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Poster Research:

Ancillary Task 2 Poster Research

What Must A Poster Include?:

What Must A Poster Include? A poster will normally include all of the following... Image- A main image of several images to give an idea of the film and to attract audiences attention. There will usually be a close of the main or main characters. Title and Stars- The title of the movie will always be the largest writing to ensure people remember and make it stand out. Key cast members will also feature, especially if they are well known popular actors and actresses. Tagline- This is a teaser to draw people in. A memorable tagline can dramatically increase audience appeal. Additional credits- A poster will normally include people essential to making the film, like the director, producer and composer, as well as the film company. Additional Details- A movie rating and release date is also normally included.

Les Miserables. :

Les Miserables. This poster is very plain and simple with a eye catching, iconic image from the movie. The young girl looks extremely innocent and isolated but also very dark and troubled. Her piercing blue eyes contrast this and cause a eye contact effect with the viewer. Full of emotion this image sets the story and attracts it to its audience, accompanied by the tagline ‘Fight, Dream, Hope, Love’

Perfume. :

Perfume. The colour contrast of black and red immediately suggests love and passion but also danger and death. The image of the women is not clear, it is a dark silhouette which creates mystery and helps attract the audience. White writing in a sharp front contrast the black, shows purity. ‘The story of a murder’ this tagline tells us instantly what the movie as about but why and how is the question left in a viewers mind? This encourages people to see the movie.

Sleeping With The Enemy.:

Sleeping With The Enemy. This poster was a very inspiring piece that actually contributed massively to my final poster idea. With similarities in the storyline i thought it was vital to research the poster. I really liked the faces overlapping to show the main to characters are so closely connected. However the black silhouette suggests a distance and mystery behind the characters. The black, white and red colour scheme is bold to catch attention and also portraits love, hate, passion, danger and mystery; all of which the story involves.