Youngdale Royal Queendom Bachelor Challenge Day 2

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Youngdale Royal Queendom Bachelor Challenge:

Youngdale Royal Queendom Bachelor Challenge Day 2 Too Much Testosterone

A Royal Kingdom Challenge:

A Royal Kingdom Challenge Unscored, just for fun.


Day 2 starts with the hot tub dates. I settle in and enjoy a few minutes peace and quiet, while Joshua finds his own place, and the other men eagerly await the starting signal to begin their race. I want to wait until all of them finish waving goodbye, before I give the signal, but have no interest in waving goodbye, myself. I feel nothing for Joshua, but I'm sure he'll make a fine peasant. With his love of sewing, he'll have something profitable to see him through the winter months, while his farm is dormant.


With the race run, it looks like Shawn, Clovis and Neptunium have the advantage for the day, while Walter, Groop and Beat will be busy befriending each other in the second tub. “Gee, I hope I can get some sleep tonight. I drank two whole cans of Coke today.” Clovis: What's Coke?


Not a single naked hot-tubber? I am disappointed.


Clovis does a good deed and brings up the most innocuous subject in the world. In fact, for the duration of the hot tub date, this is the only subject on which we can all agree.


Neppie: So, when do we get to kiss you? Shawn: “I already asked her that yesterday. “Day 5, Neppie. It's only Day 2, so hold your horses.” Neppie: But I want some love! “Well, I do get to do a flirt with each of you tomorrow morning.”


Shawn: So, about that weather. I am so bored of talking about the weather, but at least we get only positive responses from it. In fact, we have one round of weather chat lasts for an hour without anyone changing subjects.


After hot tubs, I serve some dinner for us all, and most of the men join me. I like this big table, so that everyone can be involved in the conversation. Walter: So, are there going to be job restrictions, based on our class, when this challenge is done? “Yes, of course. I'll announce which classes may take which careers after the wedding. There's a slew of rules to announce.”


Then it's time for a single chat with each man. I have to track them down all over the house. Walter and I have a good conversation about music...


While Clovis and Beat argue about my writing style. Clovis: Beat, do you have any idea how it feels to have this omniscient voice in your head, all the time? Beat: Not really. My player never bothered talking with me. I can't believe I've had so much face time here! WOOOT! Clovis: Your enthusiasm is annoying. Shut up, before I thwack you. I have axes, now.


Beat and I enthuse about the value of a weather controller. Beat: And if I don't win this challenge, I'll still have my own place, and then I'll get my own weather controller, as soon as I can, because it's awesome, and I am so looking forward to all the face time I will have as king consort or founder, and I don't really care which it is, because either way, I am going to have so much face time! Spectral Servant: :sigh: I don't even have a face.


Then it's back outside to tell Clovis about my new make-up. Despite his body language, the conversation goes well. He's just cranky that way.


The conversation with Neptunium, on the other hand, does not go so well. I guess I should stick with the weather, after all.


Shawn and I discuss plans for emergency services in Youngdale, while Walter and Neptunium argue behind him. I'm not sure why they're fighting. Maybe there's just too much testosterone in this house.


Groop thinks fiery thoughts about Joshua as I track him down.


Groop: What do you mean, you can't arrest Joshua? He called me a mendicant! I don't know what that means, but I know I don't like it. There ought to be a law! “Calm down. I'm not going to arrest anyone just for calling someone a name.” Groop: But I don't like it! And you stopped me from killing him. It's not fair.


“Fair, shmair. I don't have the mods for sword fights and guns and poison and murder and carnage, and I don't intend to add them, just so that you can go on a rampage, because you don't like some word. Next time somebody calls you a mendicant, just stick your fingers in your ears and hum.” Groop: But how can Groop do what Groop does best with his fingers in his ears?


“Eh, enough with the arguing, already. Everyone go to bed. Wake-up call at six o'clock.”


Breakfast is a simple affair of gelatin, and once again, almost nobody dressed for it.


I still don't know what Walter and Neppie were arguing about last night, but sleeping on it did not cool Walter's temper, and he tries to strangle Neppie, right there at the breakfast table! “All right, you two. Don't make me move_objects you. You know I'll do it, too, and you'll miss out on courtship time.”


This morning should be simple: One flirt with each man. Since none of them have a crush on me, and they are all in the dining room, I figure it would be easy to rush through it. For fairness' sake, and simplicity, I will do a simple charm for each of them.


And just to make sure we have the best chemistry possible, I chug another love potion.


My charm with Beat goes very well, as we both fulfill a nice want. Meanwhile, Walter and Neppie are poking each other, again.


I decide to charm Neppie next, in order to head off another argument. Walter walks away, and there's no more poking, for the moment, as Neppie responds well to my charm.


Groop, on the other hand, is still ticked off at me, for refusing to arrest Joshua. Even with double-bolts, he doesn't like the charm.


Walter, bless his heart, accepts the charm, and tries to move in for a kiss. “Whoa, cowboy!” I say, as I step back, leaving his lips to brush air.


Shawn responds so well to my charm that I hear the “crush” chimes. I gently hint that he might want to step into the living room for a few minutes, as I finish my rounds. Groop: I will find where Michelle has hidden my swords, and then... “They're deleted, Groop, not hidden. Think of something else. Think of kittens and rainbows.”


Last of all is Clovis. I think he might be a morning person, because he's downright cheerful when I flirt with him.


I figure some nice group interactions would be a good way to spend the rest of the morning, so I head to the TV area, hoping the men would join me in watching the show. Instead, Beat and Clovis get into a game of punch-you, punch-me, and Walter just stands in front of me, staring into space and blocking my view. “Guys, would you shift over about four feet, please?”


Apparently, Neptunium doesn't like the view being blocked by someone staring into space, because he attacks Walter, and the next thing I know, everyone has shifted several feet (Shawn runs all the way outside), while these two kick up some serious dust.


I distract myself from the violence, by singing a quick rendition of “ The Simple Joys of Maidenhood *.” It seemed apropos. And just as I'm hitting my favorite part, the hobby master for science comes to give me a membership card and invitation to the club house. Strange. I don't remember doing anything sciencey. *From the musical, “Camelot.”


After the scuffle, Groop decides to enjoy a video game, while Beat takes advantage of the free time by offering me a backrub. Now that is my kind of autonomous behavior!


This, on the other hand... “KNOCK IT OFF, ALREADY!” It's almost noon, and this is how they choose to spend their valuable courtship time.


Ten minutes later, everyone gathers for the elimination announcement. The newspaper sits ominously in Joshua's previous spot, ready for the loser to use it to find his own place. Clovis: Wanna make a prediction about who leaves today? Beat: I'm not really much into gambling. Clovis: It isn't gambling if you know you're going to win.


“Groop, after last night's chat and this morning's flirt, I guess it's no surprise that you have the lowest relationship score with me. In fact, you managed to actually go negative.” Clovis: Hah! Nailed it! “Let's shake hands and part as friends.” Clovis: Bet he'll fall for that one, too.


BZZZT! Clovis: I should go into the Paranormal career, since I'm so good at this. Or maybe Showbiz. I could make a killing. Shawn: That's good news for the rest of us. But what are our scores?


Shawn Trace – 68/16 – 84 Walter Copperfield – 52/19 – 71 Beat Stone – 45/16 – 61 Clovis Badass – 39/11 – 50 Neptunium Rauta – 30/18 – 48 Groop the Meanderer – -4/-1 – -5


“Your parting gifts, Groop, are a newspaper, Plantophic-C, and satellite, just as they were for Joshua. These are good things for peasant farmers. And you can fill your time in the winter getting your hands dirty at the pottery table and easel, which will give you something else to sell at your home business. Enjoy.” Groop: I would rather have my swords and some cheese dip. “Yeah, well, losers don't get the best gifts. Bye!”


Groop: Will someone please help me read these housing ads? All I see are things that say “no fishing.”

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