Wart Removal for Different Types of Wart


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By: irene68 (137 month(s) ago)

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Wart Removal for Different Types   of Warts : 


Types of Warts : 

Types of Warts Warts are growths on the skin caused by HPV 75% of population will experience a wart at some point Round warts: fingers, toes, backs of knees Plantar warts: bottom of the foot Flat warts: Can appear in large numbers on the face, legs, or other areas of the body Periungal warts: around or under the nail Filifrom warts: frequently appear on the face

Flat Warts : 

Flat Warts Most commonly occur in children Usually appear on the face Sometimes on arms, knees, or hands Sometimes in clusters Can be painful or itchy, especially in large numbers, in addition to embarrassing

Problems with Other Types of Warts : 

Problems with Other Types of Warts Also can be painful, particularly plantar warts Cause little harm, but annoying Embarrassing, especially if on face, hands, or other highly visible areas Wart removal is the only solution

Home Wart Removal : 

Home Wart Removal Duct tape method can take weeks although can be very effective Salicylic acid treatments available over-the-counter, a common ingredient in acne medication

Skin Tags : 

Skin Tags Benign, flesh colored growths on skin Commonly appear where skin is subject to friction Can become irritated, although cosmetic reasons are primary for removal Not caused by HPV Affect half the population at some point Some more likely to be subject to repeated skin tags Increased hormone levels during pregnancy can contribute

Home Removal of Skin Tags : 

Home Removal of Skin Tags Tie a piece of thread or dental floss at the base Allow skin tag to fall off over several days Alternate method involves applying a mixture of castor oil and baking soda each day, up to two weeks Skin tag will dry up and fall off

Take Action : 

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