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YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THIS PRESENTATION HERE: SLIDESHARE LINK: Thank you Wang Yidong (born 1955) had served as a professional painter of Beijing Painting Academy. And he is currently a member of the Arts Council of Beijing Painting Academy, vice chairman of Beijing Artists Association, councilor of the Chinese Artists Association, and a member of the Oil Painting Committee of the Chinese Artists Association. He once held solo exhibitions in New York, USA, Hong Kong, Macau, Germany and other countries. His works have won numerous awards in national art exhibitions


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Wang Yidong ( 王沂东 ) born in 1955, is one of the representatives of neo-classical oil paintings in contemporary China. He was graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in early 80s’ and is a professor in the same academy now. Wang Yidong has mastered the skills of classical oil painting and is good at adapting them to his own creation. Born in Shan Dong province, he has produced a lot of paintings depicting the lives of peasants in Yimeng Mountain, Shandong province. Wang Yidong likes to take snow as backgrounds of his paintings. It is because snow is the symbol of purification so that his paintings would be “purified”.

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Uygur girl, 2012

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