Market research based ona specific genre of music

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Billboard magazine originated in New York City in America. The first issue was published in 1 st November 1894 (121 years ago). Originally the magazine focused on bill posting and outdoor amusements but later changed to specialise on the music industry in 1950s. Billboard releases an issue weekly about the most popular songs and albums across several music genres but mainly in pop, rap and R&B. On average the magazine company sells around 16,327 copies each week. Over the recent years the magazine has expanded to provide an online site that acts like an extension from the physical magazine copy. For this reason convergence is heavily used within the magazines.


Rolling stones originated in San Francisco . The first issue was published on 9 th November 1967 ( 48 years ago). I was created by Jann Wenner The magazine is published ever two weeks. At first the magazine was known for reporting on politics and music however in the 1990s the magazine focused more on the “youth- orientated television shows, celebrities and popular music. In more recent years however, the magazine has gone back to how it started in the sense that it features more music and at times has been controversial by featuring current affairs on their covers for example featuring Dzhokhar Tsarnev (common known as the Boston B omber). The total amount of copies sold during 2014 was 1,468,263

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