Youngdale Royal Queendom Bachelor Challenge Day 3

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Youngdale Royal Queendom Bachelor Challenge:

Youngdale Royal Queendom Bachelor Challenge Chapter 3 You Can't Beat the Chemistry!

A Royal Kingdom Challenge:

A Royal Kingdom Challenge Unscored, just for fun.


As Groop makes his way off the lot, I get the bubbles going in the first hot tub. Five men left today, so there will be two in the second hot tub.


Shawn, Neptunium and Walter won the race, with Clovis and Beat chatting in the second tub. Beat: All this face time is like a wish come true for me. Clovis: Yeah. I'd say “tell me about it,” but I really don't want you to. How about that weather controller, huh?


HEY! Who let Joshua in? He just waltzed right in and joined the second hot tub. And he's a naked hot-tubber, which I would have discovered and enjoyed, had he made it to Day 2. Beat: I'm just so glad to be making all these new friends. Clovis: Yeah, Beat. You're OK, when you're not talking about your face. Joshua: This hot tub is really great for soaking a back that's sore from digging in the garden all day. Wish I could have one.


“No, I don't want any arguments. There is no skiing in Youngdale, and there never will be.” Shawn: But, your majesty! “Look, let's just talk about the weather, OK?”


Everyone: Boring old weather.


“OK, everyone! Time for dinner, and then the chess dates.”


Joshua is not invited to dine, but he doesn't care. Joshua: Oooooh, this is so soothing! “Tell you what, Joshua. I'll be sure to put a hot tub or two in the Royal Court community lot I'm going to build before my wedding. That way, even the poorest in Youngdale will be able to enjoy a soothing soak.” Joshua: Thank you, your majesty!


Time for the chess dates. Clovis gets the first game, because he arrived first. He is a remarkably silent chess player, preferring to focus on his strategy, rather than socializing.


Going around the room clockwise, Beat has the next turn. Beat: Even if I don't become King Consort, I'm just happy meeting the other class founders, and making new friends. “Aww, aren't you sweet, Beat?” Beat: See what I did there? I didn't even mention getting face time! “Right, Beat. Ummmm, good for you.”


He's sweet, but just a little bit creepy. Neptunium: Beat! I can't concentrate with you staring at me like that. :wonders: I wonder if he carries recessive alien skin and eyes, or if it's just the cute bitty nose.


Continuing on clockwise: Shawn: Neppie! I can't concentrate with you staring at me like that!


And finally, Walter has his turn. “Thank boolprop Shawn broke the pattern. I was in danger of being squicked.” Walter: Now you're in danger of being checked-mated. “Dude, you haven't even made your second move, yet.”


And it's bedtime, once again. “Sweet dreams, men!” :sings: “Dream a little dream of me!”


All alone in my lonely hearts bed. Soon. Sooooooon!


In the morning, the household gets ready to go down to breakfast and start the new day. Neptunium, who has not bathed in days, and has a stink cloud, thinks this is a good time to scrub the shower. Scrub it, but not use it. “Neppie, I know you hate baths, but this is a SHOWER.” Neppie: Same principle. Hot tubs are fun, but bathing is not.


Walter brushes his teeth, but what do you want to bet he still comes to breakfast in his pajamas? Walter: I need to have fresh breath, for when we kiss. “That's not until Day 5, remember?” Walter: Well, this toothpaste is really minty. I'm sure my fresh breath will last that long.


Time to take my love potion, and will you look at that? Neppie actually did shower and change! Neptunium: I do not want to gross out my future bride, so I was willing to make the sacrifice, and bathe. Besides, pleasing my queen gives me aspiration points! Shawn: Nope, those are mine.


Shawn: Speaking of mine, I get the first turn for the dates this morning! We go into the library, where we can lock the doors, and have some privacy. Every man will get one “suggestion,” and one “sweet talk.”


“Oh, Shawn, you were the first to crush on me, and I'm crushing right back!”


Neppie: Raowr! My turn! “Lock the door behind you, please. Oh, and thank you very much for getting rid of your stink cloud.” Neppie: What are friends for? And we are friends now, after all.


Walter: So is it my turn, yet? Is it my turn? “How did you get in through that locked door? I just double-checked it, and it's still locked!” Walter: :shrugs: I'm a warlock. I may not be able to cast spells, because of my grilled cheese addiction, but locks have never been an issue for me.


Neppie: I guess it's a good thing Walter isn't crushing on Michelle, yet. He would have been jealous. That last sweet talk was awesome! :Fingerguns!:


:sings: I crush you. You crush me. We're as crushed as crushed can be. Walter: I think the lyrics are ridiculous, but I'm totally into the sentiment. “Great! NEXT!”


“Clovis, looking at you in those familiar pajamas just makes me want to go back and re-read your apocalypse. I really did like playing with you, you know.” Clovis: Well, keep me around, and you can “play” with me, any time you like. “Who's doing the suggesting here? Me or you?”


“Aww, Beat, who can resist that cute bitty nose of yours?” Beat: I like the way you sweet-talk, Michelle. You really know my favorite feature.




Of course, just because things are running smoothly in the library does not mean that the house is trouble-free. Walter and Neptunium are at it, again. Clovis is enjoying the fight, while Shawn, instead of running outside, actively ignores the scuffle, in favor of playing the piano.


“Alright, break it up! It's almost time for the elimination.”


Neptunium: Alright, your majesty. I'll just stop this fight right now, by taking Walter DOWN. :sigh:


“Well, men, another day, another elimination. This race is really close today. The bottom two contenders were off by exactly one point.” Beat: I hope I get to stay! I really like the queen! Neptunium: No chance, Beat. She and I have three whole bolts! You can't beat the chemistry!


“Yeah, I used to think that about chemistry, too, Neppie, before I met Ragnar Rock*. Unfortunately, although you're my friend, you have 89 points, one less than Clovis, although strangely, he is not my friend. Sorry, pal, but you're going to have to leave.” Beat: Oh, happy day! I get to stay! Clovis: Oh, flergle, I'm in last place! That will not do! *Founder of my Alphabetepic Apocalypse – Three bolts!


Shawn Trace – 100/27 – 127 Crush Walter Copperfield – 86/30 – 116 Crush Beat Stone – 74/27 – 101 Crush Clovis Badass – 68/22 – 90 Neptunium Rauta – 59/30 – 89 Friends


“Neptunium Rauta, since you will be founding the first merchant class family, your parting gifts are designed with that in mind. You get the standard newspaper, as well as two snazzy island counters, a counter-top display, a cash register, and a FreeTime DJ booth. You can start a store, or maybe a dance club, or a dance club that sells newspapers. I don't care. I just hope that whatever business you create will be a boon to the community, at large. You also get $75,000 starting funds, and a 4x4 lot. Good luck, Neppie.”


“Also, on your way out, grab one glass of Elixir of Life, to make up for the time you spent here. I'm using my simself power to remove your crush, so there won't be any jealousy or hard feelings at the Royal Wedding. Good luck in your life as a merchant, Neptunium, and don't be a stranger, buddy.”

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