Use Modular Designs and other lightweight forms for building construct

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Modular Designs for building construction increasing day by day because they are easy to assemble different modules and sections. For more information Read this PDF.


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Modular Designs and Other Lightweight Forms Are Mostly Used For Building Construction In Nigeria The uses of modular design for building construction are increasing day by day. Anyone can take benefits of off-site prefabrication through assemble different modules or sections. Modular designs structures are much far better for steel because modular buildings are prefabricated buildings that are made from many repeated modular sections. So firstly many sections modules are constructed away from the building site. And when construction of section completes then it is delivered to the intended site for installation of all modules. The final finished modules or sections then transported by commercial trucks to a construction site where they are usually assembled by a professional builder. 80 of the construction is completed already when the modules finally deliver at the site only installation is usually remaining for further process. The process of Installation

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of the prefabricated modules is complete only when it is delivered on-site. The process of joining all different modules together using inter-module connections is known as inter-connections. With the help of interconnections of all modules the overall construction of steel structure building completes. The main sectors of application of modular construction of buildings are: • In Private housing • In Social housing

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• In Apartments and mixed-use buildings • In Educational sector for student residences • In Keyworker accommodation and sheltered housing • In Public sector buildings for examples prisons and MoD buildings • In the Health sector buildings • In Hotels construction The key benefits of modular Design Nigeria are as follows: • Modular construction building is in trends nowadays because of its beneficial characteristics: • It is more Economical because repetitive manufacture is possible through it. • Construction is usually completed at Faster Speed. • High level of quality control system. • Minimum disruption to the locality. • It is Suitable to use in building renovation projects such as roof-top extensions. • It is better for larger projects. • Adaptability for future extensions because it of its recyclability nature

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The types of modules which are used in the design of buildings using either fully modular construction or mixed forms of steel construction are as follows: • 4-sided modules • Partially open-sided modules • Open-sided corner supported modules • Modules supported by a primary structural frame • Non-load bearing modules • Mixed modules and planar floor cassettes • Special stair or lift modules. Other types of modules which are used in the design of buildings are as follows: 1. Stair module Form of construction 2. Non-load bearing modules So if you want to construct a prefabricated building from steel. Metal Berg Manufacturing Company for steel is one of the best companies for Modular Designs Nigeria. It is a member of Saba Steel Industrial Nigeria Limited. They are well specialized in all steel fabrication and construction. The main products they offer

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to their customers from the manufacturing of steel are PEB Pre- engineered Buildings. So for information about the company and to make an appointment check the company website or you can call on company number. MetalBerg Manufacturing Limited Email-id: Phone NO. : +234 8030442676 Website:

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