Michael Quinn Kaiser - What Is Cross Functional Leadership


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Michael Quinn Kaiser : What Is Cross Functional Leadership?


Managing a team in the workplace, as Michael Quinn Kaiser, formerly of Kaiser, knows, requires the ability to not only bring a diverse group of individuals together toward the achievement of a common goal, but to ensure individuals of varied interests, departments and skill levels have the resources and collaborative environment needed to perform as a group.


A proven management executive and consultant, Michael Quinn Kaiser former Kaiser professional, knows the importance of good cross-functional leadership; something essential to workplace collaboration, productivity and, ultimately, the success of the organization.


Michael Quinn Kaiser understands the challenges of leading a cross-functional team, as competing interests and goals of different departments and individuals have the potential to derail a project or objective at any given moment. Skilled cross-functional team leaders understand this potential threat, and are able to mitigate its potential impact by cultivating a collaborative environment that inspires and utilizes the talents of individuals of various disciplines to reach a cohesive objective.


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