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Find the unique collection of holy art in Jerusalem of the most popular Israel artists at Menucha Page Fine Art. Menucha Page’s Jerusalem artwork has been inspired both by the beauty of the Holy City itself, by the natural beauty G-d has created. To get more details, visit: Call on: 972 525636842


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Slide 1: Welcome To Menucha Page Fine Art Jewish Contemporary Art with Ancient Keynotes

Slide 2: About Us Menucha believes we should stand up for what is right, even when that is not always popular or simple to do. After making Aliyah to Israel, she renovated an abandoned historic preservation structure in Jerusalem that had been built by Jewish laborers a century-and-a-half before in the heart of the historic Jerusalem neighborhood of Nachlaot near the city’s Mahaneh Yehuda Market.

Slide 3: Our Process The goal is to create the perfect blend of techniques, media, and colors in the artwork to bring out the underlying meaning of the piece as well as to fit the space in which the piece is designed to complement. Working out of her studio in Jerusalem, Israeli, Menucha spends many long hours planning and executing her unique Jewishly rooted and inspired artwork.

Slide 4: Commissioned Work For commissioned work, Menucha tries to get into the head of the person commissioning the work, speaking about the vision for the piece, as well as examining the space in which the piece is to be displayed, and asking very concrete specific questions about color scheme, materials used, and the underlying theme of the piece, whether Torah art or abstract art.

Slide 5: Get in Touch Address Shilo St 54, Jerusalem , Israel 9450553 Call: 972 525636842 E-mail:[email protected]

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