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What is cyber and cyber world Evolution of cyber world Cyber World: Safe or Unsafe What is cyber crime Types of cyber crime Brave new world The time machine Friend or foe SOME CYBER WORLD IS FOR ADULTS What is cyber bullying How is it different Be a proactive tips to avoid cyber crime for teens Advantages of cyber world Disadvantages of cyber world citations Contents

What is cyber and cyber world:

W hat is cyber and cyber world The word cyber mean when you are online or using the internet. Cyber World is when you’re working with the computer and doing work over the World Wide Web. The world of computers and communications. It implies today's fast-moving, high-technology world.

Evolution of cyber world:

E volution of cyber world With each passing day, the Internet became integrated in human life with the physical world

Cyber World: Safe or Unsafe :

Cyber World: Safe or Unsafe SAFE UNSAFE Cyber world is safe when personal details such as name ,phone number and house address are not given People which are involved in cyber crime always look for innocent children from which they can take their personal information and can hack their id’s It is safe when you are not using bad languages on internet and do not take part in arguments or fights online. When teens or children start to use bad languages on social network or involves themselves in arguments they can find themselves in problems such as complaints against them. It is safe when you do not accept any of the money offers online. There are many money offers or free offers which require surveys which have been made to take the personal information of innocent people.

What is cyber crime:

What is cyber crime  Cyber crime refers to criminal exploitation of the Internet. Computer crime refers to any crime that involves a computer and a network. The computer may have been used in the commission of a crime, or it may be the target.

Types of cyber crime:

Types of cyber crime Spam Harassment Fraud Threats Drug trafficking kidnapping

View of a Teen:

V iew of a Teen “I agree that teenagers are too much on social-network these days and don’t see the harm while using them but then at our part we are right because we need a break from our hectic schedule and being on Facebook isn’t bad. After all, we’re just connecting with people. I’d also say that the Cyber World is safe in our hands.” - Kritika Bansal (New Delhi)

The Time machine :

The T ime machine Time spent online up to 13 hours per week from 8 hours five years ago. Social Networking and games dominate time spent. Pediatricians recommend no more than 2 hours/day for youth

Friend or Foe:

Friend or Foe Easy to fake online person Predators adapting to Social Networks Practice of “Extortion” includes using digital content for blackmail


SOME CYBER WORLD IS FOR ADULTS Pornography more available and graphic than ever before. Increasing chances of accidental exposure due to spam attacks on social networks Average age for first exposure to pornography is 11.

What is cyber bullying :

What is cyber bullying Bullying through electronic means Text, Face book, YouTube common

How is it different :

HOME WORK? How is it different Ubiquitous Phones, computers Public Visible to anyone Constant School, play, home Viral Social mediums Serious Risk of suicide SOCIAL-NETWORK?

Be a proactive :

Be a proactive Download and sign Game plan Get savvy Get interactive Get the right tools

Solutions :

Solutions Websites Monitor and filter websites based on categories and auto enablement of Safe Search. Instant Messaging Monitor or block instant messaging applications and online chat rooms. Games Limit online interactions with popular games and restrict access to gaming websites. Social Networking Monitor postings on social network sites for personal information or block social networking sites.

Tips to avoid cyber crime for teens:

T ips to avoid cyber crime for teens Use Strong Passwords- Use different user ID / password combinations for different accounts and avoid writing them down. Secure your wireless network- Secure your wireless network with a pin always. Protect your e-identity Be cautious when giving out personal information such as your name, address, phone number on the Internet. Avoid being scammed Always think before you click on a link or file of unknown origin.

Advantages of cyber world:

Advantages of cyber world Extension of real world friendship- It helps teenagers enrich and manage their social lives. Improve social skills- shy teenagers get an advantage to communicate more and share their interests. Teenagers feel less isolated- teenagers use social communication with great enthusiasm and get mutual support.

Disadvantages of cyber world:

Disadvantages of cyber world Teenagers can start to develop low self-esteem.  The victims of cyber bullying often find themselves from school groups and activities. Online communication lacks the usual social cues like body language, tone of voice, facial expressions and emotional responses due to which adolescents become rude and cruel.



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