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Reasons Why Menopause is Not A Pause to Your Happiness The phase of menopause is a nightmare to many women. As soon as a woman reaches the age of 45 she starts facing scary health related issues. She faces issues of irregular periods mood swings physical lethargy inability to get intimate with her husband and what not. This sure is a life-changing phase of a womans life when not only her reproductive organs become barren but also a lot of hormonal changes begin to haunt her days and nights. Not only this life after menopausemeaning the next 3-5 years is full of mental and physical ailments. Some women take the help of medicines like antidepressants and mood tranquilizer but that only helps for a temporary period of time. Talking and opening up to your better half or taking the help of a professional counselor helps a lot. Talk about your mood swings and how you feel. Don’t feel embarrassed about the changes in your body and also the frequent mood swings from which you suffer. Husbands are the one who won’t even realize what’s happening to their wives They need to understand why you feel low some day and don’t want to do the household chores or look after his ailing parents. If you are having a rough time dealing with your menopause symptoms don’t be depressed and just bury yourself in your mobile phones and laptops Start finding ways to distract yourself Go out on a camping trip or shop from that favourite mall of yours. Life after menopause doesn’t have to be a bane Ask your husband to come with you. Going to evening dates just dressing up having wine in your favourite restaurant will lighten your mood. Your husband will also feel at peace with you

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Let’s know the terms Perimenopause and Postmenopause are two terms that is good to have knowledge about. Perimenopause is the time just before the menopause and is characterized by mood swings irregular periods heavy flow panic attack. Women become less tolerant during this period and get angry at little things. On the other hand postmenopause is the time after menopause characterized by depression tension and increased stress. This occurs due to the sudden slip in the level of estrogenhormones that are responsible for reproductive function in women in the body. The symptoms and their treatment 1.For hot flashes- Wearing light breathable clothesdrinking lots of water regulating air conditioning temperatures and installing a bedroom fan might help. Refrain from eating hot spicy food oily food and any food that has the tendency of releasing heat. Take shower if possible. 2.For mood swings and depression: There are ways to deal with this. You should focus on making some lifestyle changes rather than taking medications. Sleep well and focus less time on mobile phones and laptops. Exercise regularly as it has been scientifically proven that physical exercise diverts the mind from stress and helps you sleep better and lead a peaceful life altogether. Also eat healthy food like lots of vegetables and juicy fruits. 3.Dealing with weight gain: To deal with these unforeseen conditions you may want to join a gym or go for weight training depending on your concern. Everyone wants to maintain a lean body whatever be the age and so you should focus on exercising regularly. Also eat healthy foods which are leafyprotein and calcium rich and are fibrous. 4.Treating insomnia: Ways to deal with this is cooling down the room temperature taking estrogen course medicallythis you should only take under medical supervision. You can also do yoga as it helps calm down brain. You can also try sedatives and antidepressants but both should only be taken under medical support and guidance. Life after menopause is difficult but if you take care of a few things it can be easily faced like any other difficult phase of your life. Remember the time when you were newly married or you had your first kid It passed away and you did pretty well there Similarly this phase shall too pass if you have patience and agree to deal with it positively.

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