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If you are already in the construction business, then you must have heard of something called a geotextile. Thus, they require thorough and careful inspections, such as the ones conducted at Metslab for the best and accurate Geotextile testing in Dubai, get in touch with Metslab for the best services.


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ABOUT US • Middle East Testing Services METS - L.L.C was established in 2018 by a group of technocrat researchers and leading test service professionals and educationists who have over 15 years of experience in the area of scientific research and development administration manufacturing and marketing with an objective to provide excellence in testing services. • METS LLC was designed to deliver the foremost analytical services that area unit the very best quality realizable correct and timely and most trusty testing partner within the world.

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LABORATORY TESTING SERVICES • Consumer Product Testing • Cosmetic Testing • Soil and Water • Halal Testing • Asbestos testing • Food and Agricultural Testing • Health Safety testing • Paint Testing

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GEO TEXTILE TESTING • If you are just starting and have not heard or known of a geotextile then it is better you do some homework. Geotextile is an integral part of the construction business. Same way geotextile testing too is crucial. • As the material is meant to serve more than a few purposes it becomes essential to have it appropriately tested before utilizing it. Therefore before getting started with geotextile you must first understand Geotextile testing and what it has to offer.

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APPLICATIONS OF GEOTEXTILE • Improving airport roads paved and unpaved • To support landfills • To stop seeping through the soil • To help control floods • To create recreational establishments • To help improve the land for construction

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FACTORS THAT GEOTEXTILE TESTING • To test the permeability of a geotextile fabric • Determining the tear strength of any given geotextile material • To understand the differences between two or more geotextile materials and compare them on various fronts • To assess the capability of geotextile for its ability for long term flow • To check drainage characteristics of a geotextile cloth

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FACTORS THAT GEOTEXTILE TESTING • For investigating the porous characteristics of any given geotextile fabric • For investigating the water permeability of any geotextile fabric and checking whether they are up to the mark or not • For determining inspecting and measuring the thickness of any given geotextile material to the accuracy of 0.001 mm to 25 mm.

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CONTACT US ADDRESS Exhibition- Showroom No.4 Jurf Industrial Zone 1Ajman UAE PH 067445538 0589505070 Email infometslab.com

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