Gout Symptoms and Treatments

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Type of arthritis Caused by elevated uric acid levels in blood Symptoms: inflammation, swelling, extreme pain Crystal deposits in joints from excess uric acid More common in men Very common condition Women more likely to experience gout after menopause One of most frequently diagnosed conditions

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Excess uric acid may lead to destruction of joints, kidney stones and permanent kidney damage Hereditary – body’s inability to process uric acid Normally, uric acid dissolves in bloodstream, passes through kidneys and is excreted in urine

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Obesity, heavy alcohol consumption, high blood pressure may increase risk Other diseases which cause increased uric acid: leukemia, lymphoma, hemoglobin disorders Other events: dehydration, surgery, joint injury Effective gout remedies can control gout attacks and avoid painful gout

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Big toe most common site Swelling Redness Sharp, intolerable pain Feelings of warmness Inflammation Attacks can be sudden – a few hours to a few days One attack makes future attacks likely

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Decrease risk by decreasing food intake containing purines, which produce uric acid when broken down by the body Cut back on seafood and red meat Reduce alcohol consumption Increase low-fat dairy and whole grain consumption Lose weight if overweight

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