hanging in the back. And the portraits with the green background can go nicely in the foyer.” Clovis: We're never going to make money if we keep hanging the paintings, instead of selling them. “I have an idea!”


“Come on, everyone! Let's have a dance contest! There's a $500 prize for the best dancer.” Shawn: Wait, if you're hosting it, should you be entering it, as well? “Well, I'm queen, and I can dance if I want to.”


“Oh, yeah! All that hula dancing at Twikkii Island really paid off. $500 for me. Let's do it again and again.” Rose: Well, I may not win now, but I'm learning. Shawn: Me, too. I am so going to win one of these when it's my turn to play.


Vesuvius: While the boss is dancing, I'm just playing. I am so evil!


Clovis: And the winner is... Shawn! Shawn: Oh, yeah! I am smokin'! Sandy: Yeah, you are. Hmmm, potential husband, perhaps? You know, Shawn, I'm a Socialite, which makes me Noble class. “Doh! He caught up with me. Time to find another way to make money.”


“To the computers, Clovis. We can write articles, while my subjects play.” Clovis: Alright. I actually want to learn new skills, anyway, so this is good. “I'm so glad I got these special Computers a la Monique. Anyway, Vesuvius can keep everyone occupied, and we'll cover our costs, and even make a profit.”


Clovis: Look how much I have earned, Michelle! $25,000, just from writing articles.


Clovis: And I have maxed all my skills, as well. “Excellent! Now we can deposit $30,000 in our son's personal bank account, to help him on his way when he grows up and leaves us. Of course, that means we need to earn more money. Too bad we can't charge our subjects, but the Royal Court should be free to all subjects of Youngdale.”


“And I am glad they are making good use of it. I'm not sure they're learning anything, but if they do learn, it will only help them in their own households.”


“Making friends and potential future spouses is also very worthwhile. Yes, things are working out nicely.”


“We've earned enough money for now, I think. Time to go home and watch our son grow, until our week is up.”


“He's so cute! Alright, Clovis. As soon as he grows into a toddler, we'll try again for a princess.” Clovis: I can't wait! “Well, I'm afraid you'll have to wait. It's the end of our week. It will be some time before we come up again in rotation.” Clovis: Flergle! Why'd you get me all excited NOW? You can be so cruel... just the way I like it.