Four Pointers To Protect Your Eyes From Computer Vision Syndrome

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Four Pointers To Protect Your Eyes From Computer Vision Syndrome In today's generation, everyone seemed to enjoy spending endless hours on their computers, laptops, and smartphones without thinking about its adverse effects. If you usually use your computer for long periods of time, it is important that you know and observe the four basic pointers in order to get rid of computer vision syndrome. If you are fond of using your smartphones or working in front of a computer for long periods of time and on a regular basis, you need to learn about and understand computer vision syndrome in order to be able to protect yourself, especially your eyes, against its harmful effects. Keeping your sight focused on the computer or on your mobile phone screen for hours without taking short breaks or without giving your eyes even a minute to take a rest can be harmful to your eyes. It can cause periodical blurred vision, red eyes, headaches, burning eyes, and other vision-related problems.


Whether you are currently experiencing early signs and symptoms of computer vision syndrome or you are looking for ways to protect your eyes against digital eye strain, you will surely benefit from the four optometrist pointers illustrated below. Avoid wearing contact lenses when working on the computer If you are set to work on the computer for a long period of time, you should avoid wearing contact lenses. If you really need to work with your prescription lens, the optometrist recommends that you use eyeglasses instead of contact lenses. Eyeglasses are safer for the eyes. Blink once in a while No matter how focused you are in your work, you should not forget to blink regularly. This will help you avoid getting dry eyes. It also helps to use artificial tears whenever your eyes start drying up.

Give your Eyes a Rest:

Give your Eyes a Rest Your eyes need to take a rest. Give the rest that your eyes deserve by taking at least a five minutes break every 30 minutes of computer use. According to the optometrists, this time frame is non-negotiable and you must religiously do this if you want to steer away from computer vision syndrome. You can close your eyes for five minutes or look at other things around you. If possible take a few minutes to walk around the room. This is not only beneficial for your eyes but also for your entire body. Proper positioning for your computer You should not work too near or too far from the computer. The recommended distance between your eyes and your computer screen is between 40 and 100 cm or 20 and 40 inches.


Also, you need to position your computer monitor directly in front of you and within your eye level. It should allow you to work in an upright position without the need for you to tilt your head upward or downward. If your computer has no built-in filter, you need to invest in a special screen to minimize glare, which is one of the main causes of eyestrain. Regardless of your gender and age, you are likely to experience the signs and symptoms of computer vision syndrome if you are regularly using your smartphones and computer for hours. Aside from the four pointers above, it is also important that you get your eyes checked by a professional eye doctor at least once a year to make sure they are healthy.


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