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All-Star Cheerleading: Back Tuck/Tumbling:

All-Star Cheerleading: Back Tuck/Tumbling Megan Collins [email protected] 4/9/2015 Lifestyle Fitness Design


Introduction I competed on two all-star cheerleading teams and participated in a tumbling class once a week. My teams practiced twice a week for an hour and a half, and my tumbling class was once a week for an hour. I began doing this in October of 2014 and I still participate today. My season ends on April 25, 2015. I compete on Jags and Pumas at Power Cheer! in Port Orange, Florida.

Engagement Activities:

Engagement Activities I love cheerleading and have been doing it off and on since I was 5 years old. I practiced with both of my teams, and we have a two minute and thirty second routine that consists of stunting, tumbling, and dancing. My practices were twice a week for each team, and my tumbling class was once a week. This is a year-round activity.


Sportsmanship Sportsmanship is being kind to other athletes regardless of the outcome of the contest. It also means showing goodness and fairness during the contest. In cheerleading, we are always cheering on other teams including the ones we compete against. We all follow the rules of the gym which include keeping your social media accounts morally acceptable and being nice to everyone in and outside of the gym.

Sports in other Cultures:

Sports in other Cultures I also cheered for my high school JV football team. In the United States, football is the most popular team sport; however, in Canada, hockey is the most popular team sport. Sports play a huge role in the American Culture in terms of bringing people together, rallying high spirits, and building camaraderie. This is a different experience than the role sports play in countries such as China. In China, sports is seen more as a career or a way in to a better future. While kids in the United States may also see sports in a similar way, kids also know college and education is important. This is the biggest difference between sports in the United States and sports in other cultures. The biggest similarity is the level of camaradie and teamwork sports build within the competitors and the team. 

In-School Resources:

In-School Resources Cheerleading is offered in my school, but I participate in all-star cheerleading, which is different from school cheerleading. My school also offers softball, volleyball, track, swimming, and weightlifting.

Community Resource:

Community Resource My favorite community fitness activity is the swim classes offered at the YMCA. They cost $25 for members to have a 1/2 class. This is by appointment, so I can go whenever I want to and can fit it in. I couldn't find any free fitness activities that are organized; however, there is a small group of women that get together in my community and walk every night. There is a 5K on March 14th in Port Orange that is part of the Remarkable River Racing Series presented by Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center. I was unable to find a free dance or gymnastics class for teenagers in my area.

Proof of Participation:

Proof of Participation That’s me

Final Thoughts & Reflections:

Final Thoughts & Reflections Participating in all-star cheerleading keeps my skills up and makes me a better cheerleader. I’m not sure about participating in any other activity right now. I’ve learned that I’m stronger than I thought, and I can put up with a lot of criticism. Cheerleading is always fun, and even though the drama from the gym owner and other girls can sometimes get out of control, I still love to cheer. I definitely recommend it to my family and friends.

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