How to deal with menopause and lead a healthy lifestyle

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Menopause is a word dreaded by most women in their forties when they are just about to become infertile for the rest of their life.


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How to deal with menopause and lead a healthy lifestyle?:

How to deal with menopause and lead a healthy lifestyle?

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Menopause is a word dreaded by most women in their forties when they are just about to become infertile for the rest of their life. The reproductive system is no longer going to serve the function as it used to and experiencing years of mental stress , hot flashes , insomnia ,  menopause and health  related problems and tiredness is what triggers the dreadful bell in these women. Not only does the estrogen level drops during the menopause period but the humongous amount of hormonal changes result in a myriad of physical and psychological ailments . There are women who have reported complete normality during menopause while there are a large number of women who experience life altering , emotionally draining, persistent tendency towards hot flashes , weight gain , insomnia, urinary tract problems, memory related problems , anxiety and depression.

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Perimenopause and Postmenopause Perimenopause and Postmenopause are two terms that is good to have knowledge about Perimenopause is the time just before the menopause and is characterized by mood swings,irregular periods,heavy flow,panic attack. Women become less tolerant during this period and get angry at little things.On the other hand postmenopause is the time after menopause characterized by depression,tension and increased stress.

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How to deal with menopause symptoms ? Hot flashes This is a condition where women experience their body temperature rising beyond normal.The skin starts perspiring and becomes pinkish or red.This is often followed by rapid palpitations and anxiety. Hot flashes that occur at night are called night sweats. This is one of the most dreadful  symptoms of menopause . It makes women wake up in the middle of the night sweating profusely and will increase the dread . Wearing light breathable clothes , drinking lots of water , regulating air conditioning temperatures and installing a bedroom fan might help. Refrain from eating hot spicy food , oily food and any food that has the tendency of releasing heat . Take shower if possible.

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Mood swings and depression Women become more erratic and short-tempered post menopause . This may be due to hormonal shift during this phase which affects women at psychological level. Mood swings may occur which leads to sudden transition in emotions. You may be happy and suddenly you see something , you start crying. There are ways to deal with this. You should focus on making some lifestyle changes rather than taking medications. Sleep well and focus less time on mobile phones and laptops. Exercise regularly as it has been scientifically proven that physical exercise diverts the mind from stress and helps you sleep better and lead a peaceful life altogether. Also eat healthy food like lots of vegetables and juicy fruits.

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Dealing with weight gain Weight gain is another common symptom of menopause. This may be due to hormonal changes or metabolism slowing down. Whatever be the reason it is mandatory to watch for your weight gain during this phase. It may also lead to many cardiovascular diseases and osteoporosis(weakening of bones). To deal with these unforeseen conditions you may want to join a gym or go for weight training depending on your concern . Everyone wants to maintain a lean body whatever be the age and so you should focus on exercising regularly. Also eat healthy foods which are leafy , protein and calcium rich and are fibrous. Bones are prone to weakening at this age and a minor accident may lead to fracture so you should focus on your health as regular exercising not only leads to strong muscles but also strong bones.

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Treating Insomnia Some women report difficulty falling asleep at night. This may be due to hot flashes but other than that it feels you cannot turn your brain off and cut the brain talk. Hormonal shift may lead you to wake up at the same time every night or wake up really early and not being able to sleep again. Ways to deal with this is cooling down the room temperature , taking estrogen course medically(this you should only take under medical supervision).You can also do yoga as it helps calm down brain. You can also try sedatives and antidepressants but both should only be taken under medical support and guidance. Experiment with a variety of options and make your  life at menopause  and beyond easier and enjoyable.

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