Youngdale Royal Queendom Bachelor Challenge Day 6

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Youngdale Royal Queendom Bachelor Challenge:

Youngdale Royal Queendom Bachelor Challenge Day 6 Love Me or Leave Me

A Royal Kingdom Challenge:

A Royal Kingdom Challenge Unscored, just for fun.


We start our hot tub date talking about the weather, of course. It's the one safe topic.


And soon enough, the splashing begins. My magical servant can clean up the mess, later. Tomorrow, I am moving in Brittany, my servo, so I don't have to keep using all these reagents. Besides, we're besties, and I miss her, and my kitty, Mittens.


Clovis decides to shower, after the hot tub, and I must admit, it's nice to see him dress for dinner. I think I'll influence both my men to shower before tonight's date. After all, tonight is the make-out date, and I want it to be special.


Having started my meal first, and ended first, naturally, I'm showered and dressed first, so I spend some time juggling cups, while I wait for Shawn to come for his date. Golly, I wish I could do this in real life. I'm not coordinated enough to juggle beanbags, let alone breakable dishes.


Shawn's make-out goes without a snag, no chemistry required. We are, after all, at over 100/70 now.


So where are my hearts? Aren't I supposed to have love-hearts? I am so disappointed. Ah, well, it's time to shoo Shawn out of the room, and call in Clovis for his date.


And the make-out goes perfectly with Clovis, as well. We're already in love, so I don't expect anything less.


Wait, what? I shooed him out of the room! “Shawn, if you start a jealous fight now, I may never forgive you!”


“Well, you might at least have SOME reaction! Aren't you the least bit jealous?” ... “Don't you care about me?” Did I install a no-jealousy hack in my sleep, or something? Ummmm, whooops! How long has that been there? Eh, it's just as well, anyway, because now I don't have to worry about them fighting over me. I've had enough fighting, thanks. Although it would have made for a dramatic end to the competition.


Shawn is not fussed at all about witnessing me making out with another man. He heads straight for the microphone to sing some off-key ballad about a gunslinging sim in Old Strangeville. Clovis answers the phone, and chats with one of the other bachelors, whom he had befriended. I just sit on the couch, feeling somewhat confused and annoyed at all the micromanaging I had done to avoid jealousy when I totally didn't need to. What a pain it was. Ah, well. Live and learn.


After a few minutes of moping, however, I decide to spend some time on the piano, and soon Clovis joins in on the act. We're none of us very good, so it sounds rather awful, to tell the truth.


It's the last night of the bachelor challenge, and the last night of this dormitory. I'm going to gut it, once it's all over, so that I can build a proper nursery and bedrooms for my children.


For the last morning of the challenge, I once again use my influence to get everyone properly dressed for breakfast. It doesn't have to be outright formal today, but by boolprop, I will NOT choose my husband in pajamas!


I summon up the Spectral Servant, for probably the last time, because I'll be moving Brittany in later today.


And then it's time for the final date – three flirtations. I decide to go with my favorite goose, then a serenade, and then another goose. Clovis goes first, this time, since he's already finished with breakfast, and Shawn was first last night. We don't need the privacy, but it's habit now.


Goose, serenade, goose – not a single hitch. Ah, love is grand.


Next is Shawn's turn, and I FINALLY get my love hearts with him! It's a really close race, folks! These two are only five points apart, and with some autonomous flirting, it could be anybody's game.


I SAID, with some autonomous flirting, it could be anybody's game!


Well, OK, at least I got this cool picture out of it. Yay, autonomous skilling. My house must be clean, because my spectral servant joins the jam. She's pretty cool. I may summon her from time to time, even after my servo moves in. I just need to keep up my stock of reagents.


But noon quickly rolls around, and it's time to stop playing, and start eliminating. “To the couches, men!”


“Well, men, this was a really close race, and full of surprises!” Shawn: What's not surprising is that I made some good friends here.


Clovis: So did I!


Clovis: And I didn't even have to go all Sumo-smackdown on your butt! Thank you, “less jealousy” mod . “Yes, well, that's very nice, but it's time to announce the elimination.”


“Shawn, you roll my wants, and you ran a close race, but in the end, you were short by five points. However, being born to a noble family, I'm sure you'll make an excellent noble founder, yourself.” Shawn: Maybe my son will marry your daughter, and my grand-daughter will be queen! “That's entirely possible, since my daughter will have to marry a man of noble rank.”


“You get these lovely electronics as a parting gift, along with the standard newspaper, a 5x5 lot, starting funds of $150,000, and two glasses of Elixir of Life.”


“Shawn, we're best friends, and although I have removed our love relationship, I'm sure we'll continue to be best friends forever!” Clovis: Yeah, don't let the door hit you on the way out. “Now, now. Be nice. He's not your competition, any more. He's a nobleman, who will have a certain amount of influence at court, and may even become your in-law.” Clovis: That's why I don't want the door to hit him. I want him to leave uninjured. I have zero nice points, remember?


“Alone at last!” Clovis: I guess it's true that opposites attract.


“Clovis, since I want our marriage to be absolutely perfect, please take this Re-Nu-Yu Portachug. If I adjust my turn-ons to red-heads with facial hair, and you change yours to blondes with glasses, we should have triple bolts, all the time, even if I change my secondary aspiration back to Knowlege and never drink another love potion.”


Ummm, maybe I should have taken a step back before drinking.


Clovis: I know it's not legally binding, or anything, but I'd like to do an ancient hand-fasting ritual with you. “Oh, Clovis! You're so romantic!”


“Now that the handfasting ritual is complete, let's make this official with a ring.”


“Clovis, I love you so much! I swear, I didn't cheat to get you here, but I have to admit, that I am SO CHUFFED that you won!” … “Umm, it's not, like, incestuous to marry one's own creation, is it?” Clovis: Who cares? Incest has been a major part of royal marriages throughout history. Just look at Rome in the first century A.D.”


“Now, as Royals, we get to finish off the Elixir of Life. It is only fitting that we should have slightly longer lives than the lower classes.” Clovis: Can we drink more, later? “Only if we earn it. I'm actually turning my personal aging on for this challenge. No more immortal simself. You and I can grow old together.”


Clovis: Oh, this is SO MUCH BETTER than an apocalypse! I finally get to lead the life I deserve!


That's all for this challenge, folks! Join us next time for the Royal Wedding, the Rules Proclamation, and the official founding of the classes. Happy Simming! Clovis: I like her so much better than my first wife. “He's so much hotter than Ragnar. What was I thinking with that guy?”

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