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Michael Quinn Kaiser formerly the Director of Risk Management for Kaiser Permanente. Michael Quinn Kaiser is a seasoned risk management consultant with decades of experience. Michael Quinn Kaiser enjoys volunteering when he’s away from work, but he’s also an avid golfer who believes in the benefits of his sport.


Though Michael Quinn Kaiser no longer works with Kaiser Permanente and instead runs 2MQ Risk Management Consulting, Michael Quinn Kaiser continues to make time to golf, and with good reason. Wondering what the allure is? The benefits below are just some of many:


• Mental and Physical Health Golfing isn’t just a good physical workout – it also challenges your mind and provides friendly competition. From burning calories and dropping pounds to improving your hand-eye coordination, golfing can help you feel younger with every game.


• Networking Often, professionals like Michael Quinn, whether they work for themselves or with an organization like Kaiser Permanente, use golfing to network. Many business deals are closed on the golf course, and you’ll frequently have the potential to make valuable professional connections with people who could be your next business partner, or even your new best friend.


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