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What is Management : 

What is Management The creation of a technical & human environment that supports optimum utilisation of resources and competencies for achieving organisational goals.

What is Human Resource Management : 

What is Human Resource Management The people’s dimension of management The management function which aims at ensuring the availability of a competent & committed workforce i.e the right people at the right place & time. It helps recruit, select, train & develop members for an organisation.

Process : 

Process a HR Planning Recruitment & Selection Compensation / remuneration / Wages & Salary admn. Performance Management Leadership & Teambuilding Managing corporate Culture Competence building

The Functions : 

The Functions HR Planning Job Anaysis & Design Recruitment & Selection Induction & Placement Training & Development Performance Appraisal Job Evalutation Remuneration Communication Negotiation with Trade Unions Industrial Relations Motivation Welfare Safety Health Employee Procurement Employee Development, motivation & maintenance

Functions of HR : 

Functions of HR MANAGERIAL FUNCTIONS Planning Organising Directing Controlling OPERATIVE FUNCTIONS Staffing Development Compensation Motivation Maintenance Integration

Operative functions of HR : 

Operative functions of HR STAFFING Job analysis, HRP, Recruitment, Selection, Placement, Induction, Internal Mobility DEVELOPMENT Competency profiling, Training and development, Performance & potential management, Career management, 360 degree feedback COMPENSATION & MOTIVATION Job design, Work scheduling, Job evaluation, Compensation administration, Incentives and benefits

Operative functions of HR (contd.) : 

Operative functions of HR (contd.) MAINTENANCE Health, Safety, Welfare, Social security INTEGRATION Employment relations, Grievance, Discipline, Trade unions, Participation, Collective bargaining

The 4 aspects of HRM : 

The 4 aspects of HRM Personnel aspect – Recruitment, Selection, Transfer, Promotion etc. Development aspect – Training, areer Planning, quality of work life , employee participation schemes. Welfare aspect – Housing, Lunch room, Health and Safety, Transport, education etc. Industrial relations aspect – Union Management relations, Negotiation, Grievance handling etc.

Evolution of HRM : 

Evolution of HRM Influenced by : Taylor’s Scientific management Hawthorne Studies Behavioural School (Maslow, Herzberg, Mc.Gregor) IT sector boom Upto 1930’s : Personnel Mgt. Contemporary : HRM , HRD, HCM India : Pioneered by Udai Pareek & T.V Rao Early adopters : BHEL , SBI, SAIL, ONGC

Factors : 

Factors EXTERNAL POLITICAL LEGAL BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT – GLOBALISATION MERGERS & ACQUISITIONS DOWNSIZING /RIGHTSIZING NATIONAL ECONOMY DEMOGRAPHIC Diverse workforce Knowledge workforce / intellectual capital More Women in workforce Changing family structure Contingent workforce

Slide 12: 

TECHNOLOGICAL Occupational Shift (manufacturing ….. services) managing a virtual workforce managing employee alienation training & retraining employees to manage obsolescence providing work life balance IPRs Need based technology – not fads

Slide 13: 

Internal factors Unions Strategy, Leadership Organisational Culture Professional Bodies

HRM Environment - External : 

HRM Environment - External

HRM Environment - Internal : 

HRM Environment - Internal

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