How To Set Up Developer Option in Your Android

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How To Set Up Developer Option in Your Android Screen Pinning Developers should know You can become a developer on Android Phone It offers the variety of options to do on your phone. For this you have to enable the Developer Option in your setting. The given below pictures will illustrate the process.  Go to “Settings” and from setting select the “About phone.” Click on the build number seven times. The build number is highlighted in green.  The “Developer options” will be enabled in the settings under “System menu.” Screen Pinning: Are you worrying if someone is snooping your phone Every one of us suffers from this especially our friends love to know what we are doing in our personal lives. They are ready to spill the beans. However the fun sometime may become an embarrassment for you. So next time use the power of Screen pinning given in your Android. Don’t worry I will explain below to set up screen pinning in your phone.  First you go to Settings then select Security.

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 After clicking on the Security a menu will open select the screen pinning option as shown in the picture. Initially the screen pinning is off in your Android.  Once you click the Screen Pinning following dialog will box will appears. Read the message carefully.  Now switch on the Screen pinning. It will be shown as given in the figure. Your Screen Pinning is on.  Now open any App or go to the main screen. Select the overview button. It is in the square shape. Now click the pin button as shown in the picture.  Your screen will be pinned. Now you can give your phone safely to others. To remove Screen pinning click on the Back button triangle shape and Overview button square shape simultaneously. These are the best-hidden android features. Once you open them you are on cloud nine. The reason is they are not the end. You will love to explore them. It is like a Pandora box. There are many new features hidden in them. However keep in mind these features are not for everyone. Before taking any risk you should aware of the game rules. There is a difference between finding the mountain and climbing it. In this article you have been shown the path to unlock the hidden features of Android. Some are easy. But be aware while playing with Developer Options. Learn Android Training in chennai at metaforum Technologies