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A home appliance refers to any item in your household that is used to facilitate daily chores and household tasks. Most homes cannot do without some major home appliances, like ranges, microwaves, refrigerators and freezers. Whilst some appliances like kettles and microwaves, start at relatively cheap prices, larger items like ovens and fridges tend to be more expensive. to learn more visite our website


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Users Guide for Maintaining Your High-End Appliances Users Guide for Maintaining Your High-End Appliances A home appliance refers to any item in your household that is used to facilitate daily chores and household tasks. Most homes cannot do without some major home appliances like ranges microwaves refrigerators and freezers. Whilst some appliances like kettles and microwaves start at relatively cheap prices larger items like ovens and fridges tend to be more expensive. There are dozens of appliance brands to choose from and it is tempting to go for the cheapest option. However cheaper brands are usually built with cheaper and less sustainable parts making them more vulnerable to premature aging and they can often require continuous repair. This can cause quite the inconvenience however many issues can be resolved and prevented with a little maintenance know-how. Below are issues and faults that commonly occur in kitchen appliances along with suggestions on how to address them and when to contact a professional. Large appliances can be tricky sometimes it is best to call for repairs. We have also included our brand recommendations to guarantee appliances with the best parts and longest lifespans. Maintenance Tips: Sub- Zero Refrigerators and Freezers  The best way to care for your Sub-Zero Freezer or Refrigerator and keep it running optimally for a long time it to make sure that the condenser is maintained regularly. You will save wear on the mechanism if you maintain it every 6 months.  Food spills lead to rot which can damage your refrigerator in the long run. Baking soda is a great way to remove stains and kill bacteria do this regularly.

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 The Refrigerators feature a drain hole at the back to get rid of excess moisture. From time to time they become clogged or dirty which can lead to leaks under the trays. Turn off the appliance and wipe away excess water. Then use a source of pressured ait to blow the drain clean. Do not use anything sharp doing so could damage to drain tube and lead to a bigger problem.  If water spills out from underneath your freezer or refrigerator this is often caused by blocked drain tubes or a frozen water supply. Treatment often depends on the model of your appliance so it is best to consult Sub-Zero and contact a professional.  For Freezers make sure you defrost every four to six months. Thick layers of ice can reduce the efficiency of your Freezer. If you see ice in your Refrigerator this is likely due to a frozen drain tube. Defrost by turning off your appliance and using a hair dryer on a hot setting.  If any of the problems above persist call a professional. Do not try to remove any drain tubes or mechanisms yourself as this could void your warranty. Maintenance Tip: Viking Ranges  If your Viking Range features control knobs make sure to clean them regularly to stop grease build up and prevent them from sticking. Control-panel knobs can be removed simply by pulling them straight out. Remove drip plates and other detachable accessories for regular cleaning except burner coils.  If your experiencing loss of power to your Viking Range make sure you check your strove breaker hasn’t tripped. This is a commonly reported problem with Viking Duel Fuel and Electric Ranges because they require a double circuit breaker. However if your circuit breaker continues to trip regularly contact an electrician to make sure your breaker isn’t faulty.  Most Viking Hood filters are dishwasher safe. Some models feature carbon filters that must be completely replaced every 12-6 months. As for downdrafts they must be cleaned after 30 hours of cooking. They feature a built-in alert system that will notify you when they need to be cleaned.  Spark modules tend to be the weakest part of any stove top. If yours stops working it is best to call a professional as even basic replacement requires some electrical repair knowledge and any accidental damage to your Range may void the warranty. Maintenance Tip 5: GE – Monogram Wine Coolers  Some GE-Monogram Wine Coolers come with a carbon filter to prevent odours from creeping into the cooler and potentially lessening the quality of the wine. These must be changed every 3-6 months to maintain effective filtration.  If your GE-Monogram isn’t cooling check that the compressor and the condenser fans are working. If they are not check the power source. If they are running but still not cooling then this could be due to a sealed system failure and you will need to call a repair service.  Condensation may occur in the wine cooler especially if you live in a humid area. To prevent build up place a moisture absorber inside. It the condensation is excessive check

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the cabinet for air leaks especially around the door. If you find a gap in the seal contact the manufacturer for a replacement. Choose Top Brands for an Overall Longer Lifespan Viking Sub-Zero GE-Monogram and other High-end appliance manufacturers make products that are built to last saving your hard earn pennies for other important purchases. They specialise in manufacturing kitchen equipment and use top-quality material that is especially designed to withstand environments specifically found in the kitchen excess steam heat food materials etc. Top brands opt for the most robust and aesthetically pleasing builds and use superior material. Professionals and collectors opt for the bespoke brands because they are built using materials that are reliable and difficult to break. Whilst all appliances do need to be replaced eventually due to natural wear and tear you can dramatically prolong the life expectancy of your appliances by investing in them and taking a little time for proper care. Whilst you can fix some appliance issues yourself it is always best practice to contact a professional to make sure all mechanisms are running smoothly and that it is safe to continue to use them. Source :

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