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IT Sector in India : 

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What Is CSR ? : 

What Is CSR ? CSR is two fold. On one hand, it exhibits the ethical behavior that an organization exhibits towards its internal and external stakeholders (customers as well as employees). On the other hand, it denotes the responsibility of an organization towards the environment and society in which it operates. - Bharat Ratna , J R D Tata “ We generate wealth for the people. What comes from the people must , to extent possible , therefore get back to the people.”

IT Sector - An Overview : 

IT Sector - An Overview IT industry comprises of software industry and information technology enabled services (ITES), which also includes business process outsourcing (BPO) industry. IT has a major role in strengthening the economic and technical foundations of India. The sector can be classified into 4 broad categories – IT Services, Engineering Services, ITES-BPO Services, E Business.

The bar chart shows that the recruitment of engineers and IT professionals in the industry is growing at the Compound Annual Rate of 14.5% approximately. : 

The bar chart shows that the recruitment of engineers and IT professionals in the industry is growing at the Compound Annual Rate of 14.5% approximately.

Importance of IT Sector : 

Importance of IT Sector Planning and Management in IT E-Business/E-Commerce and the Internet Knowledge Management Mobile Commerce and Technology The management of information systems Information technology/information systems and sustainability Social aspects of information systems Web site development and evaluation Usefulness of Bar codes in identification and fast processing Customer relationship management

IT- Success Factors : 

IT- Success Factors Increasing number of skilled professionals in IT. The demographic factor. The vast academic infrastructure of India. In the year 2006, Total Enrollment in colleges was 9.3 million and India produced 441,000 Technical graduates.

IT Industry in India : 

IT Industry in India Information Technology (IT) industry in India is one of the fastest growing industries. Indian IT industry has built up valuable brand equity for itself in the global markets. India is considered as a pioneer in software development and a favorite destination for IT-enabled services. The origin of IT industry in India can be traced to 1974. Local markets were absent and government policy toward private enterprise was hostile. The industry was begun by Bombay-based conglomerates which entered the business by supplying programmers to global IT firms located overseas. Government policy towards IT sector changed when Rajiv Gandhi became Prime Minister in 1984 .

India's emergence as key global IT player : 

India's emergence as key global IT player Factors Indian Education System. High Quality Human Resource Competitive Costs Infrastructure Scenario (Note: The above information was last updated on 21-07-2007)

IT Development in Rural areas : 

IT Development in Rural areas Propagation of Information Technology (IT) in rural India is important. The following issues need to be looked into for development of rural India: Need to make a national policy for promoting IT in rural India which may be cooperative in making a strong infrastructure for IT. Licensed software is not cost effective. Rural youths are not in a position to learn and get higher education, pre-dominantly computer education. Lack of knowledge of English is also a big obstacle. Broadband facility is still non-existent for rural people.

Slide 10: 

Rural people can understand politics better through IT. In rural India IT may be an effective tool for development of agricultural output. Profit is the principal concern of rural people and maximization of profit may be possible through the help of IT.

Slide 11: 

The penetration of IT is bridging the distinction between haves and have-nots. Some recommendations:  Development of effective websites to enable rural youths to learn everything at the click of a mouse. Regular workshops and multiplicity of training programmes may also support the use of IT as a device for employment. NGOs and government agencies should go hand in hand for development of computer literacy programmes. Colleges can adopt villages for their

Top Seven IT Hubs in India : 

Top Seven IT Hubs in India

Sector structure/Market size : 

Sector structure/Market size The Indian information technology (IT) industry has played a key role in putting India on the global map. According to the annual report 2009-10, prepared by the Department of Information Technology (DIT), the IT-BPO industry is expected to garner a revenue aggregate of US$ 73.1 billion in 2009-10 as compared to US$ 69.4 billion in 2008-09, growing at a rate of over 5 per cent. The report predicts that the Indian IT-BPO revenues may reach US$ 225 billion in 2020.

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