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How to Choose Authentic Photos How using authentic relevant imagery helps marketers grow faster. + Micah Cohen Director of Growth Twenty20

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Authenticity is vital for your brand.

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Consumers buy from brands that feel authentic. Communicate honestly Don’t let customers down Always act with integrity Have brand recognition Be more appealing/exciting 
 than competitors Be popular among my peers 0 25 50 75 100 It’s important for brands to: Buyer preferences based on a survey of 12000 across 12 markets | November 2014 MarketingCharts.com | Data Source: Cohn Wolfe

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New York Times For example a study from Cornell University showed that when menu items had geographically or culturally influenced names i.e. traditional Cajun beans or Grandma’s chili patrons ordered them more and said they tasted better. Several studies have shown that authenticity - real or perceived - can directly affect sales. Authenticity affects your bottom line.

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New York Times Photos are the way to express your authenticity. 1.8 billion photos are shared everyday on Snapchat Facebook Instagram WhatsApp. As the major method of judging info on the web and social media photos are the way to express your authenticity.

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How to quickly spot authentic photos • Technical execution • Trace of humanness • Relatable

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Good technical execution Exposure The amount of light that enters the camera through the lens. 1 Focus Composition How sharp or blurry the subject you are photographing is. Where in the frame of the photo you place your subject.

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Exposure Check. Focus Check. Composition Check. rule of thirds approved We’ve all seen photographs that nail basic technique:

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But don’t obsess over quality.

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Tell a human story. 2

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Just because a photo nails the technical component doesn’t mean it’s effective.

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What makes the difference The human element.

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Exposure Overexposed on the face. Focus Soft. Composition A bit off. This photo is technically imperfect: But emotionally It feels authentic…like looking over at a friend sitting in a coffeeshop.

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Which tells the most human story Test: side by side comparison A B C

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Photos that connect to your customer’s lives always win. A B C Trace of humanness

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Photos must be relevant and relatable to your audience. Be Relevant. 3

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Imagine your customer’s world. Where do they live 
 What is around them 
 What products are familiar to them 
 What is the weather like there Playing a modified game of whodunit is the best way to learn the nuances of your consumers’ media consumption habits so that you can fit right in. “Who is my audience”

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If so you’d fail with this ad. Your consumers aren’t riding in taxis. They’re calling Uber Lyft on their smartphones and renting rooms off Airbnb while Snapchatting their friends about what they just saw on Instagram. Targeting millenials

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Be relatable to your audience’s style. People crave consuming user- generated content on social media. Use real-world photos in your marketing • Take photos of employees and activities around your office • License authentic UGC from real-world photographers

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• Be technically good KEY TAKEAWAYS • Have at trace of humanness • Be relatable Micah Cohen Director of Growth Twenty20 micahtwenty20.com An authentic photo should: