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Detoxification Toxins build up in the body over time Acne, headaches, candida, constipation, weight gain, or general fatigue could be caused by toxins Colon cleansing can remedy problems caused by toxins Leave you feeling refreshed

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Part of large intestine leading from the cecum to the rectum Not responsible for digestion Digestion handled by small intestine Colon stores waste, absorbs water back into the body, aids in maintaining water balance and participates in electrolyte balance

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Spark a chain reaction Colon – Liver Function – Kidney Problems – etc. Entire body underperforms, leading to fatigue, illness, disease, etc. Poor water and electrolyte balance cause problems of their own

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Diet isn’t the only thing causing toxin buildup Secondhand smoke Air pollution from factories Pesticides Chemicals Immune system must work extra hard to rid body of toxins

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Commercially available Natural colon cleansing possible through colon cleansing diet Other natural methods Natural colon cleansing products safest

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Also known as colonic irrigation Holistic method Low water pressure to flush the colon, liver, kidney and lymphatic systems Most safely administered by a trained colonic hydrotherapist At-home products, such as enemas, are available, but not as thorough

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Concept has existed for centuries Advanced modern techniques with high-tech equipment Celebrities use colonic hydrotherapy Temperature-controlled, gentle and relaxing experience

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Many choose to follow a colon cleansing diet to obtain benefits all the time High fiber foods Green vegetables Fresh fruits Plenty of fluids – natural fruit juice and water best Healthy oils, such as omega-3 fatty acids

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Processed foods Alcohol Caffeine Sugar – cake, cookies Following a colon cleansing diet can leave you with healthier looking skin, more energy, improved weight management, improved mental health, reduced pain

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Feeling fatigued? Chronic colds? It’s worth your time to give colon cleansing a try!

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