Know All About the Mentors and Mentorship Programs for Adult


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Get a quintessential guide on significant Mentorship programs for adults with this PPT. Know the crucial aspects regarding programs and get to be updated with the significant fact. Read the PPT.


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Know All About the Mentors And Mentorship Programs For Adult

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What are the Mentoring P rograms? The mentoring programs for adults serve the following broad purposes: Personal development mentoring: It supports to mentor youth during times of personal or social stress and gives guidance for decision making. Educational or academic mentoring: It helps mentored youth improve their overall academic achievement. Career mentoring: It assists to mentor youth develop the essential skills to enter or continue a career path.

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What Tasks Performed by a Professional Mentor ? A well-experienced and professional mentor always come up with the best mentorship programs for adults and performs the following task for them: • Professional planning • Mentors dispense wisdom • Offers direction • Life plans • Goals: Short term as well as Long term

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What are the Benefits of Mentoring Programs ? •Unique fulfillment of assisting guide a younger person towards obtaining their objectives and making their dreams a part of their realities •Opportunity network and connect with professionals and university personnel to achieve own career goals •Get experience with communication •Building of leadership and professional skills •Offers reflection towards own dreams and goals

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