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Menopause Pro is a community helps to sharing important information of menopausal and health.


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Don’t let menopause ruin your life - Menopause Pro From being a self-loving teen-ager to a meek emotionally drained mom and wife a womans life takes several twists and turns. Life after menopause is a life dreaded by most women You might have been the most popular girl in your high school but with years of not giving enough time to yourself looking after your husband and sending your kids to school and then to college you have drained your energy to the minimum level. Years of working 24/7 both at the office and at home has taken a toll on your health. Most women complain about various health symptoms as they reach in their fifties. When hormones are playing with you Menopause is surely a difficult time for most women. I have seen women complain about heavy flow which makes it difficult to stay outdoors for long. Hot flashes is another symptom which causes your body to burn uncontrollably. You might feel you are being baked I have also known most polite women to have lost their temper. Once I was at a restaurant and a woman was yelling at a waiter because the food didn’t have required salt. It made me wonder what’s wrong with this woman. Then as I ate my pie on another table I overheard her husband saying something about menopause. Being a curious person I immediately searched Google about the symptoms and I got to know that during this devil phase that women go through they tend to have abnormal hormonal changes in their bodies which makes them short tempered and incapable of being in control of emotions. Life after menopause is sure not a cake walk but it can be dealt with patience and self-love.

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Menopause and marriage While I am talking about how menopause affects you personally I cannot skip how it affects your marriage. Menopause and marriage need to be dealt with together. During menopause support from your husband is beneficial. Health problems are more easily dealt with if there is someone to love and care for you. It seems discomforting and embarrassing to confess your insecurities with your husband. Vaginal dryness does make you feel you should never be physical but you should share this with your husband. Menopause and marriage do not have to be two separate roads You should work on this together by either talking to your doctor or taking lubrication. It will help you surely. Follow these to lessen the effects - Life after menopause should be dealt with in the following ways: Eat right: Even if you have not cared enough about your health before now is the time. Your diet should contain fruits and vegetables. Include sprouts and nuts in your morning breakfast. And please never make the mistake of skipping breakfast for work or for any other reasons. Take an apple banana or Orange each day. Dress your celery with apple cider vinegar or olive oil. It’s high time you kick alcohol cigarettes or any type of caffeine out of your life. This kind of change in your diet will help you stay fit and your chances of diabetes and high blood pressure drops Yeah also do avoid sugar as much as possible Do some exercise/yoga: I have read somewhere that exercising not only helps you stay lean but it also helps all forms of stress. Exercising helps improve metabolism and because of intense physical activity like running on treadmill or jogging you are able to sleep better. As insomnia is one of the symptoms of menopause exercising will surely help you. Interact with children or pets: If you have grandchildren that are great Else you can just go in park watch kids and interact with them. Kids make you forget all your worries and maybe you can learn some new games. If you own a pet it’s awesome. Playing with pets just cuddling them or having them sit by your side as you watch your favorite TV shows is a great therapy. Dog therapy is a medically approved solution to many of your physical and mental distress. It can help you with:  Lowering your blood pressure  Cardiovascular disease

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 Inducing calmness  Lowers depression and anxiety  You don’t feel lonely and isolated Meditate: Yes I know everyone keeps pressing on this but it is beneficial for your mind and body. Breathing exercises helps regulate your heart rate and blood flow in veins. It helps a lot in calming the mind. But do it right. Take the help of some professional tutor or follow famous you-tubers. It is a slow process and requires patience but helps a lot in the long run. Live love laugh Last but not least stay positive: A positive aspect to things changing in your life will help see the brighter side in tough times like menopause. You have sent your children to college and you have earned and saved enough by now. This leaves you with enough time to spend on yourself. Indulge in beauty regime. Take care of your hair skin and overall health. As I will end this by saying ‘This is a bright phase only made cloudy by self doubts and some inevitable days.’ Author: Staness Jacobs Author Bio: Staness Jacobs lives in New York USA with her husband and sharing important information to women can achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.