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Online Video Clip Repositories: Expanding OER Content for Course Instruction in the Social Sciences :

Online Video Clip Repositories: Expanding OER Content for Course Instruction in the Social Sciences Anna CohenMiller and Michael V. Miller [email protected] Presented at the Sloan-C 6 th Annual International Symposium, Emerging Technologies for Online Learning, Las Vegas, NV, April 10, 2013. Click on audio icon for commentary for each slide.

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Defined: Collections of video clips relevant to teaching of learning content in given subject matter, freely available online. Goals: aggregate video clips promote use among instructors promote collection expansion OER Online Video Clip Repositories


ubiquity of online video news sites / tv programming / video hosting sites indeed too much need for locating, filtering, and aggregating growing interest in using online video today’s student available technology alternative to talking-head instructor Background

Locating OVCRs:

Locating OVCRs procedures key word search MERLOT by academic discipline

Excluded from Analysis:

Excluded from Analysis inactive sites non social-science sites non higher-education sites PBS Learning Media sites with pay-wall INTELICOM Online password protected sites / select-user populations courses / lectures / MOOCs Academic Earth edX Coursera

Excluded from Analysis:

Excluded from Analysis tutorials Khan Academy “intelligent interviews” Big Think Edge FORA.tv documentary sites SnagFilms FRONTLINE “ special focus sites” class-relevant quality videos with narrow focus FUTURESTATES The Flip Side Why Poverty?

OER / OVCRs Located:

OER / OVCRs Located total N = 28 multidisciplinary N = 7 wide discipline representation anthropology / economics / history / psychology / sociology psychology = 8 economics = 6 political science = 0

Analysis: Two-Stages :

Analysis: Two-Stages distilled key features from the most active OVCR sites “Ideal Type”

OVCR Ideal Type :

OVCR Ideal Type Selection Application Interaction Transmission Contribution Essential Identification Preparation Aggregation Desired

1. Identification:

1. Identification massive amount of video available online developers filter through universe and identify content to be included on site for OVCR sites not producing own content

PowerPoint Presentation:

“Social Inequality” The Sociological Cinema 100+ YouTube 69,000 2,000

1. Identification:

1. Identification specifies topics to be produced or edited for OVCR inclusion for OVCR sites producing own content (or editing third-party content)

2. Preparation:

2. Preparation activity of making or transforming content into curatable form

2. Preparation:

produced linked edited The Economics of Seinfeld Econ 1-0-What? referred TV for Economics 2. Preparation activity of making or transforming content into curatable form LearnLiberty.org

3. Aggregation:

3. Aggregation makes video content available via online site ranges from: elaborate website (see LearnLiberty.org ) to video uploaded to YouTube (see ayabaya’s channel ) or made available via direct hypertext link (see Free Online Anthropology )

4. Selection:

4. Selection facilitates clip choice for users by relevant qualification search topic or category tag clip length recency popularity

5. Application:

5. Application identifies conceptual relevance for users provides clip summary specifies how clip can be employed for learning provides collateral resources lesson plans links to supporting videos, articles, websites Mindgate Media – Explaining Stonehenge The Sociological Cinema – Sexual Objectification

6. Interaction:

6. Interaction promotes user engagement by providing opportunity for communication with users e-mail comments rating system Facebook The Sociological Cinema

7. Transmission:

7. Transmission facilitates awareness of video content via social media vehicles RSS Google+ Facebook Twitter Pinterest YouTube newsletter blog

8. Contribution:

8. Contribution allows users to suggest video clips for inclusion encourages users to contribute information identifies contributors on site The Sociological Cinema

Analysis: Two-Stages :

Analysis: Two-Stages close inspection of most active OVCR sites to distill key features of these sites 2. Systematic Review review of all sites to determine key-feature inclusion and generate basic information “Ideal Type”

Table 1. SOCIAL SCIENCE OVCRs by key features:

DISCIPLINE OVCR Site Year Content Developer ID Clip Source Selection Learning Application Interaction Trans. Vehicles User Contribut . ANTHRO ayabaya’s channel 2006 1,200 video clips covering diverse anthro . topics ( esp , social anthropology) UK Instructor Alan Mcfarlane YouTube link to personal website produced by developer playlists brief summary transcript (excellent 7 clip series on digital tech in academia) comments “like” several none ANTHRO Free Online Anthropology 2009 video clips from docs, brief lecture launch clips Instructor Carol Laman Connexions URL links to clips only (no display), some produced by instructor categories none “like” several none ANTHRO Archaeology Channel 2000 doc clips R. Pettigrew Archaeological Legacy Institute linked (some downloaded, some produced) video guide map summary e-mail (some offer video producer e-mail address) Facebook YouTube numerous others propose content ECONOMICS Econ 1-0-What ? 2011 clips from pop culture media and lecture clips Instructor Dirk Mateer most linked, produced lecture clips (also available on YouTube) tags summary class usage (extensive teaching instructions ) e-mail comments rating Facebook several YouTube suggestion ECONOMICS Economics of Seinfeld 2010 clips from TV series Instructors L Ghent A Grant G Lesica bios edited from Seinfeld show search index of concepts summary e-mail comments blog none none ECONOMICS EconStories 2010 30 “mini docs” and music videos EconStore Instructor Russ Roberts GMU John Papola Emergent Order produced for site search summary e-mail comments Facebook YouTube RSS none Table 1. SOCIAL SCIENCE OVCRs by key features

Table 1. SOCIAL SCIENCE OVCRs by key features:

DISCIPLINE OVCR Site Year Content Developer ID Clip Source Selection Learning Application Interaction Trans. Vehicles User Contribut . ECONOMICS Freakonomics 2011 doc / TV clips (own shows) audio podcasts Instructor Steven Levitt Journalist Stephen Dubner U of Chicago edited from own documentary and TV shows search category none e-mail, experiment participation , blog numerous newsletter none ECONOMICS LearnLiberty 2011 222 video clips on assorted economic issues from libertarian POV about us Institute for Humane Studies CG Koch George Mason U produced (animated video combined with talking head) search, category, tags, recency extensive summary (also see: curriculum guides ( example ) textbook guides (example) Learn Liberty Academy ) “feedback” clip comment at YouTube , Facebook , blog numerous newsletter none ECONOMICS Stossel in the Classroom 2000 TV clips DVD clips (most include Stossel ) FOX News commentator John Stossel Center for Independent Thought most edited from Stossel TV shows. (some inked from other TV newscasts) category brief summary, clip questions, teacher resources e-mail user suggestions Facebook blog numerous none HISTORY and others Crash Course ! 2006 128 mini-lectures combining talking head with animation musician / writer Hank Green writer John Green produced & housed on YouTube categorized by course summaries transcripts comments user rating numerous none HISTORY Have Fun with History 2009 clips from news stories, docs, and movies re US history Chris Grahl contact accepts advertising linked (some hosted on site) search category brief summary e-mail Facebook RSS suggestions HISTORY HipHughes History 2007 +200 short lectures (10-20 mins ) on various history topics. teacher Keith Hughes gofundme produced & housed on YouTube category brief summary e-mail comments Blog Facebook none Table 1. SOCIAL SCIENCE OVCRs by key features

Table 1. SOCIAL SCIENCE OVCRs by key features:

DISCIPLINE OVCR Site Year Content Developer ID Clip Source Selection Learning Application Interaction Trans. Vehicles User Contribut . PSYCHOLOGY Clips for Class 2009 Short news, TV program, movie clips applicable to diverse psych topics. Cengage instructor Laura Freberg linked categories tags summaries questions e-mail user comments none suggestions PSYCHOLOGY goCognitive 2008 177 clips from interviewers with neuro scientists (also various learning objects) Instructor Steffen Werner NSF and others produced search, categories, tags, by scientist clip summary e-mail, clip comment at YouTube site numerous “get involved“ student grants for video production PSYCHOLOGY Personality Pedagogy 2006 assorted clips on various psych topics (also much other media content) Instructor Marianne Miserandino Association for Psychological Science URL links to clips only (no display) title only clip summary extensive blog newsletter none contributions invited PSYCHOLOGY Psy -World +70 short clips on various psychiatry topics Mike Briley Contact Pierre Fabre linked title only none none RSS “suggest a link” PSYCHOLOGY The Psych Files 2007 audio podcast format, but includes many video clips on related psych topics former psych instructor Michael Britt (about) advertising invited produced (some linked) search, categories, recency , popularity clip summary, extensive links to related resources comments user rating numerous contact invitation Table 1. SOCIAL SCIENCE OVCRs by key features

Table 1. SOCIAL SCIENCE OVCRs by key features:

DISCIPLINE OVCR Site Year Content Developer ID Clip Source Selection Learning Application Interaction Trans. Vehicles User Contribut . PSYCHOLOGY Psychology of Seinfeld 2012 32+ clips from Seinfeld TV series no identity “inspired by The Economics of Seinfeld” edited search, category, tags brief summary, learning interpretation, questions included for some clips none none none PSYCHOLOGY Psychotube 2008 200+ clips across wide range of psych topics none provided e-mail contact linked category, tags; recency , popularity summary, context provided from web sources, related videos comments Facebook many none PSYCHOLOGY “Being Human” (and others) Ri Channel 2011 85+ clips on bio psych and perception from various sites (largely covers other sciences) Royal Institution of Great Britain Advisory Group linked search, theme , recency , popularity, length summary, blog related links e-mail Facebook many newsletter feedback SOCIOLOGY The Sociological Cinema 2010 340+ clips from multiple sources relevant to most sociology subfields Instructors Lester Andrist Valerie Chepp Paul Dean U of Maryland linked search, recency , length, tags summary, class usage, blog assignments e-mail comments user submission Facebook many submission instructions (+ encourage) SOCIOLOGY Video Clips for Online Learning 2004 docs and clips re religion and religious behavior Instructor Laura Shulman URL links to clips only (no display) category none e-mail none none Table 1. SOCIAL SCIENCE OVCRs by key features

Table 1. MULTIDISCIPLINARY OVCRs by key features:

DISCIPLINE OVCR Site Year Content Developer ID Clip Source Selection Learning Application Interaction Trans. Vehicles User Contribut . CROSS- CURR Critical Commons 2008 extensive clips from docs, popular movies, and TV—coupled with critical commentary, see about instructor Steve Anderson contact USC & MacArthur Foundation most linked extensive (genre, lecture resources, tags, search) summary, some with extensive commentary (also questions within summary) comments Facebook Twitter invited (educators) CROSS- CURR EdMediaShare 2011 clips relevant to multiple soc-sci disciplines Karla Youngs JISC Digital Media UK linked produced user guide tags search box summary, class usage based on: dial-E framework comments, user rating Facebook Twitter Scoop.it invited (must explain how clip used in class ) CROSS- CURR EduTube 2008 extensive cross-curriculum clips Frank van Cappelle Australia linked downloadable extensive ( category, length, type language, ed. level, titles, tags, search box, visual site map ) teaser summary Edutube index, comments, user rating RSS invited (anyone - must link to a supported website) CROSS- CURR Mindgate Media 2009 extensive clips re various soc-sci disciplines from varied sources Lisa Lewin about contact corporation linked extensive (subjects , type , tags, search box) summary, class usage, related readings comments, user rating Facebook Twitter LinkedIn "suggest media" (must include teaching relevance for instructors and students) CROSS- CURR resourcd.com 2013 clips across multiple disciplines (sociology & psychology = most developed) Jamie Davies bio and email Mark Holah general questions UK linked tags search box short summary comments, user rating, Facebook most invited CROSS-CURR ScienceStage (see also smartymee ) 2008 aggregation of massive amount of clips across curriculum (many not directly applicable to disciplines) contact advertising Germany linked search discipline none (some summaries provided, but directly quoted from source site) “feedback” most invited Table 1. MULTIDISCIPLINARY OVCRs by key features

Table 1. MULTIDISCIPLINARY OVCRs by key features:

DISCIPLINE OVCR Site Year Content Developer ID Clip Source Selection Learning Application Interaction Trans. Vehicles User Contribut . CROSS- CURR TED-Ed 2012 clips from multiple disciplines taken from TED.com presentations and YouTube clips contact TED linked and “flipped” (edited from portions of original TED programs) search box subject series summary class usage questions ( most with multiple choice answer) discussion prompts comments, user rating, blog most invited ( must include up to 3min lesson script) Table 1. MULTIDISCIPLINARY OVCRs by key features

General Findings:

General Findings recent development +50 % - 2009 / +90% - 2006 OVCR content variability in forms and features developer identity mainly instructors some help from colleges foundation assistance for Economics sites half of multidiscipline sites developed outside U.S.

Findings re Ideal Type:

Findings re Ideal Type clip source most use links to clips streamed elsewhere (N=20) most economics sites produced or edited video content selection almost all at least group clips by category most employ multiple selection aids application re learning most provide clip summaries a few provide extensive learning applications

Findings re Ideal Type:

interactivity almost all provide for user communication many allow users to enter comments per clips some employ user-rating schemes transmission almost all have assortment of social media links user contribution almost all sites using linked video enlist user contributions one site producing content also solicits user production goCognitive Findings re Ideal Type

Future OVCR Development:

Future OVCR Development developing community of users quality clips in significant quantity relevant learning applications viable interaction vehicles focused interest (specific discipline)

Future OVCR Development:

developing a cadre of contributors how to encourage potential contributors? instructors / students Future OVCR Development

PowerPoint Presentation:

Selected References Re Conservative Economics Sites: Gabbard , D. & Atkinson, T. (2007). Stossel in America: A case study of the neoliberal/neoconservative assault on public schools and teachers. Teacher Education Quarterly . Spring. Pp. 85-109. http://www.teqjournal.org/Back%20Issues/Volume%2034/VOL34%20PDFS/34_2/11gabbard-34_2.pdf Mastio , D. (2000). Prime-time propagandist. Salon . (Feb 25). http://www.salon.com/2000/02/25/stossel/ Q&A with Russ Roberts and John Papolo , C-Span , 2011. http :// www.c-spanvideo.org/program/299576-1 The lies of LearnLiberty.org. (2012). VectorPress . August 1. http:// vectorpress.blogspot.com/2012/08/the-lies-of-learnlibertyorg.html Zaitchik , A. (2013). The right-wing money putting John Stossel in school classrooms. Media Matters . (Feb 25). http://mediamatters.org/blog/2013/02/25/the-right-wing-money-putting-john-stossel-in-sc/192777

PowerPoint Presentation:

Selected References Re TED-Ed: DeSantis , N. (2012). New TED-Ed site turns YouTube Videos into ‘flipped’ lessons. The Chronicle of Higher Education , April 25. http://chronicle.com/blogs/wiredcampus/new-ted-ed-site-turns-youtube-videos-into-flipped-lessons/36109 Re The Sociological Cinema: Caldeira , C. & Ferrante , J. (2012). The Sociological Cinema: Teaching and learning sociology through video. Teaching Sociology , vol 40, no. 2. http://tso.sagepub.com/content/40/2/191.extract Interview with Sociological Cinema. ( n.d. ). In Norton Sociology blog . http ://www.scribd.com/doc/74072159/Sociological-Cinema-Interview Madhu , M. (2012). Now sociology classes find new vistas in YouTube and popular culture. The Sunday Guardian . http ://www.sunday-guardian.com/young-restless/now-sociology-classes-find-new-vistas-in-youtube-a-pop-culture Parra , J. (2012). Video: Sociology Cinema gathers video clips for lecture topics. Global Voices . http://globalvoicesonline.org/2012/02/06/video-sociology-cinema-gathers-videoclips-for-lecture-topics/

PowerPoint Presentation:

General Science Sites AsapSCIENCE Backstage Science Garland Science My- GSEScience Myles Power NBC Learn (some free) Ri Channel ScienCentral SciShow SciVee SmarterEveryDay Stated Clearly Steve Spangler Channels SpanglerScienceTV SteveSpanglerScience TheSpanglerEffect Test Tube Veritasium Vsauce also see Open Culture: 125 Great Science Videos Astronomy Sites Deep Sky Videos Sixty Symbols Biology Sites ARKive.org Bozeman Biology Cells Alive! Crash Course! Goldie’s Room NOVA: evolution videos Tree of Life Chemistry Site Periodic Table of Videos Math Sites Mathapptician Mathematics in Movies Numberphile Real World Investigations For Physics & Math Vi Hart Physics Sites AsapSCIENCE Doane Physics Engineering and Physics High-Speed (super slow motion) Videos Clips Minute Physics Physclips Physics Central Physics Movies Physics of Roadrunner Real World Investigations For Physics & Math Sixty Symbols WFU Physics Demo Whys Guy Appendix 1. STEM OVCRs* *Not all of these sites have been assessed yet for college-level course relevance.

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